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July 11, 2012

Mary asks…

How much would car insurance cost roughly?

Please could you give me a rough estimate at what it would cost me please? Im 21, female, and i’m thinking about getting a driving licence and a car soon, so i will be a new driver.i have no idea on prices for car insurance, so could you please help me out, i’m probably going to get a small car, like a Renault Clio, or something small like that, no more than a 1.2. Plus what would the road tax be please? Thanks for the advice :D

Administrator answers:

Im almost 20 and i have a clio, when i first got the car i was just 18 and my insurance was about £900 and that was the cheapest i could find. The road tax is about £115 for the year. With 1 year no claims my insurance dropped to about £500 and it is due again in march so i am just waiting to see how much it drops again!

Ken asks…

no car insurance please help?

Hi im looking for some advice regarding having no car insurance
i was in an abusive relationship and had to flee to a refuge and i took my car with me
but unfortunately i did not have my own insurance i was a named driver on his insurance which he told a friend that he will keep the insurance running as it would cost too much to cancel all at once
after about 4 weeks my car had to go into a garage to get timing belt changed and a new head gasket the car was in garage for around 3 weeks in all that time the car was insured apart from the day i got the car back he cancelled it and never told me then i got stopped by the police the same day then he put the insurance back on the very next day. but now i have to go to court regarding having no insurance im now a single mum struggling to juggle moving into my new house looking after my child going out to work and paying childcare costs, rent, bills i haven’t even got enough money for proper food just enough for my child i just cant cope.Does anyone know what will happen to me or who could help me
sorry its long but had to explain x
yeah i have my own insurance now but didnt at the time

Administrator answers:

If you’re found guilty of this offence you will receive 6-8 points on your driving licence but are very unlikely to receive any sort of driving ban unless you already have points which take you to the 12 or more which means that you would disqualified for totting up. A first disqualification would be for 6 months minimum, more if you have been previously disqualified in the past 3 years.

In this case it is likely that you will receive 6 points and a fine based on your means. You will not receive the maximum fine of £5,000.00. From what you describe about your circumstances it will likely be less than £200 you should have a good idea of your disposable income so that the Court knows how much to fine and what rate to set for repayment. You will also have to pay prosecution costs indicated in the summons, usually about £60-80.

You should make the court aware of the circumstances as this will affect how seriously they see the matter and thus reduce the penalty and fine to the minimum they can reasonably impose. You may also advance the particular circumstances of this case as “special reasons” for not endorsing your licence for the offence as the court have a discretion not to impose points or disqualify if they are satisfied that “special reasons” exist and they feel that to exercise their discretion is appropriate.

I include the link to the law society “find a solicitor” which you could use to find a criminal law specialist local to you. They will be able to tell you whether you are eligible for legal aid in this case or whether you could be assisted by the duty solicitor on the day of your hearing.

I trust that this assists

SV – Working in the Law since 1998

James asks…

I need advice with regards to a potential complaint against my Car Insurance company?

May 2009 Car Passed MOT (I have receipt). I drive car from the garage, 1.5 miles to my work accommodation.
2 days later I begin to drive it to my home address, however 10 minutes after getting on the motorway the bonnet flew up and crushed the windscreen and the entire front of the car.
The car was written off by my insurer and they eventually paid out £2000, I informed them about the MOT and that I didn’t think the garage returned the car to me in the same state that I had handed it over, i.e. with the bonnet secured. In the meantime I went out and bought a new car on finance, and my insurance policy was resumed, at a slightly more premium due to the different car. After the insurance investigator had concluded his findings I was informed the conclusion was that it had occurred due to a rusted bonnet latch. Nearly a full year later when my policy was renewed in April 2010, my premium sky-rocketed as I had no ‘no-claims’ and I had a claim against me as ‘Driver Hit Third Party & At Fault’. I was informed that this is the standard definition for the accident I had, and at this point I realised that my insurers had not chased the garage to recover the cost of writing the car off, instead they just put it against me. The way I see it, either they didn’t return the car to me in the state it had been handed over, or they passed my car‘s MOT when it shouldn’t have, either way they’re in the wrong, and the insurers had this proof. Last year I questioned my insurance company and all they did was forward me a grainy photo of the bonnet latch.

So my question is do you think I have a case to complain to my insurers to reinstate my no claims bonus and remove the fault from me, and paying back any premiums that i’ve overpaid since?

