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Your Questions About Learner Driver Insurance

May 16, 2012

Carol asks…

Can i take out car insurance under my name if i am a learner driver ?

I am a learner driver, i want to buy a car and was wondering if i could take out car insurance in my name. Also, is it legal to drive de car around once i am insured.

Administrator answers:

Some companies will let you get a policy with just a permit, you have to get your license within 30 days though or the policy will be cancelled. While you have only a permit you have to follow all the other traffic laws, so if you’re not allowed to drive by yourself yet then having the insurance makes no difference, you still can’t drive by yourself.

Ruth asks…

what happens to a learner driver if they get caught driving without insurance?

basically what it says.
id be with my parent and its in the UK.

Administrator answers:

Your licence will be revoked under the new drivers act and you will have to re-apply for it and pay the fee again.

You will get a minimum fine of £200 and 6-8 penalty points on your licence for the offence.

You will rule out any chance of getting a job that involves driving.

When you do need insurance, most reputable High Street insurers will refuse to insure you because of the offence, and those who take you on will be pricey. For that offence, you are looking at a price increase of 15-25% typically. Insurance for new drivers is already over £2000, so an extra £300-£500 for the next three or four years is a lot to pay out.

If you have an accident, which is your fault, you will be liable for the full cost including damage to all cars and property, injury claims from everyone involved, and your legal costs. You will also not have the experience an insurer to fight your case for you.

Your car will be seized by the police and you will have to pay impound fees and storage costs which can be £120-£150 and then £12-£20 per day.

There are two certain things about driving without insurance. With all the ANPR cameras and police cars about, you WILL be caught, and you WILL be worse off financially when you have paid everything out. It isn’t worth it.

Linda asks…

Does my fully comp learner-driver car insurance cover the accompanying driver or must they be insured too?

I hold a UK Provisional Drivers License. I am insured (fully comprehensive) on my own car. Does the fully licenced driver which I have to have with me at all times have to be insured to drive my car as well (either as a named driver or covered by their own insurance to drive any car) or will my fully comp insurance cover them too?

Please no answers telling me about compare sites as I am already insured, I just want more info as to whether my companion driver is covered by this. (I recently asked a similar question and got nothing but links to compare sites so decided to be more precise)

Administrator answers:

Your insurance would not cover the experienced driver to drive unless they are named on your policy.
If the experienced driver has their own fully comp insurance they need to check as not all fully comps now allow driving other cars. When they do allow it it is third party only which you may not be happy with as your car is not covered in that circumstance.

Sharon asks…

Auto insurance for a teen learner driver ?

My 17 year old has her instructional learner‘s permit (did the driver education, passed the written DMV test, had in car-driver training and is now working towards her 50 hours of in-car practise with us before she can take her driving test). I am confused about whether we need to add her to our auto-insurance. The driver training school says “no”, she is covered under our insurance already and besides, you can’t get auto-insurance until you pass your test. The Auto Club, however, says she has to be added (but then they’d make money so I’m not surprised they say that). We are in California. If anyone can clarify things for me, that would be great ! Thanks.

Administrator answers:

She does not need to be added until she has a full license. She is covered under your policy while on a permit. The safest thing to do is contact your agent and let him know you have a child on a permit. Most companies will place her on the policy as a non rated driver so your rates will not go up until she is fully licensed, but this makes them aware that she is driving your autos and covers her for any accidents.

Paul asks…

Is additional insurance required to sit with a learner driver?

Administrator answers:

No not to sit with the driver when I learned to drive in the early 90s, although as the owner of the car, you should tell you company that a person with a provisional licence (and they must have one) is going to be driving the car with you at their side. Then they will, of course, ask you for more money :o )) as it the way of the world.

Mark asks…

Do you need insurance to drive on an industrial estate as a learner driver?

If you are driving somebody else’s car in an industrial estate do you need to be insured on their car? Or is it classed as private land?

Administrator answers:

Not all industrial estates are private, most have been adopted by the local authority, check first.

Even then you need the permission of hte owner first.

Nancy asks…

What is the cheapest car insurance company for an 18 year old learner driver?



Administrator answers:

When i was 18 i found the cheapest. You can get 1 years no claim for 10 months cover. Its like get insurance for 10 months and get 1 years no claim just means you build up no claims quicker.

Jenny asks…

If i teach a learner driver to drive, do they need there own insurance?

Is it against the law if they have no insurance?
Or would mine cover in the event of an accident?
based in the uk

Administrator answers:

It depends on the state and insurance policy so check both way before you let them behind the wheel

Michael asks…

Question about learner drivers and insurance in Ireland only?

I have my learners permit driving license now, and i’m getting lessons soon. If I want to practice driving in the family car with my dad will I have to get insurance? And how much would insurance be for an 18 year old girl?

Administrator answers:

Yes you will need insurance as you won’t be covered if you have an accident while with your dad in his car. Insurance will also be pretty pricey because of your age and lack of a full license, so I’d say your best bet is to become a named driver on your parents policy. It’s a lot cheaper that way, plus it gives you named driver experience which will help when you get your own policy out. All the best with the lessons and future test!

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