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January 29, 2013

John asks…

how much on average is insurance for a citroen c2 for a 18 year old?

I saved the money for my first car finally and i love the look of c2′s. i was just wondering the average price of insurance if its my 1st car, i am 18 and was thinking about getting a 1.1 or 1.4.
any feedback would be useful. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

£4,974.90 Voluntary: £250Compulsory: £300Total: £550
£5,132.40 Voluntary: £250Compulsory: £300Total: £550
£5,779.40 Voluntary: £250Compulsory: £250Total: £500
£6,420.55 Total: £500
£6,464.77 Voluntary: £250Compulsory: £300Total: £550
£6,592.74 Voluntary: £250Compulsory: £300Total: £550
£6,996.22 Voluntary: £200Compulsory: £400Total: £600
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£7,087.06 Voluntary: £200Compulsory: £300Total: £500
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£7,087.41 Voluntary: £200Compulsory: £50Total: £250
£7,120.58 Total: £550
£7,165.36 Voluntary: £200Compulsory: £300Total: £500
£7,198.44 Voluntary: £200Compulsory: £300Total: £500

£7,205.36 Voluntary: £200Compulsory: £300Total: £500
Includes Legal costs protection, extended cover for your Keys & FREE RAC Breakdown Cover
£7,364.54 Voluntary: £200Compulsory: £300Total: £500
£7,384.97 Voluntary: £150Compulsory: £400Total: £550
£7,419.29 Voluntary: £200Compulsory: £300Total: £500
£7,514.24 Voluntary: £250Compulsory: £300Total: £550
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£7,616.86 Voluntary: £200Compulsory: £300Total: £500
£7,759.65 Voluntary: £200Compulsory: £300Total: £500
£7,794.15 Voluntary: £200Compulsory: £300Total: £500
Free Key recovery service worth £25 when you insure your vehicle
£7,831.00 Voluntary: £200Compulsory: £300Total: £500
£7,886.70 Voluntary: £250Compulsory: £300Total: £550
£7,921.75 Total: £350
Includes FREE legal advice for all motoring offences
£7,925.40 Voluntary: £250Compulsory: £350Total: £600
£8,007.75 Voluntary: £250Compulsory: £300Total: £550
£8,036.19 Voluntary: £150Compulsory: £350Total: £500
£8,947.93 Voluntary: £250Compulsory: £350Total: £600

Ruth asks…

What are the age restrictions on the east coast of America?

So i’m planning a roadtrip with three other guys, and none of us will be 18. We have drivers liscenses and what not, and we’re going to drive from the NYC area to South Carolina or somehwere like that and stay for a couple days.

Since none of us are 18 or have a credit card, is there anything that we should be concerned about, something that might be important?
thanks a lot

Administrator answers:

Most hotels require a credit card and have an 18-year minimum age requirement for check in. If you are planning on spending a night at a hotel or inn, call ahead of time and ask about this.

In some states, penalties for not wearing a seatbelt or using a cellphone (this includes passengers) are harsher for drivers who are under 18.

Bars and clubs have different rules about age requirements, but many have an 18+ policy. Check ahead of time if you’re planning on visiting a particular venue.

From what I can tell, AAA has no age or cross-state restrictions, and will come to your rescue if you blow a tire, run out of gas, or experience other unexplainable car problems. These things definitely happen, so make sure you have a triple A card on hand, and it might be prudent for you to call their 800 number (located somewhere on the card) and confirm that you’re covered out of state and when you’re under 18.

Some states (Virginia is the only one I’ve found so far) have curfew laws that prohibit drivers under 18 from driving past midnight.

My recommendations: make sure EVERYONE in the car is wearing their seatbelt, don’t touch the cell phone, and avoid late-night driving. Make sure you have your car registration information and your insurance documents, with everything up to date. Even an outdated emissions test sticker on your license plate could cause you way more hassle than you bargained for. Search the web (a few links included below) for state-specific laws that might get you in trouble. If you’re visiting a relative or friend in a certain state, ask them for advice ahead of time.

George asks…

If I cancel my car insurance policy and go without a car for several months?

Long story short — I totaled my car in an accident recently. Because I am a broke college student and cannot currently afford to buy another car, I am going to be without a vehicle for a while and thus I will not need car insurance. I heard from someone that if you cancel your car insurance policy and go without insurance for more than three months, you will be considered a high risk driver when you come back and will have to pay a lot more money for your insurance. I was wondering if there is any truth to this and if this would apply to my situation?
If it is relevant — my policy is with geico.

Administrator answers:

It depends on where you live and what the rules & procedures are there, because the rules vary from state to state.

Whatever the case, however, there’s always a technical way around it. Where I live, for example (Ontario), that only counts against you if a) the policy was cancelled by the insurer, b) you go longer than a year and c) you’re not listed as a driver anywhere else. It’s never a yes or no thing with insurance, it’s always a yes with an if or a no with a but.

The place to ask is your insurance agent / broker, because they’ll tell you flat out how it works. What you don’t want to do is take advice from someone who sort-of knows and then make assumptions based on that. That’s how people run into ugly surprises with their insurance.

Charles asks…

Car Insurance: Insuring myself on a car registered with someone else?

My boyfriend is planning to buy me a car under his name, he doesn’t want to be insured on it as he already has his own car. We don’t live together, but I am at his house almost all the time. When I get insurance, do I use his address? As this is where the car will be parked most the time and will also be where the car is registered.

Administrator answers:

When you try to get insured you will find that they will ask whether you are the owner, registered keeper and main driver – if not then insurance will be from difficult to impossible to get and if found it will be expensive.
The insurance policy address will have to be the same as that the car is registered to and the same as the main drivers driving licence. You are potentially opening up a big can of worms when you lie to an insurer – best advice anyone can give you is no matter what you do do not tell lies to an insurer

Sandra asks…

Can you go after owner of car if driver is uninsured?

My wife was in a car accident, the driver was an uninsured motorist. He was an adult, and he was driving his father’s car. So can you pursue the father through his insurance? It was his car, the car is insured, and the car was not reported as stolen or anything like that.

We do have uninsured motorist coverage ourselves, but putting it on our insarance would likely raise our rates. Any advice?

Administrator answers:

Absolutely. I’ve seen some amazing payouts in cases similar to yours. Dad’s insurance may or may not cover it, but DAD is on the hook. You can get a lein on his house!! Garnish HIS wages, and attach HIS bank account. It will take a long time – six months to two years, as you’ll have to sue dad.

Uninsured motorist coverage is a liability coverage – and if you collect under it, your insurance company will go after them. It usually does NOT raise your rates.

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