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Your Questions About Learner Driver Insurance

May 8, 2012

James asks…

has anyone used for their learner driver insurance?

im thinking of going with them for a month to be the learner driver on my boyfriend’s car. they seem pretty good and are qutie cheap, i just wondered if anyone had had any experience with them?

Administrator answers:

Never heard of them but I have now looked at their site. Seems reasonable value but do ensure that whoever is going to supervise you is over 25 and has been driving for more than 3 years.Its a condition. It may be that to add you to your boyfriends policy could be cheaper as a named driver( you may need more than a month to get the pratice to pass the test cos the pass rate is 50% first time) so check that out first.Otherwise it could be a solution to a need.

Sandy asks…

Car insurance for learner driver UK?

I am considering to buy a car before I pass my test. Without buying the car first I can’t get a quote online.
I understand insurance is not much differenet for a learner driver and someone that just passed their test.
Anyone knows how much roughly insurance cost for a learner driver? Thinking of getting a 2002-2003 ford focus, and I am a female 27 years of age if that makes any difference.

Administrator answers:

About £1000 depends on who you choose sainsburys are really bloke says that if you take the reg off a car the same as the one you are getting you can get a quote cause with you can put in the reg of a car you have not bourght to get a quote for when you do buy. But you need the reg

Donna asks…

learner driver insurance.?

Hi, I’m just wondering if anyone knows of any companies that offer cheap learner driver insurance. One of my friends are going to be giving me lessons but I cant find any companies that offer insurance for me in their car that is like less that £60 a month! any ideas anyone?
I know in comparison £60 is cheap. i just wondered if anyone knew of better deals out there? Take it you don’t?
The £60 is for full comprehensive, I’d be paying that to be put on my friends insurance. I knew someone a few months ago, that went with a small company and got insurance for £30 a month as it was on offer. wondered if anyone knew of a company like this.

Administrator answers:

Save your money for real lessons as no one other than a real instructor will be able to get you to test standard.

Ken asks…

I am looking to get a 28 day Learner Drivers insurance on a 1.2 Corsa, will this affect the current insurance?

I am on Collingwood Learners Insurance company where I can get temporary car insurance as a learner on a family members car. I was wondering, if I get a month, will it make any difference to the owner of the vehicles insurance or not? Is it just as simple as buying it and it allows me to drive the car accompanied?

Administrator answers:

Yes it is as simple as you think. It covers it for driving only.

Jenny asks…

Learner driver with insurance no license?

Hi Everyone
Quick question my friend owns a car it has Tax Mot and Learners Insurance and she has provisional license but not a full licence what would happen if she was to drive the car without someone who has not had their license for over 3 years and over the age of 21 would it be an automatic ban or would it be point plus fine

Thanks in advance for your answers

Administrator answers:

People do talk some rubbish sometimes. If she was pulled by the police she’d get points (3-6) on her license (she can’t get more than 6 points in 2 years) and probably a £200 fine.

In theory she could automatically lose her license because the insurance would be void; she is NOT insured if there is no supervising passenger. However, it is down to the discretion of the police and the nature of the offense that gets her pulled by the police. If she was just a little over the speed limit or ran an amber light they’d probably let her off with a 3 point endorsement.

(edit* note: endorsements are applied retrospectively when she passes her test).

But in any case, she’s an idiot if she drives unsupervised so if she tries it, slap her round the back of the head and throw her keys over a hedge. It’s a bloody stupid thing to do and she’s a potential menace on the road.

Richard asks…

can i get car insurance as a learner driver?

i am a learner driver and was wondering if i can get learner car insurance if i got a car and a qualified driver to teach me

Administrator answers:

Yes, 100%.

I insured my first car as only a provisional holder.

NOT cheap – £1700 third party for a 1.0 fiesta.

Put my flat-mate on the insurance also so we could both drive it when he was there.

Maria asks…

Where can you get Car insurance for a learner Driver?

I have a car and i am taking lessons to drive. I want to get insured so i can learn im my car. What company can i get insured with??

Administrator answers:

You should try out this site, , they found me the cheapest quotes from all the possible insurance companies in the area.

Mary asks…

Does someone who wishes to supervise a learner driver need to have insurance to cover them?

I’min the middle of learning and would like my mum to let me drive sometimes, do i need to get some insurance cover for this

Administrator answers:

An accompanying driver must

* have held a full EC/EEA driving licence for at least three years for the category of vehicle being driven
* be at least 21 years of age.

The car you intend to use must be

* insured for the learner
* fitted with L plates (D plates in Wales) to both the front and rear of the car
* in a safe and roadworthy condition.

Did You Know

Only a registered Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) can charge money for teaching you to drive.
New drivers cannot begin driving until they have received their licence from DVLA Swansea and it has come into effect.

Some insurance companies don’t insure people under 25 years of age, or they may offer reduced cover. Don’t risk driving uninsured!

The distance requirement for the old-style number plate is 20.5 metres. The distance requirement for the eyesight test with the new-style number plate is 20 metres. New-style number plates were introduced on 1 September, 2001 and are easily identifiable because they start with two letters ie AB51 ABC.

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