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Your Questions About Learner Driver Insurance

May 13, 2012

Mark asks…

Learner driver…car insurance as second driver?

Hi there

I bought a car a week ago, i am a learner driver.

I want my mum to be able to take me out in the car in between driving lessons.

The car insurance quotes I have been getting are ridiculously high – no supruse to me, i therefore cant afford the insurance in the upcoming 2 months.

But if my mum is named as the 1st driver on my car, or the main driver until I pass, the insurance would be alot cheaper.

I am very confused as people are saying to me that my mam has to be the owner of the car to be able to do this?

My mam used to take me out in her old car and i used to pay about £30 a month or something as the second learner driver…but doing this on my own car is proving very difficult.


What insurance compaines allow me to do this. Diamond car insurance said some car insurance compaines allow this but which ones? There are so many out there! lol x
why cant i just have my car, mum as first driver me as second,…simple!?
if i have to put the car in my mams name, then how do i do that? how long does it take? Thanks

Administrator answers:

Put the car in your mothers name, she insures it and puts you down as named driver its simple

my wife has it done with my son(18) no problem

their with quinn direct(if your Irish or English)

Laura asks…

What weekly learners driver insurance should I get?

I’m doing my driving test in 2 weeks and I was hoping to go on my mums car insurance so I can get some extra practice. I am looking for insurance that is for a 7 day period only. Any suggestions?

(I live in Scotland.)

Thanks xx

Administrator answers:

You won’t find anyone who will insure you for just a week, especially as a learner. Only option is to see if you can go on mum’s insurance. And yes, it’ll be expensive.

Thomas asks…

Insurance to cover learner permit driver on their own?

I am on my learners permit in Ireland and i need to drive on my own to get to and from work placement so i don’t fail my college course. Is there any insurance company that will cover me driving on my own? And what would the penalties be driving on my own?

Administrator answers:

This is hearsay, but my niece who is currently working in Dublin says that there are waiting lists for tests and learner drivers driving on their own seem commonplace. Whether they are insured is another matter though.

Helen asks…

UK insurance for learner driver on parent’s cover?

I have a provisional liscence and am currently taking drving lessons. My father has offered to give me practice/tuition in his car but we don’t know where we could get cover for a learner to be added on to his cover.

Does anyone know a cheap as possible insurer where a learner could be added onto the parents cover?

My father has had a full liscense for 40 years and has had no convictions/accidents etc if this helps.

thank you!

Administrator answers:

Your father should contact his insurer and have you added as a named driver. It is not legal to have two policies on the same car.

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