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Your Questions About Learner Driver Insurance

August 2, 2012

Donald asks…

How much money will you be saving by going to driver’s ed?

I’m 16 and have my learner‘s permit in CT and I’ve heard that by going to driver‘s you save a bunch of money on your car insurance…I know that its ture but how much money can you really save?

Administrator answers:

I didnt know that but its nice to know…either ways my parents never let me drive…but thats what i should consider doing

Chris asks…

Can you take a defensive driving course if you have not yet received a driver’s license?

My sister-in-law got a speeding ticket yesterday and she intends to go to a defensive driving course to keep her insurance rate from going up. She does not actually have her driver‘s license yet, she is still driving on her learner‘s permit. Can she still take defensive driving if she only has a learner‘s permit?

Administrator answers:

Yes and she is doing the right thing

Joseph asks…

Car Insurance cover for learners permit in australia

Hi Friends,
I got third party fire and theft cover in australia. I have learners driver license . Recently i met with accident with other car . Do my insurer covers for the other car damages. No full license holder was there at that time with me in my car . Police took the complaint that i was holding learners .
Needed urgently

Administrator answers:

If you hit them i don’t think you will be insured as you were driving illegally. You are meant to have a full licensed driver with you. Its like been over .05, they won’t covered you as your been illegal.

Lisa asks…

how can i put my name under my dads insurance?

im turning 17 next thursday, will i be able to put my name under my dads name as a learner driver ?

Administrator answers:

Your dad will need to call his insurance agent and add you to the policy.

Michael asks…

Will my parents insurance increase if I get my Drivers License?

Their insurance increased once I got my Learner‘s Permit.
But if I go to get my Drivers License, will it increase more?

Administrator answers:

Depends on your company. Usually, yes.

George asks…

Do car insurance companies take into consideration experience driving with learner’s permit?

I am almost 21 and have had my learner‘s permit since I was 15. The reason I don’t have my full license is simply because insurance costs so much, even just to be added as an occasional driver to my parent’s policy. Since I have had over 5 years driving experience with my learner‘s permit, with no accidents or violations whatsoever, and always with a licensed driver, 21 or older, in the front passenger seat, I would think that would count for something when applying for car insurance. But is this the case? I know they offer discounts for being a good student and completing driver‘s safety courses, but what about the amount of experience you have driving in general with a learner‘s permit?
LOL, it once took a year to get an answer from my parent’s agent about how much it would cost to get on my parent’s policy. I don’t think I’m going to bother with that again.
I’ve gone to a few sites to get a quote, but they don’t have a way of telling them how long you had your learner‘s permit before getting your full license. I currently live in FL, but will be moving to TN within the next year. Because insurance is 1/3 the price up there, I think I’ll be waiting until I’m up there to get my license.

Administrator answers:

In some states you are rated by age, so it doesn’t really matter if you have been licensed or not, you will be rated as if you had been.
In CA, they rate by years licensed, so if you are 30 and just got your license, you pay the same rates as a 16-year-old. There may be other states that rate this way, but every other one I have dealt with (over 30) rate solely by age, which is advantageous in a case like yours.

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