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Your Questions About Learner Driver Insurance

July 22, 2012

Ken asks…

In NSW does an L Plater Have to be on the Insurance policy of the Vehicle they are driving?

Im getting my Learners License in a few weeks and am going to be driving my Dads and sisters cars and possible others. Do i have to be on the insurance policy if i drive a vehicle that isn’t mine? Or if i have an accident and need to make a claim does it just go through my supervising drivers insurance?

Administrator answers:

It depends on the policy and the company you’re with. Dad – or whoever – will have to call the insurance company and ask. Many insurance companies will cover you without being listed, as long as you’re on the learners permit – but some will require you to be listed on the policy, to be covered, even if you don’t own the vehicle.

Sharon asks…

Question About Car Insurance/Learner’s Permit?

Okay, I am a 23 (soon to be 24) year old male, I have never had a license or a car, and just recently I received my permit through the DMV, I have not driven too many times on this permit, but I am about to purchase a used car from a friend of mine and get the title and everything I need transferred over to my name. I have yet to achieve my license and am still driving on my permit to get accustomed and comfortable behind the wheel before I take the driver‘s test with a worker at the DMV.

My question is this tho, I live at home atm, and my family all has cars/car insurance. And I am not on any of their plans yet nor do I have my own coverage. I am new to this whole scene and such, and I wanted to know with me purchasing a used car from a friend with title and all and this car being in my name, seeing as I am not a licensed vehicle owner yet, and only have my permit, I cannot as far as I know apply for insurance until I achieve my license, so I wanted to ask will my family simply be able to add me/my car to their plan until I get my license? Or how will this work? As I stated I am totally new, but when its done I will have a paid for in full car (my first) all the titles and information transferred to me in my name, and the only thing I am missing is insurance and I am wondering how this will work seeing as I am over 21, have a permit and have my own car?

My family drive on State Farm in IL. Any help on clearing up this matter will be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance =).

Administrator answers:

Yes, they could add your car to their plan. When you get your license, you can get your own plan. R

Sandy asks…

In North carolina , do I need to get a proof of insurance before I get my drivers license?

I have a learner permit , I’m ready to go and get my driver license , do I need insurance?

Administrator answers:

Yes you do, you need to bring proof of liability insurance with you when you go to get your drivers license.

Joseph asks…

If you have State Farm, does insurance go up when you get your learner’s permit?

My family has State Farm insurance. I am about to start my driver‘s ed online course (I am hoping) but my parents think that when I get my learner‘s permit insurance will go up, is this true? Does it matter what state I live in?
Also, you know State Farm says like a good neighbor state farm is there? My neighbor is my state farm agent!!!
Other people have told me that it doesn’t, please only people who have gone through this answer

Administrator answers:

Adding a newly licensed driver will increase the rates, but someone who does not have a license, just a learner’s permit does not even need to be added to the policy. They are covered automatically as long as the supervising driver is covered.

In other words, your rates will not be raised until you are added to the policy as a licensed driver. As soon as you are issued a license, then you will have to be added to the policy (at an increased rate) if you are going to drive that car.

Carol asks…

I need my Yahoo answers help with Car Insurance!!!?

I had a policy with The insurance factory when i was a learner driver, i’ve now passed my test (no minors!!!!!!) and they want to charge me £179.64 cancellation fee, and another £100 for another months insurance (i cancelled way before the next month is due) can anyone help me? I cannot afford this, and i don’t think it’s fair. If it was like £30 i would pay it but this is a ridiculous amount! Help fellow yahoo users!

Administrator answers:

Cancellation fees are normal, generally when taking out insurance the policy/contract is for a complete year and it’s usually cheaper if you pay the whole amount up front.The fact that you are paying monthly is really like a loan, you have entered an agreement for a years insurance and the insurance company has budgeted on receiving your entire amount albeit in monthly doses. If you want to break the contract then you have to expect to be charged for it.

What i don’t understand is why you want to cancel it in the first place.

Jenny asks…

Do you have to get insurance for just a learner’s permit in california?

I just turned 15 and a half like 3 days ago and every time I bring up driver‘s ed or my learner‘s permit at all to my mom. All she says is No, I can’t the insurance! All my friends are getting theirs and i’ve been waiting since I was like 5 to get my permit then my license (cuz my parents never let me even park the car and if I can drive I can actually go places) So is insurance needed for a permit and how much would it cost for a 15 year old male per month.
yeah I know it costs more for a boy and being 15 doesn’t help either but im asking for a price range. like $30-$50 a month

Administrator answers:

Yes insurance is needed the insurance is more for a boy more than a girl and your 15 so it would even be more it’ll cost allot trust me.

Betty asks…

Does getting a learners permit raise insurance?

Hi, I am going to get my learner‘s permit next week and I need to know if it will raise my parents insurance, I’m 16 and I took drivers ed.

Administrator answers:

That depends on your state’s insurance laws. In mine, it doesn’t. But when you get your license (if you lived here) it would raise their rates then.

Best bet – go to the actual source, not just a bunch of people with a few minutes spare time, and access to the web. Call your insurance agent.

Donna asks…

driving with no insurance?

hi there my partner was caught driving by the police.he is a learner driver with his own insurance (third party fire and theft) for his van.he was caught driving my car which we thought he would be covered by his own insurance for .i was in the car with him at the time and he was displaying his l plates . i have held my licence for 7 years and i am fully comp.the police never took the car off us but my partner has to go to partner is ready to go in for his it worth him doing that. when he goes to court will he get a straight ban… thanks

Administrator answers:

He is likely that he will get 6 – 8 points, plus a hefty fine. A ban is very unlikely unless he already has a collection of points on his licence. As he was a provisional holder at the time of the offence he can go up to 12 points before losing his licence.

Fortunate really, as if this had happened after he passed his test he would have been subject to the new driver limit of 6 points, and therefore very likely to have his licence revoked.

If I were him, I’d hang on until after the court appearance – apart from anything else he’s likely to need to money to pay the fine!

Actually it looks like the police were understanding and accepted your explanation. Although it doesn’t prevent him being done for the offence, they could have taken the car off you and also prosecuted you for “permitting”.

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