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Your Questions About Learner Driver Insurance

July 17, 2012

Laura asks…

£500 to spend on a car? (Learner driver)?

I’ve just turned 19 and have kindly been given £500 to buy myself a car with.
I’ve only driven a car once and that was my father’s people carrier a couple of years back.

I’m pretty clueless when it comes to cars & what is good/what is bad, so I thought I’d come here for some recommendations.

I can stretch to £700, but that is the absolute max, since I’ve put aside £1000 for insurance + tax.

It needs to be reliable & cheap to run, cheap insurance + good with petrol.
Mostly needed for town use, but a long 500 mile motorway trip 3-6 times a year.

I’m not bothered about the looks really, I’ve been cycling around on a muddy bike for the past 6 years!

Not fussed about the age/reg either, as long as it’s a car known for being reliable.

I do need boot space, but not loads of it, enough for a weekend bag & a small suitcase.

Thanks very much, I’ll choose a best answer, too.

Administrator answers:

Nissan Micra 1 litre. They’re bomb proof and will last a very long time. You can get a decent N-P reg Micra for £450-£500. Insurance is very cheap, tax is £120 for the year {very cheap}. You can do about 60 miles on £10 of petrol.

Other cars that would be worth getting are; VW Polo 1.0 {for a little bit extra money} or anything Japanese or German with a 1.0 engine.

Always buy from a private seller, not a garage. Take someone with you who knows a bit about cars. A 12 month MOT doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good car. But a long MOT will save you a lot of hassle in the beginning.



Lizzie asks…

Can I take a learner driver out in my car that’s insured for just me?

I always thought I would have to put the learner on my insurance but reading online I can’t find anything that states this. All I can see is you need L plates, hold a license for 3 years and be over 21

Administrator answers:

Anyone who drives a car MUST me insured, so if you are the only one one on the insurance then only you can drive,
If you want to take your friend out you can add them to your policy, any policy that they have for themselves would NOT cover them to drive your they do not own the vehicle.

Linda asks…

car insurance (uk)?

If i buy car insurance as a learner driver then pass in less than a year do i need to change my insurance to full driving license or wait untill it needs renewing and then change it?

Administrator answers:

Any change in circumstances has to be notified to yhe company immediately.
Can you get insurance with just a provisional licence?

Joseph asks…

Can I drive on a car park as a learner driver, while being supervised in an uninsured car?


I’m 17 years old and I am currently taking driving lessons. My test being in two weeks time, I would like to practice my manoeuvres in Morrison’s car park. I would drive in my dad’s car under his supervision (he has had his licence for 20-odd years). The only problem is that my name is not on the insurance. Is it still legal for me to drive on a car park with my dad? If somehow the police stop us on the car park what could happen?
thanks alot

Administrator answers:

Sorry, but it would be VERY illegal.

The ‘private’ car park is still PUBLIC ground.
For the benefit of the morons that think it is PRIVATE LAND – try reading the UK LAW…

In short – ANYWHERE that the public have access to you NEED to be fully insured.

If you were stopped:

YOU would get 6 points on your provisional for having no insurance (ie. BANNED)

And your father would ALSO get between 3 and 6 points for knowingly allowing an uninsured driver to operate his vehicle.

Just DON’T do it!

Sandra asks…

does a child need to have car insurance with a learners permit driving license?

Our son has recently obtained his learners permit license and my wife and I disagree that he needs to have insurance, CA state law indicates all drivers must have insurance.

Administrator answers:

Every car that is on the road should have it so yes he needs it but if you have it on your car already then just add him as driver… If he has own car then yes that needs it also

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