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Your Questions About Learner Driver Insurance

August 7, 2012

Michael asks…

Can I drive my parents’ cars (with a learner’s) without being on their insurance?

I’m 15 years old and got my learner‘s license way back in July. From July to the end of January, I’ve driven for around 30 minutes in total and I’m pretty nervous because I want to get my driver‘s when I turn 16 in August and I don’t have much experience. The reason for this is because my parents keep saying that my name isn’t under both of their car insurances and that they don’t want me driving until it is. However, it’s been months and they still haven’t done anything about it, and other friends of mine have been practicing with their parents without having their name on their parent’s insurance. Is it necessary for my name to be under their coverage or can I finally just start practicing without having to worry?

Administrator answers:

It depends on your parents insurance company. Some companies would cover you with a learners permit without your parents specifically putting you on their policy, but some won’t without your parents listing you on their policy as an eligible driver. You need to call the insurance company and ask to be sure. Their rates shouldn’t change dramatically just to list you as an additional driver, but if that’s what they’re worried about just offer to pay the difference.

Thomas asks…

do learner permit drivers need to insured in parents car?

i have a learners permit and i am wondering if i need to have insurance to drive mt fathers car which is insured by Infinity. my brother has his liscense and is 21 years old he is also in my fathers insurance. my father does not let me drive because he says i am not covered by the insurance. i live in california and i want to know if i am covered or not.

Administrator answers:

There is an option where you can be insured for driving your parent’s car. You can also get insurance for single day/one day car insurance schemes/policies or for temporary car insurance. It covers all the benefits like protection against theft and damages to your vehicle and it also take care of any third party liabilities and there are also optional features such as cover for windscreen, courtesy car, etc., for your insurance requirements. And in case if you meet with accident you can pay a small amount & buying one day car insurance for young drivers and also renew it anytime and from anywhere.

Maria asks…

New Driver and Insurance Rates?

Hello all, I have a couple of questions, this year I plan to purchase my first car. Through having a steady job for almost 3 years, I plan to buy it in my own name at the age 18, I’m 17 now, female, full time student, part time employee. I have just recently gotten my Learners Permit Nov. 2010.

My questions are:

Could I begin to pay for insurance without a car?
Could I put down payments on a car and keep making payments (without driving it)?

What are some good way to acquire the car of my dreams by my 18th birthday (Mazda3 2011; 4 door). I know being that I’m 17 there’s not much I can do without parental consent. But I don’t want to include my mom in much of this because she feels that I’m trying to run away or something (sigh, she’s very overprotective)

My last question is;
What steps can I take to get the car that I want. I know there’s saving, but what else?


Administrator answers:

Buying a car is a big responsibility. At the age of 18 you are just beginning in the credit world. You will not be able to get a loan for a car without a co-signer. So you might think about beginning sweet to your mom, because you will still need her help to buy a car. If you have a bank saving account, like with a credit union, it might be possible to get a loan without your mom. In that case you will only be approved for a small loan, maybe $5000 max. So you will have to think less expensive. A brand new car would be reaching. Probably gonna be a used Mazda. Also, insurance is expensive when you are young so figure insurance cost into your payment to make sure you can afford the car.

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