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Your Questions About Learner Driver Insurance

June 14, 2012

Sandy asks…

I am a Learner Driver, I am buying a new car, to drive it back I just need insurance for myself?

I am learning to drive and am hoping to buy a car soon. I am going up with a friend and hoping to drive my car back, with another friend as my passenger. In regards to insurance – is it just myself as a provisional driver I need to insure?

Urgent help much appreciated!
Sorry – I may have worded this wrong, I know I have to be insured, but I was wondering if the passenger (who is obviously over 21 and 3yrs driving experience) needs to be insured also. I didn’t think they did but wanted to double check…
I am not buying from a garage so they will not deliver, I do not pass until (hopefully) February but my new jobs starts 2days after this so need to get car as quickly as possible, and this is the car I want…
I would only get insurance for the day and if I do not want the car then I have only lost £15, then I will ensure permanently the next day if I like the car – I am not incredibly rich, or incredibly stupid!!! lol

Administrator answers:

Yes just so long as you are insured and you are the only one driving. Your passenger will obviously have to follow the laws around being able to sit with you

Betty asks…

can a learner driver put L plates on and drive with a person who has fully comp insurance or must the insuranc

Administrator answers:

I think it depends on where you live. In Ontario, Brand New drivers can’t drive unless there is a licensed driver with at least 4yrs experience sitting in the passenger seat. If where you live, new driver’s can drive alone right away, as long is there is insurance on the vehicle, it doesn’t matter who is driving it. Insurance is always tied to the vehicle, not the driver. You must make sure the vehicle is indeed insured though.

Richard asks…

Is a learner driver allowed to drive my car, with me supervising, if he/she is not insured on it?

I am over 21 years of age and have been driving for over 3 years. I have fully comprehensive insurance and a full UK driving license.

Administrator answers:

Nope. Definitely not. Sorry! Although the supervisor doesn’t need to be insured

Chris asks…

As a learner driver, can my boyfriend drive me to hospital in my car when I am in labour?

I own and insure the car, have a full licence for 10 years and he would be on the insurance too. It is just I guessed it would be invalid if I was in labour. We are expecting and trying to plan my trip to hospital when the time comes, by looking at all options. Has anyone asked their insurance company the same thing? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Being driven to hospital by a learner driver wouldnt be the best way to get to hospital in my opinion! Being in labour would be stressfull enough lol, try a taxi company or a relative that can be on standby on your due dates.
Dont know the legal side of things, but i think it would be possible. You cant be drunk while giving a lesson, but in labour, yeah, you could pull this off. If any complications arose, you’re defence would be that you wnet into labour while giving a lesson!
Good luck

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