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April 20, 2012

Jenny asks…

My car insurance company have doubled my quote after claiming they made a mistake. Can they do this?

I changed my address about 6 months ago and was pleased to see that, although there was an increase, the increase on my insurance wasn’t massive. I recently called to get a quote on putting my girlfriend on the insurance as a learner driver and they have now said that as they didn’t process the change of address form properly before they are doubling my insurance quote. I am confused by this as I live in an incredibly secure, gated property and I am wondering if, as they have admitted the mistake, they are able to do this out of the blue like this?

Administrator answers:

When the mistake comes to light, they can correct it and let you know the new price, but if you choose not to accept it, they are supposed to give you 7 days cover at the original price to give you an opportunity to seek alternative cover elsewhere.

Most of the time, when you phone an insurer, you are speaking to a basic advisor who is given a set of rules to follow and has little or no leeway on those rules. In cases like this, it is always worth speaking to a supervisor or manager. It puts the insurer in a bad light if they have made a mistake, and managers and supervisors often have some leeway to negotiate. The same thing happened to my brother a couple of years ago and in the end, the company agreed to charge half the underpayment because it was there error. If you have other business with the insurer, it will help your case if you mention that as the threat of losing all your business could sway them in to making a decision in your favour.

EDIT: As for the thumbs down, I’ve been a qualified insurance underwriter for over 30 years, so I am impressed that you have more knowledge about this sort of thing that I do. Clearly all that studying I did for my ACII degree was wasted as I obviously don’t know what I am talking about.

Helen asks…

How do i get an car insurance quote without giving (name, address, social security no, etc)?

A 2001 toyota sienna xle, for a 15 year old driver W/ Learners Permit living in bellevue, WA never had one ticket or accident, mostly A’s grades, employed
PS Not 15 yet but am employed, just wanna know when the time comes
I will give email and zip code but not anything super private

Administrator answers:

You can’t get a quote without giving any information… Insurance prices all depend on where you live, age, kind of car, etc. They (the insurance company) cannot just pull a quote out of the thin air without any information.

Daniel asks…

The cheapest car insurers for a learner license holding driver in Ireland?

I’ve been trying to get my car out on the road for a while now its a 97 toyota corolla and I’ve been quoted in a few places but 2000 euros is a ridiculous amount of money to paying out for insurance so I was wondering if anyone would know any decent car insurers that aren’t looking to rip young drivers off’
I’m a 24 year old male by the way cos I know it counts against if your under 25 for being a male, which is retarded.

Administrator answers:

If you want to ask questions about Ireland, then use Answers International. Scan down to the bottom of this page, click on your flag and ask your questions there.

Linda asks…

teenager driver and car insurance?

my stepson just got his learner‘s permit, he may be driving my husband’s truck once in a while to learn, (I think he’ll be driving mostly when he’s at his mom’s house), a mile here and a mile there. We have geico insurance, do we need to add him temporarily? i tried to look at our coverage and get a quote, but it won’t let me without actually adding him as a driver. i’m not about to add him without a quote since he’s only 16… way too young to be driving in my opinion, but that’s another issue…

Administrator answers:

As long as he is under his permit, most insurance companies do not require him to be added as an additional or authorized driver since he doesn’t have a license yet. Since all states require a qualified licensed driver sitting in front with the person learning to drive, almost always their insurance will cover the person learning to drive.

Double check with your agent, but most likely he will not need to be added while learning to drive. But once he gets his license, he will need to be added to the policy before legally being able to drive the vehicle.

Sharon asks…

What can I get FIRST: a driver’s license or car insurance?

I’m 19 & have had a “class O” learner‘s permit since February & my brother has been giving me driving lessons with his car since then. A couple days ago he got me this $300 car for when I get my license (so I won’t keep asking to borrow his, lol) so…..

I called the DMV, but this lady said I needed proof of insurance for a driver‘s license, plates, registration, etc….

So I called this insurance company, but the guy there said he needed a valid driver‘s license # to even give me a quote….

I’m probably gonna get my license in the next couple of weeks, but….

1) Why isn’t a learner‘s permit # considered “valid” when trying to get car insurance?

2) Which can I get FIRST: a driver‘s license or car insurance? And how?

Administrator answers:

Well you need a driver’s license first if you want to insure your car. Its not a catch 22. The lady at the dmv meant that the car you use for the exam has to have proof of insurance… Etc. You can use your brother’s car for the test.

Michael asks…

can the insurance company really do this?

I scratched a car’s wheelwell because it had parked too close behind me in a narrow driveway. I didn’t see how close it was, until the scratch! Anyway, no big deal I thought. I gave my insurance number. Anyway, the repair cost $600, which I thought was too high for a couple inches of damage, but insurance paid it.
Background, 30 years driver, no accidents and maybe one ticket. Fifteen years with four cars in this agency, NEVER a claim.
I registered my son for his learners/drivers and they quoted me the standard price for his age and gender. Then, they sent the bill but had added $350 annually to my son’s insurance costs. I called to ask why, and they said that the added charge was due to “a claim by a family member”. They said it was because of the $600 that they paid.
Okay….I expect to cover my son through high school and college, probably for 6 years or 7 years. This each year with the increased cost. They will receive over $2,000 back in that increased fees to my son.
My question is, can they penalize another person for someone elses claim? That does not seem right. Also, can they recoup MORE than the claim that they paid out? This does not seem fair, as especially since we are like paying a lot for their services.

Administrator answers:

Live and learn,,,to save money..we [wife and I]
1 have high deductable 1000 dollars for me 500 for her newer car
2 pay cash for cheap [under 1000 dollar accidents]
Insurance co’s can do almost whatever they want.

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