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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Advice

December 13, 2012

Mary asks…

Can somebody please explain to me why some auto insurance companies are so cheap while most are outrageous?

I just got a new car and i’ve been getting some quotes. I have no auto accidents and no tickets in the past 7 years. Why are alot of companies so ridiculous and some reasonable? I’ve noticed that the main ones like Geico, Allstate, Progressive are the high ones while the little businesses are the cheapest.

Administrator answers:

It has to do with loss experience. The companies that have to pay out more losses have higher rates. Progressive will take anyone with any driving record. The smaller companies tend to be more selective, they only want people with clean driving records, they tend to not take younger drivers on their own (will only take them if they are on their parent’s policy). It could also be that some of the smaller companies do not credit score yet. If your credit score is not great, this could be a factor too.
Before you purchase your policy, check on & see the company’s rating. If the company is rated A- or better, go for it. If they are any lower, don’t. Usually, the smaller companies work with independent agents & you have an advantage there too. They represent more than one company and if you have a problem with one, they will have another. Also, they can help you with changes, insurance advice & claims.

Robert asks…

Can I sue a drunk driver for hitting my parked car?

Can I sue a drunk driver for hitting my parked car? Last night a guy hit my parked car and flipped his own. The cops came and hand cuffed him. It looked to be a DUI. The car isn’t his, it’s his girlfriends. Anyways my car may be totaled. Can I sue her for inconvenience and monetary losses. Since I now have to purchase a brand new car and open a new 5 loan. My car is worth 16000 on Kelley Blue Book and I still owe 7000 on my totaled car. What are my options. Please help!

Administrator answers:

If you have insurance on your car take the claim to your insurance company to handle. You know who is to blame and trying to get money out of them will be hard because of the DUI their insurance company can decline to pay out. If you let your insurance company look after it they should help you out and then they will chase the other party down for the cost of repairs

ask your insurance company to get the best advice

Maria asks…

Should I report a claim to my car insurance?

I recently got into a car accident in my friends car. My friend’s insurance will cover the people who got involved. Problem is that it will not cover the full amount. I believe I have enough money to pay the rest, but would it be better to report a claim to my insurance to see if they can act as a secondary coverage to pay the rest? Will the insurance rate increase no matter if I report a claim or not?

Administrator answers:

As a general rule, insurance follows the car then to the driver. Since you were driving your friends car, then they are paying. But;;;it also appears per your question that the people involved that they are paying are injured and if so and if his policy does not have enough to pay everyone, you MUST call your insurance company and report this accident. Your insurance may pay the difference as secondary, but it will be based on the type of coverage you have.

If these are injuries, the cost to settle could be a lot more than you maybe able to pay. With injuries, it could take months/years to conclude the claim.

Call them today and get their advice. Your company will call his company and find out how much this may cost, if they will cover and also give you advice, since that is what you pay insurance premiums for.

Good luck

Joseph asks…

Any advice for getting car insurance in Ontario?

I’ve always walked or shared a car, so at 24 I now have my first car and need some insurance. I’ve been insured under other policies since I turned 16 (my parents, then my spouse), I have my G license and I’ve never been in an accident or received a ticket. The car I bought is a 2001 Honda Accord.

I feel completely new to this and like there’s a lot of information to take in, so any pointers people could offer would be great or if you recommend any companies.


Administrator answers:

Contact the insurance broker who arranged your husband’s insurance and ask them how much it would be to add the 2001 Honda Accord to his policy (you can be added as named insured quite easily). This will allow both vehicles on the policy to enjoy a multi-vehicle discount, which will make the insurance cheaper for both vehicles. If for some reason you can’t be added to his policy (or you wouldn’t want to be added if your husband is a high-risk driver), then the broker can find the most affordable insurer for you from the companies they represent. Plus that broker has all of your information so the process will go much quicker and smoother.

Mandy asks…

what to do when someone hits my parked car?

A drunk driver hit my car early this morning. I have her information, but do I call my insurance company first, do I just deal with her insurance company?

Administrator answers:

File a claim under the drunk driver’s policy. It is not your fault and you don’t want that claim to follow you. If you have trouble with her insurance company, you may want to talk (do not file a claim) with your insurance agent for advice.

I am an insurance agent.

Peace ? Happiness

Laura asks…

What is some good advice you would give when going to take a driving test?

What should I do when I first get inside the car?
What are somethings I should know?
What will they say to me if I was to do something wrong?
How’s it like?
What were your experiences?

