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August 10, 2012

Daniel asks…

Would insurance be sky high for a new driver driving a brand new car compared to an older car?

I am a learner driver now at the point of planning to book my practical test. My family have all been very generous and chipped in to purchase me a new Vauxhall Corsa 1.2l Active. I am an additional learner driver on my fathers fully comp policy. This costs around £600.

My worry is that I have been told holding my own insurance policy after I have passed the practical driving test will be sky-high due to the car been new compared to getting insured on an older reg.
I am aware that fully comp insurance for newly qualified young drivers is high anyway, but will my potential insurance be especially high due to the fact the car is a new reg?

Does anyone also know why my 125 CC scooter insurance is only a couple of hundred quid? Why is car insurance dramatically higher?

Administrator answers:

A newer car will be more expensive than an older one to insure.
If you hit something like another car on a 125 scooter you are likely to cause minimal damage to the other car. In a Corsa you could write off an expensive newer car like say a Ferrari which your insurer would have to pay out for.
It is a fact that one in 5 young drivers will make a claim during the first year after passing their test if they are still alive to do so – sadly some do not live long enough. As you can see the risk to the insurer is considerably higher and the higher the risk the more it costs.

Some valuable info for you below -
There are many factors which are used by the insurer to calculate the risk and so the premium they charge for car insurance – these are mainly;
1 Age and sex of the policyholder (who must be the Main driver, and registered keeper) and that of any additional drivers.
2. The cars age, mileage, value, insurance group, security and the companies own claims history for that vehicle
3. The occupation of the policyholder and any named drivers
4. The claims history of any drivers
5. The licence details of drivers (endorsements, length of time held)
6. Where the car is normally kept overnight (is it the policyholders address? On road is more expensive than on a drive which is more expensive than in a locked garage.
7. What use will the car be insured for, social and domestic is the minimum but if commuting and use for the policyholders business or their employers business is added the price increases. If used to commute where is the car to be parked when there – on road or in a car park.
8. Does the car have any modifications from the standard factory fresh condition like alloy wheels or performance enhancements – some insurers will refuse to cover modified cars, some will increase the price and some will cover them but only for return to standard.
You need to tell the full truth about everything asked and inform them of any changes to any of the details disclosed as the policy goes on – failing to do that can render it null and void.

Some younger drivers consider putting the car and insurance in a parents name with the parent as a fraudulent main driver and them as an occasional named driver to cut the premiums. This common scam is called “Fronting” and is an illegal act which can get parent and son/daughter into a lot of long lasting expensive troubles.

Most insurers offer a monthly payment scheme and most need about 15% up front to start the cover. The scheme is usually in the form of a loan and so interest is charged – this can be as much as 25% APR. This is usually at rate which is higher than most credit cards even charge so look at other ways to borrow the money to spread the cost if possible as it will be cheaper.

Jenny asks…

I don’t feel like a family member, or even a human in my own house.?

I am currently 16, 17 by the end of this year. I don’t feel like I belong in my own family that I grew up with, and this is not just opinion, this include observations. So far, nothing I do is a significant to anybody. I start observing things from as early as 7 or 8, where I understand that I was still young then. I was a good kid, trying to obey everything that was asked of me. But when I start realizing that compare to my older sister, who I was told is slower than I am, nothing I do can outshine what she did, even if it’s the same things.
I am also uncomfortable with talking to my family, especially after I go through the punishment where I originally lived: physical punishments. I never tell my family, but I was molested more than twice in my home country, at a young age, even before I am a teen. Now, the only ones I trusted are my boyfriend and his mother. His mother went through the same situation as I, where she have to do everything in her house as a kid. They’re treating me like a teenager, like I am 16. Everyone else in my family treated me like I’m 10 or 9 even. My uncle even told me that every outsider here will (excuse me) screw my life up. But I’m the one that’s deciding where I will work, where I will live…not my mother or my uncle. Yet they both insist on going everywhere with me when I said I want a job, denying me of learning how to drive and saying I can take the bus. When I just walk out of the house to go to my boyfriend’s house because I can’t take it anymore in my house, they freaked out and lecture me on going out of the house into the street.
When my cousin and my sister trade in their learner‘s permits for full license, there is either my mother or my cousin’s mother paying for their insurance before they can even get a job to pay for insurance. Right now, all I asked for is to attend a driving school, in which you only have to pay the instructor and he will teach you how to drive on his car (fully insured, come with brake on both the driver and passenger’s side) and help you get your permit. No insurance spike here. Yet my uncle flat out told me “You have to pay your own insurance.” I can’t take it anymore. It hurt to know that nobody treated me like my age, hurt to know that I am worth next to nothing in this family, and it hurt even more to continue living here until next year when I’m 18. Please tell me what to do. I don’t want to cry over this family anymore and I don’t want to suffer. I want my life to go in a positive direction.
It’s not just a teenager’s feeling anymore when you’re getting physical punishments as a kid, got molested more than twice, being constantly put down everyday by hearing how everything’s my fault, being told how I got the worse traits from mom and dad, and that nothing I do will surprised or make anyone proud… and that make me feel like I’m useless, that all i’m good for is translating from the my original language to english and back and chores around the house.

Administrator answers:

I think it’s just a teenage feeling, all teenagers go through this feeling, you feel like a misfit in your family, it happens. Things will get better with time and for a teenager it seems like it will be forever but it’s really not. I went through it and now being 24 and looking back, I realize how time really flies, I didn’t understand why my family wouldn’t let me do anything either, no driver’s license or going out etc but they were only trying to protect me and I’m happy for that, for only God knows what they probably saved me from. Also it is extremely expensive to insure teenage drivers you have no idea how expensive it is, it is ridiculous, I had to pay my own and didn’t get my license until I was 19 as I couldn’t afford it otherwise. Things will get better.

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