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July 7, 2012

Sandra asks…

Car Insurance? 21 years old? New Driver? New Car?

Okay, I’m 21 years old, i just received my license last month, and im planning on buying a new sedan, choosing a company for my car insurance, and paying it my self.

But which one will be better off for a new driver, new car, and less experience?

State Farm?

Im gonna try out the get a quote.

but i just want to see someones opinion.

Administrator answers:

Since you’re a new driver and with a less experience, i suggest you first expand your knowledge of your policy requirements and choices including liability, comprehensive, collision and other coverage. Try to search it online for a car insurance quote. I get my quotes here That will help match you with quotes from the top auto insurers from the state you belong and can provide you the very best quotes for your new car.
Read through it for more details. Hope that helps :)

Betty asks…

Best/cheapest car insurance for new 20-something year old New York driver?

20-something New York driver – I need car insurance. If I get insured here, it’s bound to be THOUSANDS (probably around 5) :( Who do you suggest I go with? How’s esurance?

Administrator answers:

Best thing to do, is pay cash for your car – drive something at LEAST six years old, and don’t carry collision or comprehensive on it. That will seriously decrease your costs.

For young drivers, I’ve seen the collision cost MORE than the liability. So by driving a paid-for car, you can cut the cost of insurance IN HALF.

Charles asks…

Where is best for cheap car insurance for a new driver, curfew insurance?

I am just turning 17 and want to know the cheapest insurance companies out there. I know Quinn direct is good, but are there any better ones. I also know that there are curfew insurance companies that stop you going out after 11 and before 5 in the morning, but what are the companies called?

Administrator answers:

Maybe you could get a quote from insurers you get from yellow pages,. The internet, the TV, the radio.

Ruth asks…

Car insurance for a new driver + sports car?

Well, my dad owns a 1959 TR-3 Triumph, and also a 1981 Delorean. I will be turning 16 soon, and I plan on purchasing car insurance so I can drive a 2006 Hyundai Sonata to school and around town. The problem is..

I want to be able to occasionally drive my dad’s Triumph TR-3 around town, to school, on nice days, etc. Maybe only on weekends, that kind of thing.

The problem is, I don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on car insurance for a car I won’t be driving very often. I read that there is a “cents-per-mile” program which is essentially a prepaid insurance card and you buy insurance for blocks of miles and it keeps track on a special odometer. Can someone please shed some light on that subject? I live in Oklahoma if that’s of any importance.

Administrator answers:

First of all, ask your dad to add you on his auto policy with your car, listing you as the primary driver of your Sonata. As long as you are on the same policy as your dad where he has the Triumph, and you are not excluded from driving it, then you should be covered. Depending on the replacement value of the car, depends on which car you want to be listed as the primary driver of. To lower your insurance costs, I would suggest that you do well in school and bring the agent a copy of your transcripts with your grades. Depending on your state and company, the insurance agent may have some additional advice as to how to lower your costs. If the car is on a special policy or through another company, then you won’t be covered, and aren’t going to be able to drive it. Sorry =(. I have never heard of such a program.
Good luck!

Mandy asks…

How much is car insurance for a new female independent driver in the UK?

I was just wondering how much it costs for a new female to get insurance on a car .. anyone have a ny ideas … and is 1.1 L engine big enough for a new driver
answers needed asap please !!

Administrator answers:

It’s waay easier said than done

Daniel asks…

What is cheap car insurance for a new driver?

I am a new driver and I need insurance for a Jeep Grand Cherokee 2000. I am a student and I need cheap insurance

Administrator answers:

Geico was the cheapest for me. I believe they have some of the lowest rates for younger drivers. I had minimum coverage on my 94 Jeep Cherokee for about $50 per month back in 2007. They also offer good student discounts and such.

Go to Geico, Progressive, and any other companies sites you can think of and GET QUOTES! That’s the only sure fire way to find the cheapest rates for YOU!

Linda asks…

What is the average car insurance price for a new driver?

I have my driver licence almost eight months ago in NH. Now I moved to Mas and I pay about $ 210 per month for car insurance. I want to know if I can find cheaper or this not too bad for a new driver. I own a 2000 ford Taurus since two months. What do you think guys?

Administrator answers:

The cheapest insurance i could find when i first started driving was nationwide but it was still just over 200$/month. So it looks like your right in the ball park of it all for full coverage.

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