Administrator answers:

Before you even walk into the office to sign in for a test, make sure everything on the car works. Lights, signals, horn. Then make sure you’ve got your insurance card where it’s readily accessible. You don’t want to have to go rummaging through the glove box when they ask for it.

You’ve already got some good advice. One of the things I had to force myself to remember was to actually turn my head so that the trooper in the right seat could tell I was checking mirrors.

Something I also had to untrain myself from was backing up with just my mirrors. Evidently, they don’t like people trained to drive by former truckers.

Slow and cautious. The trooper got a little bent out of shape when I used the car’s ability to accelerate to make a left turn.

When you stop at a light, you should stop far enough from the car in front of you that you can see where their rear tires meet the pavement. This lessens the chance that a runaway driver behind you will knock you into the car in front of you.

If you’re taking your test in a standard, avoid my idiot trick. I tend to let my foot off the brakes and rest it on the floor. You don’t have to be standing on the brakes, but you definitely want your foot on them.

Give yourself plenty of room for everything you’re doing.

One of the sort of tricks I came up with was before I took the test, I went around the neighborhoods where I’d be taking the test and got an idea for what speed limits were in the area, where there were stop signs, where there were yield signs, school zones, etc.

My experiences were pretty simple for the most part on the tests. If you do something they don’t like and isn’t covered on their punch list, they’ll simply tell you. If you break a rule, they’ll subtract that from your total score. If you break a law, my state fails you on the spot.

I failed my first test because the trooper looked up from the test form and discovered that we were on the wrong side of a two way, residential street we’d turned onto. I was going around a tree service truck, for cryin’ out loud! I went back the next day and passed without a problem.

If you know what you’re doing, got your documentation in order, the car works the way it’s supposed to, you shouldn’t have any problem.

Good Luck


Lisa asks…

Do I have to have car insurance on myself to be able to drive my parents car?

I will be getting my lincence hopefully tomorrow and I want to drive around just to see my friends and stuff but my mom says I can’t drive until they put me on their insurance. Is this true?

Administrator answers:

Your parents’ policy will cover you whether you are named on it or not. As a member of their household, you are assumed to have access to their keys and whenever you drive that access to the keys is implied permission to take the car. The only way you would not be a permissive driver is if they call the police and report the vehicle stolen knowing full well that you have it.

The problem some from that fact that as soon as the insurer finds out there is an unrated driver on the policy, they will issue a Risk Advice on it. If they’re feeling nice, they will automatically add you to the policy and increase the premiums. If they’re feeling mean, they will non-renew the policy since your parents technically broke the contract by not having you named on the policy.

If you’re just asking about short-term coverage, say in the week it takes for the agent to get you added, fear not, you WILL be covered.

Jenny asks…

What advice do you all have on general things to remember to do to stay out of trouble in life?

For example, change the battery in your smoke detector once a year, or clean the lint trap in your dryer or check your credit score etc. I’m creating a sort of manual to give to my son to help him out there in the real world. I know there are thousands of advice tips and I want to cover as many as possible. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

I wish someone would have made me a Life’s Little Instruction Book before I reached the cruel reality of adulthood.

Here are some of the things I had to learn the hard way:

Clean your gutters once a year after all of the leaves have fallen from the trees

Clean the coils on the fridge once a month

Shop and price comparision shop for all insurances in the month before the premiums are due – you usually get a discount for having your home and autos insured by the same company

Tune your car up and change the oil – now they are recommending every 3,000 miles

Pay attention to the idiot lights that come on the car’s dashboard

Have your chimney cleaned professionally if you burn wood in the fireplace, once a year or after every cord of wood (I had a fire)

Sharpen and tune up your lawn mower at the start of the mowing season

Use the right tool for a job (a screw driver is NOT a pry bar)

Drain your hot water heater once a year to remove mineral deposits from the elements and make it last longer

Clean out the fridge and freezer once a month

Keep all of the receipts, instruction manuals and warranty information for small & large appliances, yard tools and major purchased together in a binder or file for easy access and troubleshooting

Take the filters off of the faucets every quarter and empty the debris and deposits for better flow

Clean the traps in bathroom sinks removing the hair and soap scum to keep drains flowing freely

Run vinegar through the coffee maker and steam iron once a month to clean and remove hard water deposits

Balance your checkbook when the statements come

Have a regular savings plan and pay yourself first

Learn to say NO when you need to so that you don’t over commit yourself and take care of yourself first because you are no good to any one else if you are not healthy

Life has priorities, like food & shelter, decide what yours are and make certain that you always have those provided for above all else

Be a good citizen to the world, reduce, reuse and recycle where ever you can

Always be true to yourself and trust your intuition

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