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Your Questions About Learner Driver Insurance

May 23, 2012

Sandy asks…

learner driver?

im getting new insruance

i drive the car, the insurance is going to be in my name but my boyfriends paying should i put him as an additional driver even though he’s a learner? or would that make insurance sky high?

Administrator answers:

If he has a learners permit, he has to drive with a licensed driver anyway. As long as that licensed driver is covered on your insurance you should have no worries…. In other words, you don’t need to add him until he gets his actual license.. And then, yes it will most likely go sky high.

Just to be on the safe side…. You might want to double check your policy

Maria asks…

does a accompanying a learner driver in a vehicle have to also be insured on the vehicle?

I am wanting my partner to take me out driving in my sisters car who’s insurance i am on as a learner driver, does my partner also have to be insured on the vehicle aswell? He holds a full uk licence and has been driving for 4 years as a taxi driver- but his insurance is classed as commercial so it doesnt cover him to drive any other vehicles as normal insurance policies do if your fully comp.

Administrator answers:

Accompanying driver must be at least 21 years old and have held full licence for 3 years or more. Only the driver needs insurance for that vehicle.

Lisa asks…

how much will it cost to put a learner driver on my car insurance?

Administrator answers:

No-one can answer that for you. You need to ring your insurance company and give them details of the learner driver, then they’ll tell you how much. I added my daughter onto your car insurance many years ago whilst she learnt to drive and was actually surprised at the small amount it increased – I expected it would cost a fortune.

Robert asks…

Does anyone know how much tax and insurance would cost for a 17 yr old learner driver?

Administrator answers:

Road tax is the same for everyone. Insurance even on the lowest group is likely to be thousands!

Betty asks…

Will getting temporary car insurance to drive a car accompanied as a L driver affect current insurances?

I’m looking to insure myself, as an accompanied learner, for 28 days on my sisters Corsa, she has been driving 5 years and is 23. If I insure myself on her car, will her insurance on the car be altered at all? If so, what processes can we go through to get me insured for 28 days up until my test as an accompanied learner driver?

Administrator answers:

Your sister needs to consult her insurers about adding you to her policy for the time being. It will cost her, doubtless you will reimburse her for this, but how much this will be is down to her insurers.

You cannot take out your own policy, the insurers will not permit more than one policy per car.

That’s for the UK.

Mary asks…

What will happen to the car insurance of learner drivers after 30 June?

Administrator answers:

Any chance you can give more details?

Susan asks…

best insurance provider for a learner driver?

im a 17 years old what is the best insurance provider

Administrator answers:

Anyone who gives ins at the lowest price…staet with progressive …they show the prices of several companys…but call the others…when you talk on the phone they can drop price because they smell a sale.

Mandy asks…

i am a learner driver and my dad wants to take me out in his car?

how can he go about adding me as a learner driver to his insurance?

Administrator answers:

You don’t need to be added to the insurance until you have your license. With a permit you will never be alone in the car.

John asks…

My child just got his learner’s permit, does he need to be listed as a driver on our insurance?

Or can that wait until he has his driver‘s license?

Administrator answers:

It depends completely on the company you are insured with and their underwriting requirments. Many companies do not require a driver be listed until he/she has their permanent license, but some require it with a learners.

Another important reason to contact your insurer and ask is there are companies who have strict exclusions and will not cover a claim if a driver has an accident and isn’t listed on the policy. Very important that you call your specific carrier and ask.

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