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December 17, 2012

Carol asks…

What happens if you are at fault in a car accident in Japan?

I rear-ended someone, the police took my confession then said have a conversation with (a) the driver of the car – he wants to send me the bill and (b) the passenger of the car who says she has injuries. I have only the compulsory-level of insurance. Will it cover her injuries? I and the driver had no injuries whatsover, just surprised, but the lady is saying she has/will have medical costs.

Administrator answers:

Geezzzzzzzzzz what were you thinking dude. I have the dubious honor of being at fault( by the police report)

I do have “third” liability…and i will say this…THANK GOD I HAD IT!!!. Japanese are basically honest people , BUT , when it come to money..some people are really good at scheming.

In the States, if the insurance company feels that the person is scamming..they usually hire PIs to follow the supposed “victim”…Then WALLAH..he didnt have a whiplash after all..!!!

But in japan…Scamming the car insurance company is a big big business..It get even worse for you, if that person knows someone in the mob that specializes in scamming.

Now the WORST scenario for you is that lady decides to prolong her injury…and worst of all since its your CANT DO SQUAT…Since u dont have Third will have to pay out of your pocket….i hope you got deep pockets.. If you dont and she really wants to screw you..She can have charges brought up .

My advice to you is to visit her personally..bring flowers, food gifts, fruits , to try NOT to prolong the time she visits the hospital.

Also know, that she can change the hospital at will, they usually do this when the hopsital refuse to treat them . They change hospitals and start the cycle again..
NOTE: The longer she prolongs the injury, the more “caching$$$” for her. This is usually paid by the insurance company..and since you dont have it….man ur screwed…

Thomas asks…

do company car drivers have to pay insurance excesses out of their own pockets or is it down to the employer?

Have company car and have never had to pay insurance excesses and now my company wants me to pay five hundred quid excess if i have an accident, is this legal or correct?

Administrator answers:

Unbelievable, this company should be named and shamed. Wow I cant believe they expect you to pay their excesses.
This should be all down to your employer because it is there car and there insurance contract. You are employed by them to drive the car. If you have an accident at work and break say, for example a photocopier machine, do you have to pay for it to be repaired or replaced. I doubt it. This is an unreasonable request by your employer to try a save some cash at your expense. I would not signed anything that agrees to this until you have sought legal advice. Ask to see the insurance paperwork so you can clearly point out that it is the employers contract and not yours.

David asks…

Car and car insurance for a 16 year old?

What is the best company for a 16 year old to get car insurance from? (needs to be fairly cheap but also, very reliable)

Also, what would be the best car to get?
(also needs to be fairly cheap and very reliable)

Thank you for your time and give as much advice as you can!

Administrator answers:

Get on your parents policy. Rates are WAY high for someone your age. Get an old beater, well, get a car that doesn’t require physical damage coverage.

Also, by being listed on your parents policy as a driver you’ll build up some insurance history which will help give you a better rate in the future.

Helen asks…

What should I do when my uninsured parked car has been hit by a drunk driver?

My car was parked out the front of a quiet street where I currently live. A drunk driver totaled my car and then ran into a house 100 metres down the road and crashed into the garage there, totalling a 2nd parked car.

What should I do? The driver was apparently drunk so her insurance company won’t pay out and I would have bought insurance if I could afford it but I can hardly pay rent at the moment…

Administrator answers:

As said by all of the above a lawsuit can only help your cause. Contact any lawyer and get a legal advice on it. It would really helpful and do as said.

Laura asks…

how to make complain about car insurance?

i am currently with a car cover is fully comprehensive,.after 7 month i added my wife name as a second driver and pay extra 450 for this.after 2 month i remove my wife name from my insurance and they told me pay back 390 pound back to my is three month and i contact via mail to them about my money severel times.every time they appologies and said my money will be in my account asap. what can i do for getting my money back.can they give me any compensation?

Administrator answers:

You must do what Old Know it all says first and if that produces no joy then pregress to UCANTSEEMEs advice.

Joseph asks…

How do I get insurance for a car that I’ll use for my driving test?

I’m pretty sure that I need insurance for the car that I’ll be using when I take my drivers test but I don’t know how to get it and how I can make it temporary since the car I’ll use for my drivers test won’t be mine. I live in California and am planning to take the test after my 18th birthday.

Administrator answers:

Contact a driving schol and let them know you need their car. Show them your paperwork and you’ll be on your way with less hassle.

I would advice practicing at least 30 minutes in the car (same day okay) so you have a feel for it so you pass on the first try. It’s what I did.

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