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January 24, 2013

Daniel asks…

How can I keep a traffic violation off my record?

I’m not currently eligible for traffic school. Is it possible (success rate) to go to court, plead guilty, pay fine, take a defensive driving course or something like that. I have one traffic violation and one ” accident”( backed out of a driveway and grazed the bumper of a parked car) in last 3 years. In other words is there ANY way I can go to court—pay and keep it off my record?

Administrator answers:

It depends on what state you got the ticket in and other factors like whether or not the ticket was written by a state, county or city police officer. It can also depend on what the traffic violation actually was. If it was for running a stop sign, that is harder than if it was for speeding.

Many states and cities and counties have laws that carry no points and therefore have no effect on your insurance rates or driver’s license. It will show up on your record perhaps but the real question you meant to ask I beleive is how can you keep the charge from causing you any problems.

The best advice is to talk to an attorney in your state and preferably in the city where you got the ticket. Even if there is a consultation fee, better to ask and know than not to ask and just guess.

Be VERY careful of people trying to tell you ways to avoid it. Often those people are from other states where the laws are completely different and although they mean well, their advice will cause you a lot of problems. I practice law in SC and handle a lot of cases for drivers from NC who get a ticket here. They all want to ask me the same things about how tickets are handled in NC no matter how many times I tell them that SC has different laws. If it is important to you to try to minimize any damage the ticket will do to your insurance and driving record, it is worth asking an authority such as a lawyer. Also do not trust a police officer or county clerk or whatever to really give you good advice because many times they either do not know/understand the laws and sometimes they just say whatever is necessary to get you off of the telephone.

Linda asks…

Newly licensed driver needs to transport car within Florida?

I’m 27 and newly licensed.. This is my first license. I’m cleaning up my act, all fines are paid and I completed the required course. I purchased a car in Tampa and want to pick it up and drive it back. I can’t obtain the title until I reach Tampa, and of course with no title comes no insurance and no tag. I have no prior insurance to transfer and transport companies want $400 for a 5 hour trip.. The car will still be in Florida. I need some advice on this one.

Administrator answers:

Within the same state is easy. You WILL have to have insurance before you can get tags of ANY kind, even temp tags. So put the policy in place the day before you reach Tampa – you can set it up in advance. Then you have the insurance card to get your temp tags, and you can drive it back to wherever you live in FL and get your real tags.

A local Tampa dealer, for a small fee, should help you with the tags.

Thomas asks…

What is the insurance compensation procedure for a car crash victim in NSW??

It is a case about car crash in front of the yellow turn red traffic light. The victim’s vechicle had been hitted by the car from behind that cause the damage. Please give me suggestions for logging the insurance compensation for the victim. The victim’s vechicle are only have the third party insurance that is not including compensate for her own car. What will you do if it happened on yourself?

Administrator answers:

Try going here

and asking your local legal advice centre.

AFAIK, it is fairly involved. The vehicle owner would have to make a claim against the other driver, who would pass it to their insurance company, who will try to get out of paying, so you need to follow the correct proceedure to eventually obtain a successful judgement.

Michael asks…

What should be done if there is a crash between car and bicycle with injury?

What should be done if there is a crash between car and bicycle with injury?


Administrator answers:

The “I didn’t see him” defence has not worked for accidents involving motorcycles. It will not work for accidents involving cycles.

However, the law tends to be quite lenient with car drivers when accidents occure, even when they drive like prats.

However, a RTA is an RTA, regardless of the type of vehicles involved. As long as you can show that you have taken reasonable precautions (Lid, lights, reflective clothing), then there will be a greater probability that they believe that you were not riding like a pillock.

Now, let us assume that all that the Police do is give the driver a caution. As soon as this is accepted by the motorist, all sorts of yummy possiblilities present themselves via the private law suite. Get yourself a no win no fee lawyer and slam him for all the money that he has.

Now for the original question.

If you can walk, phone the police and have the accident noted with an incident number. Take photos with your phone if possible. Take drivers name + registration and make of car (Picture of driver would be good).

If you can not move, or it hurts, DON’T. 999 will get you the police and ambulance in the same breath. (This may be necessary anyway if the driver starts kicking off).

You can phone your insurance the next day, or more importantly, his insurance company. If you do not have insurance yourself, go and seek some free legal advice.


John asks…

What do i do about a driving without a licence ticket?

So i took my girlfriend out the nokia center in los angeles to watch a movie…
I didnt realize my lights were off because it was bright but after making a right turn the cops pulled me over..

I was charged with driving without a licence, off lights at night, and not having insurance… The car was insured but the papers i had were outdated.. What can i do to lessen the charges in any way?? Any helpful advice is appreciated, thanks

Administrator answers:

If you did not have a valid license, your insurance was invalid anyway, it only covers licensed drivers. So there’s not much you can do about that.

Betty asks…

How to get refund from uninsured driver at fault?

I was involved in a car accident. A drunk driver was driving heat to head, I was avoiding collision, and he hit my car. The police arrested the driver, I also have a witness. The driver didn’t have a license, was not the owner of the car, and didn’t have insurance. The car owner does have insurance though. I also have insurance, and I am insured from Unisured motorist accidents. However, my deductible is $1000, and looks like the car may be totaled, in which case I am losing a lot of money because the insurance company will use KBB value or something for refund. If the car is repaired, I also lose, because my car value drops.

What should I do? Is there a way to get my deductible back from somebody? Is the only way to file a suit against the driver? What are my chances of winning? How much does it cost? How should I behave with my insurance company?…. Any advice is highly appreciated.
Adjuster gave underestimation to the damage, and now the body shop is figuring it out…. But the insurance company has already mailed me the check less the deductible based on the underestimated record of loss. Also, the check says “Final payment check”. Is ti true that I better not cash it until the correct estimate is agreed upon?
Why do these insurance people want to make fool of me? Why they just don’t do what they are supposed to do?…

Administrator answers:

Your insurance company should have the information on the vehicle’s owner. Generally auto insurance follows the car so anyone with permission can operate it. Therefore, there should be coverage under the owner’s policy.

If your insurance company does not pursue the owner’s policy you can do so in Civil Court. If you win in Civil Court and are not paid, file a lien against the owner’s property (home). You will eventually get get at least some money back.

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