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Your Questions About Learner Driver Insurance

July 26, 2012

Steven asks…

Should this driver have been sent to prison

He was driving without a license or insurance and his 15 year-old passenger died after his car crashed on the motorway. She was hit by an oncoming car as she crawled out of his. Despite having previous convictions for the same offences he has walked away from court with a £265 fine. Is that justice?

Administrator answers:

This is terrible. And i dont know how a judge can pass such a pathetic sentence for a horrendous crime.

What good is 8 points, when you havent even got a licence?

£265, theres people who have been fined more than that for over filling their wheelie bin for rubbish collection!

Linda asks…

Driving without a license, insurance, and a car with out of date tax in Scotland, what’s the penalty?

I’m still a learner driver, but i took a car out with some friends in the middle of the night, got seen on cctv going through a red light (the roads were empty)…
I got jailed on the spot and held in the cell over night then released with no information.

I reckon they will try and do me with wreckless driving…
and ofcourse no tax, no license, no insurance..
and maybe try to pin me with car theft because it wasn’t my car and i didn’t have permission, but i think my lawyer has found a way round that last charge…

What do you think the penalty will be?

I’m settling the out-of-date-tax out of court by paying a fine to the DVLA, but that’s only cancelling out one of the charges… Do you reckon ill get a ban for the rest?

I just failed my test today im trying to get a license before i appear in court as my lawyer adviced me it could help… ive booked a test in 2 weeks im sure ill pass! Anyway, i havent been contacted sinec i got released, any one know what’s gonna hapen?

Administrator answers:

Since you have an attorney, he is best qualified to offer you advice.

Donald asks…

Question about GEICO Insurance for who only has a learner’s permit?

Hi everybody,

I am a new driver and I have a learner‘s permit. I newly enroll in GEICO’s insurance plan. GEICO informs me I have to get a licence within 30 day after the insurance is effective. Based on my current progress I dont think I can pass the road test within 30 days. What if I dont manage to get it. My Insurance will be cancled? Can I ask them to extend a little bit for me to learn how to drive?

Thank you?
I do not have anyone who can be added to my policy…..
It is coming near to the end of Nov…
I only have a week left.
I even dare not drive on the road,
I only drive in the parking lot…..
What can I do…
: ..(

Administrator answers:

Call GEICO. See if you can add a licensed driver to your policy. You will need their full name, date of birth, license number and driving record. If they have their own insurance policy, GEICO may want that informaton too (insurance company, policy #, effective dates and liability limits). Usually you will add the person that is teaching you how to drive. This may satisfy the requirement. Otherwise, they may cancel you. It is worth a try.

William asks…

Do I need a drivers insurance?

I have my learner‘s permit and I live in California…. My parents have Triple A insurance as their auto insurance company and I was wondering if I have to have insurance in order to drive the car…. or do I get added when I get my drivers’ license?

Administrator answers:

If you are not listed on the policy. Any thing that happens equats to no insurance. Your parents will have to take the higher rates to add you on to their policy becuase you will be considered high risk till on average age 21. But to be sure your parents will have to contact their insurance agent to find out for sure.

Lisa asks…

my wife and i are insured to drive our car on fully comp?

insurance, we also pay extra to have our learner driver daughter on same insurance !!! now the problem !! we know ther man next door is fully comp on his insurance and can drive our car upon request on permission BUT can he also sit in our car in passenger seat with learner driver daughter as a driver on our insurance or his

Administrator answers:

Contact your insurance for definitive answer no good guessing

Chris asks…

Can excluded driver be licensed 21 year old for permit holder?

I am an excluded driver on my parents’ car insurance policy. My brother is not, but he only has a learner‘s permit. Since I am a licensed 21 year old, will he be covered if he drives with me in the front seat?

I would just ask my parents’ agent, but they’ve given us the run-around on other issues, which is why I decided to just be an excluded driver in the first place (they gave an outrageous figure for me to be added as an occasional driver).
@Plokhoy James: Really? Then why do men pay more for insurance???

Administrator answers:

Women suck at driving.

David asks…

Iv just passed my driving test, when will insurance go through?!?

I have just passed my practical driving test and want to drive asap but how long does it take for the insurance to be registered from learner to actual driver? I live in Scotland.

Administrator answers:

Congratulations on passing your test. Just phone the insurance company and you will be covered immediately.

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