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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Advice

February 3, 2013

Lizzie asks…

What car should I get for my 16th birthday?

I have 250,000 dollars. thats all my mom is letting me spend for a car. I want a fast sports car, but luxury. But really fast and comfortable. What car should I buy?

Administrator answers:

Choosing your teen’s first car can be a rocky process, especially when your child wants the latest, coolest car and you were thinking more along the lines of safety. Learn how to choose a first car that will please you and your teen.
Step 1

Speak to your teen about driving. Enroll them in driving school and accompany them for drives with their learner’s permit. The more involved you are in your teenager’s driving experience, the more likely they are to heed your advice when the topic shifts to their dream car.
Step 2

Make your child work for the car. Require her to take on more chores, bring home straight A’s or tutor a sibling.
Step 3

Research automobile resources, such as Vehix, Edmunds, and Cars Direct. These websites provide safety ratings, automobile reviews, pricing, car quotes and insurance information.
Step 4

Communicate with your teenager. Learn what colors and models he likes, but let them know that you have the final say in which car is picked.
Step 5

Go for a reliable model. Honda Civics are affordable and dependable cars that last a long time. Sure, your child may crave the newest BMW, but go for affordability and safety. Luxury can come later.
Step 6

Speak with your insurance company. Find out the costs of adding a new driver to your policy and research which cars will cost you how much. Obviously, a sports car will cost more to insure than a sedan. Try to find a balance that will appease both your teen and your wallet.

Ken asks…

what are the qualifications for leasing a used car?

can i lease a car if i don’t have a license? can i have someone drive it home for me? am i supposed to have insurance before i get the car? what if i get it from a back yard dealer? any advice or info will be helpful.

Administrator answers:

Leasing a used vehicle from one of the top-tier lenders is becoming increasingly rare. It also takes very good credit and is usually reserved for businesses utilizing the vehicles in their fleets.

Can you lease a vehicle without a license? — No. Your lender will require this info when going over the application. If you do not have a driver’s license when applying, the lender won’t even consider you.

Do you need insurance before you drive the car off the lot? — Absolutely. Any dealer will require that the vehicle be insured in your name before they allow you to take it home.

Backyard dealer? Doesn’t matter… The regulations are the same across the board. And if a backyard dealer is offering a “lease” on a used car, pass on it. All it consists of is a long-term rental of the vehicle at high interest. You’re better off buying one for cash.

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