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Your Questions About Learner Driver Insurance

May 31, 2012

Richard asks…

can I take a learner driver in my car for practice, without insurance for that person ?

Administrator answers:

If you are worried you can add them to your policy ,but it will bang your premium sky high.Normally a learner driver does not have to take out insurance to drive a driving school vehicle ,and it is far better for them at a driving school,instead of picking up your bad driving habits.You can only let them drive your vehicle at your risk(your insurance would not cover any damage caused by them)on private land where the public are not allowed access.

Ken asks…

What are good insurance companies for male learner drivers?

We are starting to think about a car and insurance for our son who is 17 shortly. Have you any advice on types of car and how the insurance system works, is it better for him to insure himself or for to do it through his father, and which companies are the best.

Administrator answers:

Your son will only need the insurance once he has past his test, If you or your husband is teaching him (not the best idea) you do that on your insurance or the driving school that he learns with.
It will work out cheaper in the end if he starts his own insurance from the day he gets his fist car

Steven asks…

Does California Laws allows car insurance company to cover accident done by a learner’s license holder driver

If a car driver on learner‘s license in California (driving with a spouse who is a license holder and the car insurance holder) does an accident , than does the car insurance company covers that ?

Administrator answers:

It’s actually pursuant to specific policy language, not CA law, however there should be no problem with coverage. As is, you cannot add a driver on to a policy if they do not have a driver’s license. As long as you had permission from the owner, the accident will be covered.

Ruth asks…

Learner driver who reversed into a parked car?

Im a learner driver, my partner has me on her car insurance as a learner driver. She picked me up from work so i could drive home, i was reversing out the space went too far and collided with a work colleague’s car doing some damage to there bumper and wing. Now how do i go about getting there car repaired on the insurance? i know they will take there own car to there own choice of garage i just don’t have a clue what to do? some help would be grateful

Administrator answers:

You talk to the owner of the car and give them your details its up to them to get onto the insurace i recamend you pay out of your own pocet beacuse your insurance will go up

George asks…

Does Virginia require that a beginning driver with a learner’s permit have his or her own insurance.?

Ok so i recently got my learners do my parent need to put me on their insurance or can i drive and if i wreck or something is it covered under them ? State of Virginia!

Administrator answers:

Not yet.
Once you get your real driver’s lic, then they need to put you on the insurance.
Yes, I made a mistake. The car must be insured by your parents for you to drive with a lerner’s permit. But no need to notify the insurance yet. Even if you do the rates don’t go up until you get your actual licence.

Helen asks…

Will my auto insurance cover any accidents caused by a driver with a learner’s permit?

I currently live in Massachusetts and I want to help a friend of mine obtain his license (he’s 28 and has never attempted to get it until now). Assuming I’m in my car with him while he’s behind the wheel at all times, will I be covered if he gets into an accident? I have collision and comprehensive on my policy

Administrator answers:


Joseph asks…

Insurance for learner drivers?

I am going to put on the insurance of my Granny’s brand new Kia Picanto next month to practise driving as well as having lessons.

My grandparents, parents & me are going to be insured and I just wanted to know what the cheapest insurance company for learner driver‘s were.

I have already used but some were very expensive.

Are there any cheap insurance companies for learner drivers?

I am aged 17

Administrator answers:

I was insured under my provisional licence and i found admiral gave the best deal! Better yet, when i passed, it just cost £14 for the whole year for the insurance to be changed from provisional to full licence!
PLUS they give no claims to each driver as opposed to named driver which other companies do.

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