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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance

May 29, 2012

John asks…

New Driver Car Insurance?

I’m 17. My mom keeps telling me my insurance will be $600 every six months. On an 1984 car. Is she being dramatic or is that a good estimate?

Administrator answers:

Might be 1200/yr under her policy. On your own, should be from 1500-3000$/yr

William asks…

good car insurance for new driver with no accidents and good grades?

can any one give me a place to get good auto insurance for as low as possible for a 16 yr old driver. i did not get in any accidents or have any tickets while i had my permit. i have good grades (some ppl have told me that good grades help out), and good sat scores. i’ve tried geico and progressive and they were like 180 and 190 per month. can anyone tell me where they got cheep insurance or give me suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Since you have to be on your parents policy until you turn 18 (or they have to be on yours) try Farmers since they will rate one person per car, and not the etire household. Meaning, that if you add on a car that is liability only, you parents can be rated on the ones that are full coverage and it will cost you less. Progressive is also pretty good. Bristol West is another company that is run by Farmers and Zurich and they are good too. Most Brokers go with Bristol West.

Paul asks…

new driver- car insurance?

i just got anew car, hydauni elantra 06, and i need insurance, wats the cheapest insurance for a 19 yr old girl,no driving record, tickets etc in the rome/utica area? thanksssss

Administrator answers:

The reason no one an give you an exact dollar figure amount for the cheapest car insurance is because the cheapest rates will depend on many factors. The type of car you drive, age, driving history, your zip code, if you have taken any defensive driving classes, etc.

Head’s up though, teenage car insurance may not be cheap.

But the previous answers are correct in saying that you should shop around and enter YOUR information to at least 3 or 4 different insurance companies. This is the best way to find the cheapest car insurance offer for you. An even better way to do this is to use a car insurance portal which allows you to enter your information once and search rates from multiple companies simultaneously.

I referenced an article below that should give you some tips on how to get affordable car insurance that applies to most states as well.

Hope this helps!

George asks…

How long does it take to get a car insurance for new driver?

In CA. I have driver test this Friday and as soon as I passed it i wanna take it out on a ride.

and how long is it for my paretnst to get me signed up for the insurance? like process

They won’t let me drive with no license… obviously.

Administrator answers:

Once the paperwork is filled out and the first payment is made the insurance company will give you a temporary insurance card and then your good to go…usually takes about 10-15 minutes

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