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April 27, 2012

Chris asks…

How do i get comprehensive auto insurance as a new driver?

I am getting an auto loan from my bank but before i can get anything they require full comprehensive insurance.I called a few companies to get a quote but they said i have to have had my liscence for 6mths to a year before they take me on,
I got my learner‘s permit back in 2009 but never really pressued getting the actual liscence until i bought my own car meanwhile i was using a relative’s car until recently.Now i need to get around work etc.I CANT wait that long How do i get sorted out and what are my best options? HELP ThANKS!

Administrator answers:

Cars are insured according to the engine size, weight etc. I think all Insurance companies are charging the same amount for similar cars for insurance. You can take either a comprehensive insurance or a third party insurance according to your requirement.,.. So if you want cheap insurance go for third party insurance i.e no insurance coverage for car but in case of accident only the third party (the party who has been affected by your car) will get compenation.

Helen asks…

Can car insurance claim be denied on overseas licence?

My wife has an overseas license, and for safety reasons, we also took a learner‘s permit in NSW Australia, so that she can get comfortable for the driving test. Hence even though her name is included in the insurance policy, I did not mention that the car will be used for instructing a learner driver.

Now she has been involved in an accident (rear end collision) by another party. That is we were rear-ended by another party. Since the other party has only third party insurance, they don’t want to put a claim. I have now informed my insurance company, who has asked for quotes from repairers and assessment done. I am supposed to give my wife license details to the assessor.

Will my claim be denied since she holds an overseas license?
Will my claim be denied since she holds a learner license, but not noted on my insurance policy?

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Administrator answers:

If the other driver was at fault then there is no reason why you should be making the claim.
If you make a claim- you will have to pay the excess which is completely unnecessary seeing as you were hit by an insured driver. To top this off, because you are making a claim, your insurance premium may go up next year.
The other person has third party insurance- this means that YOU are covered under THEIR insurance. This is exactly what third party insurance is for- people who dont want their own car covered, but want to ensure that if they cause any damage- the other car can be repaired so they are not at a massive financial loss.

As far as the claim process goes- it really depends on your insurance company. Some companies will not require you to list a learner driver, as they should be under your control. Other companies may require all the drivers to be noted on the policy, and will not pay out should an incident occur involving an unlisted driver on the policy.
I don’t think the overseas licence should matter, seeing as she does have an Australian Learner’s permit, and you were in the passenger seat when the incident took place- as the Permit obviously permits her to drive in Australia, provided that she meets the criteria while driving (having a fully licenced driver in the passenger side, who is not under the influence.)

David asks…

How much is car insurance…….suspended license?

I am interested in purchasing a car in the near future and am worried about high insurance rates. My driver license was suspsended for one month last January (driving with only a learners license….I know, stupid) Anyways, I did a quote online without stating the fact that my license was suspened, and the rate it game me back was $238 a month. How much more do u think it would be if I added that driving infraction? The website won’t give that information. I used to live in Ontario and now am in Alberta.

Administrator answers:

Contact a local insurance agent for a quote.

Maria asks…

had a fender bender,cant afford it – what should I do?

I hit a Merc on the rear this morning while trying to enter the left lane, we went to the police station and filed a case, he then went to two different panelbaters and got quotes.Its a Huge Problem because I only just bought the car 2 weeks ago, am a learner driver 22 years old, and my insurance is sky high, I cant even afford to pay the excess (which is the same amount as the lowest quote) but the bottom line is I do NOT have this amount of money, what should I do???

Should I try for a loan to pay for the excess and use insurance or pay the panelbeater directly?

Administrator answers:

If you can’t afford to pay for the consequences of your actions, then stop doing what you did.

Linda asks…

How much money do you pay for insurance, and what is your age?

I am 21 years old and I just got my license.I use to be a listed driver on my mother’s geico policy a couple of years ago.But, I got caught driving without a parent in the car and my learners permit wa suspended. I now live in a diffrent state and have a license. I went on and my quote was $155 with the license violation included. I am pretty surprised because I thought people my age pay well over $200 for their policy. Maybe it is low because I was once an insured driver under my mother’s policy?

Administrator answers:

You posted on the United Kingdom board. I didn’t know Geico was available there, and I thought you used the £ sign and not the $ sign.

The amount you pay will depend highly on credit score, amount of coverage, type of coverage, location, and the vehicle insured. What you pay has little to do with what somebody else pays unless you have an identical situation.

William asks…

New laws regarding New Jersey youth driving discrepancy?

I am currently 19 years old with a basic drivers license and my dad is giving me a hard time with what I can and can’t do on the road, citing the new driving laws that were passed in New Jersey regarding youth drivers.

I followed the Early Bird Road teen driving program and finished it, obtaining a Basic License before the laws were passed. Now that they have been enacted, he believes that I am still bound by the passenger number restriction, as well as the 11pm – 5am time restriction since I am under 20 years of age. I argued that the new laws only apply to drivers 20 years or younger AND who hold a Learners Permit or a Provisional License, and does NOT apply in any way or form to someone with a Basic Drivers License, regardless of the fact that I am under 20.
I requested a quote from our insurance company to prove my claim but their official wording only made things worse. My dad is not particularly good at English and grammar, so the statement:

“These changes will apply to drivers who are 20 or younger and hold a Learner‘s Permit or Provisional License. Even if your child has already completed the GDL process and now holds a Basic License, these changes may affect your child’s friends or relatives.”

Was interpreted by him as “even if your child holds a basic drivers license, these changes apply to him as well”. Obviously, this is not true, and is only the insurance company’s attempt at trying to inform people of the new regulations.

I even tried to use the New Jersey’s official website

to convince him that there are absolutely no restrictions on the Basic drivers license and that the restrictions only apply to Learner‘s Permit or Provisional license. But to no avail. Can someone who’s in an official position to know these things provide a convincing and compelling explanation to solve this predicament for me? I have tried and failed and am honestly, quite exhausted.

Administrator answers:


Try this website with your dad. Http:// The answer to question #2 clearly states that passenger restrictions apply to all GDL holders with a (PERMIT OR PROBATIONARY LICENSE), not those who have completed the GDL Program and received their regular license. If this is not clear enough for him (it’s in plain simple English), your truly are fighting a lost cause.

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