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Your Questions About Learner Driver Insurance

June 28, 2012

David asks…

I’m a learner driver and my mum won’t let me use her car when my dads not around…?

I’m 17 and a learner driver, and am on my mum’s car insurance. I asked my driving instructor a while ago when he thought I’d be ready to start going out driving with my dad, and said I could start now. That 6 months ago now. I drive the car with my dad there almost every day, and have a driving lesson once a week with a qualified instructor, and still, she doesn’t trust me to drive the car while she’s in it. Well she’s been in the car once while we travelled to a family members house, she was in the back seat and my dad was in the passenger seat. The drive there was about an hour and a half long, and I never stalled, and did nothing wrong. It’s frustrating, epesically as i’m paying a furtune for my insurance, and am left to get bus. She says it would be too ‘stressfull’ for her to be in the car on her own while I’m driving. I mean it’s not rocket science driving a car! What can do to help change her mind?
It’s mostly the money it’s costing me which is annoying me the most. Because I’m only 17 and a learner, as you can guess, my insurance is so expensive. And I don’t want to pay that much, just for me get a bus which keeps you waiting about half an hour, everywhere.
zemzem- It does really… My dad works untill the evening, and there are places I need to be during the day… my mums at home all day as she’s a housewife.

Administrator answers:

I had the same issue at your age. Your mum obviously doesn’t feel comfortable and it’s probably more to do with her than you.

Maybe she doesn’t know how she will react if you make a mistake, or feels she can’t guide you properly. At the end of the day, you are an inexperienced driver and it’s a big responsibility taking someone out in the car.

Try and get her out with you while you are driving with your dad, and you might find she will become more comfortable as time goes on.

Thomas asks…

Best car for a learner driver?

I am 24 and female and have started to learn to drive. What would be a good 2nd hand car that would cost between £500 and £1000. I want something that would be economical on fuel and fairly reliable. I just haven’t a clue! I am not really too worried what the insurance cost will be cos i’ll be paying for it monthly anyway…

Administrator answers:

Try a corsa, all the driving instructers use them, they are cheap on insurance and economical, good luck with your driving, xxx

Laura asks…

How much do i have to pay for insurance?

Hi, i live in British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.
And i just passed my class 7 knowledge test today. (by 92%!!ye-aah)
however.. i can’t practise my driving skill right now because, i didn’t pay for my insurance.
i heard that i have to pay more beacause i’m Learner Driver.
My mom and dad each of them payed about $1500 per year.
Do i have to pay more???
oh and,
i live in Surrey, Fraser heights. (i heard that it depends on cities and towns.)
Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Yes, you will pay a huge premium if you are a new driver. Your only real option is to have your parents add you to their policy. If they won’t do that, get a really old piece of junk car and just maintain the legal liability minimum (not sure what it is in Canada). It will still be three or four times what an experienced driver would pay, but nothing like what full coverage would cost you.

Ken asks…

Can you drive without insurance with a fully insured driver?


Well I wanted to know if it is possible to drive someone else’s car that is fully insured on the car, over 30, with a clean license and with more than 9+ driving year experience just like a learner would do with “L” plates.

Administrator answers:


Although the car is insured, the insurance policy will state on it who is insured to drive. Nobody other than those named people are covered, (even if the insured people are supervising you). What you would have to do is arrange with the insurer to be added to the policy as an additional named driver, which they would charge you extra for.

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