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July 15, 2012

Michael asks…

Learner Driver … Own Car?

I have heard that i can drive my fathers car aslong he is over 21, is with me in the car and has been driving for more than 3 years. Now i know i need some “L” plates but do i need to get some type of insurance for it?


Administrator answers:

Yes, you need insurance, have your dad ring up his insurer and add you.

George asks…

Who is the best insurer for learner drivers in the UK?

I was with Express Insurance but they completely messed up my policy, so I cancelled it. I’m now looking for someone else who would insure a 1996 Fiat Punto pretty cheaply. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Honestly you would be better checking out this link and comparing prices some of the best insurance company’s like Direct line Church hill charge the earth

Daniel asks…


Hi everyone, i bought a car today…and i would like to insure myself on a provisional licence (UK ONLY) for my car. I have looked up cheap temporary insurance…but it needs to already be insured by another driver. I am the ONLY driver of this car. I do not want to put anyone else’s name on it. I would like to insure it for 2-3 months, as i am nearly ready to pass my test. Can anyone tell me good sites? Ive already been on “provisional marmalade” and “covered learner“….but they can only insure you on someone elses car.

I will be the only person driving my car, i am the legal owner. I am only 18 and need something cheap for 2-3 months till i pass my test. Please help! Thankyou!!

Administrator answers:

Hii :)
I was in a very similar situation, when I bought my first car and was the only driver with the car being registered in my name. So, I used the Collingwood insurance ( at about a £100 a month.
The FAQ’s say that ‘If you are the registered keeper/owner of the insured vehicle, the policy offers comprehensive insurance therefore does not need to be insured elsewhere’, ‘ The Learner Driver policy covers the named policy holder only’ and ‘You must be accompanied by a driver of over 21 who has held a valid full UK/EU licence for at least 3 years’
So you can insure your car using Collingwood and this will cover you as long as you are with a fully qualified driver.
I only used three months and then passed my test and used Aviva for my insurance!!
Hope this helped & good luck for your test when you take it!!

Mandy asks…

Young Driver. Big Raise in Auto Insurance Rates! Can you help?

My son is 15 and is getting his learner‘s permit. My insurance company wants almost $200 a month to insure him on my policy. I had low rates and a good record so this shocked me. Can anybody help?

Administrator answers:

Hi. Insurance companies factor in several things to determine rates. They use the age of the driver, where you live, driving history, and even a credit report to decide how big of a risk somebody will be. However, different companies use different measures, and some are more forgiving than others. Since it is obvious that your son is getting nailed on age, and maybe a lack of driving history, I’d go shop around. Some companies advertise better rates for young drivers. Who knows? They may factor in the fact that you have a good history, and decrease your rate to get your business too.

Just make sure he stays a safe driver, and you should be ok!

The link in my source gives you a short, better business bureau approved form to fill out one time. It will return multiple quotes for you so you can do your shopping without calling around.

Chris asks…

Learner Driver: I passed my driving test, but what now ?

Having just passed my driving test after a few attempts – Yippeee! -, I’m now ready to buy my first car. But I’m confused its like a minefield out there.

Do I buy new or used ? From who do I buy private or dealer ? Do I buy large or small ? How do I even know I’m buying from the person who actually owns the car ? Do I test drive ? Do I get a Mechanical check and an HPI ? and what of insurance, is it to be fully comprehensive or do I get the minimum legal spec ? and which insurance company their seems to be millions ?

Can you help me ?

Administrator answers:

Buy a used car, but be sure you take a mechanic with you. A good mechanic can tell a lot just by listening to the engine and even more by driving it. Insurance is a nightmare and people will tell you this firm or that, but the best I’ve come across in recent times is Diamond ins. Google them and fill in form on line for a quote. I think you’ll be pleased as I just insured my daughter who is 17 and has her own car for in some cases a £1000 less than household names.

Paul asks…

Can you reccomend an insurance company?

I am a learner driver and have just purchased a 52 plate Clio Sport 172 Cup I am having trouble trying to find an insurer that will cover me as a learner. I am hoping to pass my test this side of Christmas but it would be nice to be insured before hand.

Thank you

Administrator answers:

Nice car!
Try,they were the best I’ve found.
Good luck with your test and be careful.

Betty asks…

Does the airforce pay for your drivers insurance once you have your license?

I’m 17 in highschool and plan to go into the airforce security forces. I have my learners license and I’m wondering if once I get my drivers license and enlist, will the airforce pay for the bills? In Florida even if you have a drivers license you will be added to your parents insurance but then I do not want my parents to pay more since I have a lot of siblings. Any advice would be appreciated. -Adam

Administrator answers:

Who told you this?

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