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Your Questions About Learner Driver Insurance

July 30, 2012

Lisa asks…

question about learner drivers…?

I’m insured (fully comp) had licence for 10years. My girlfriend is a learner but do I need to have her on my insurance as a named driver to let her drive the car? obviously with me with her.

I think she needs to be but other people have said they weren’t/aren’t with there parents/partners as long as i’m in the car too then no. I need to know as my insurance would go up by extra £1500 p/a

Administrator answers:

Well the other people where and are still wrong, they drove about illegally and could have had heavy fines and even baned from driving.

Yes like it or not she needs to be on the policy regardless if someone over 21 with 3 years experience sitting alongside them. If she hits someone or damages the car as a uninsured driver you will have to fork the bill and she and you will incur points and she will be banned from driving.

Be smart do not be a dumb a$$!!!!

Ruth asks…

can i get drivers insurance with a learners permit?

Administrator answers:

You most definitely need to inform your insurance that you are going to be a licensed driver.

P.S. Find out if they have a good student discount.

Lizzie asks…

Car Insurance – Additional Driver?

My friend has a car. We stay in same building in MA, US. I do not have license but has Learner permit. Can I get my name added to his insurnace as an additional driver and use his car.

Administrator answers:

Your friend should call his auto insurance company to ask. Some companies like to have that info listed (with your name, dob and permit #) just in case there is a loss…. There would be less questions asked as to why you were driving that car.

Most companies cannot rate someone who does NOT have a valid drivers license (even a permit)… So his rates should not be effected… But to be 100% positive about the situation, he SHOULD call his company because insurance varies from State to State and company to company.

Good luck!

Donna asks…

Learner’s Permit and Car Insurance?

If I didn’t live with my parents, had my learner permit and had my own car, would I be able to drive it if in the presence of a licensed insured driver? Like say my friend came over and I drove him in my car, would his insurance cover me?
So if it was my car, and I only had a learners would I be able to insurance my car?

Administrator answers:

No, Insurance isn’t on car per se, it covers a driver. So if you were driving with a friend and were to get into an accident, you would have to be covered by your own insurance policy, you’re friend’s only covers himself and those who are on his premium as well. So you friend couldn’t cover anything if it was your car.

Insurance doesn’t work like magic and whatever car you friend decides to get in will magicaly be covered, it’s not that simple. You’re friend isn’t the Insurance Fairy.

At least in CA, and I’m sure there are similar regulations in other states, the person you are driving with while you have a permit needs to be at least 25 and have a license himself. And if you were to be in a wreck or caught and you were cruising around with someone who you couldn’t be with, you’d loose the permit and they’d suspended your ability to get a license for a year. So watch who you drive with.

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