Or, should I chase the garage for compensation for the added premiums i’ve suffered because of their incompetency in either handing the car back in an un-roadworthy state, or passing an MOT when it shouldn’t have.

Or should I give up?

Thanks for the responses guys & girls, all points appreciated.


Bonnet latches ARE part of MOT, rust free, free to move, and should secure bonnet safely (or words to that effect).

I’ll clarify, i believe sole blame lies with the garage and would be pursuing my insurers to claim the money from them, not me claim it from insurers, if that makes sense.

I agree I am responsible to check roadworthiness of my vehicle, however the garage is responsible for handing the vehicle back in the same state that i handed it to them. If the latch wasn’t down, then they’re at fault, no? If the latch was down and it had rusted through (like insurance investigator concluded) then they should not have produced an MOT pass certificate.

It all boils down to money, and in the 2+ years since, I am roughly £1800 worse off than before the accident.


Administrator answers:

This is all unfortunate, and very vexing for you.

I think there are too many variables and uncertainties here for you to take any effective action.

The insurers are not at fault- why should they pursue the garage? It’s nothing to do with them.

You are looking to blame someone (other than yourself- that point seems to escape you), but your chances of successfully blaming the garage are very small.

I agree it’s not satisfactory at all, but do consider knowing when to stop wasting your own time, effort, stress and yes even more money.

Paul asks…

How much do you think my car insurance might cost? HELP PLEASE!?

I’m a new driver. I’m 26 years old. I want full coverage. I live in New Jersey. The amount of the might be 8,000 and Nissan 2007-2010.
If anyone have any advice for me, that will help me choice the best car insurance. It would be appreciated.
I’m still open to a different car.

Administrator answers:

Well the good news is that you are 26 so you should see some savings over younger drivers. However, it is extremely difficult to judge. New Jersey has some of the highest rates in the country. According to some sources the average premiums for all drivers in the state is a little under $1,700 per year. However without getting several quotes it is impossible to say for sure.

Maria asks…

How much will Car inusrance in Brooklyn,New York?

I am a first time driver, I am 18 and planning on getting car but how much will insurance be for a first time driver in Brooklyn, New York. The insurance is my main concern but cant get no info in the insurance online.A lot of people are telling me to join with relatives but i would rather just have my own thing. Can someone give me some info or advice.

Administrator answers:

I got my insurance at when i was researching it came up the cheapest out of all my research. I even qualified for the student discount.

Get your free online insurance quote here..

George asks…

Best place to look for car insurance?

I’m a fairly new driver (had my license for just over a year), a safe driver (no accidents or tickets), a full-time college student (excellent grades) and I already own the car. I’ve already checked out Geico and Progressive, any other places you suggest I look? Any advice for what kind of coverage I should get? Anything else that may get me a discount?


Administrator answers:

Try this site

here you can get quotes from different companies so you can find the best option for you.

Carol asks…

car insurance question?

Hello, I’m writing because I am a new driver and have an incident that I need experienced advice on.

When I purchased insurance, I said no other drivers would be using my car. However, a relative used my car without permission and got in a no fault accident. There is only cosmetic damage, but it is fairly substantial.

He filed a claim.

Is there any coverage for a different driver using my insured vehicle?
What will be the consequences to my premium?
If they award me money, must it go to the repair of the car?

Administrator answers:

Generally yes, you will be afforded coverage if the driver had your permission to use the car. Your premiums could go up. If you are paid for the damages, you can use the money for whatever you want. If you are financing the vehicle, the lien holder (bank) will be listed as a second party on the check. BTW no fault refers to injuries. There is always someone at fault in a collision.

Sandy asks…

can my nan get my car insurance paid for on some sort of benefits?

im a new driver and the insurance is stupidly expensive its about £2500. my nan was thinking maybe she could claim for it some how like mobility allowance or something like tha. ino other people have to just struggle to pay for there insurance and i think thats what ill end up having todo anyway but ido take her doctors an shopping an just days out to cheer her up so im asking is there any way my nan could get the jobcentre place to pay my car insurance????? any advice would be great. be nice peoples thanks

Administrator answers:

You have got to be kidding!!!

It is bad enough that your country has a “benefit” for everything under th sun, but what you are suggesting would be simply absurd!!!!

Donna asks…

idea of what monthly insurance rates are for new drivers?

I am a new driver and would like an idea of insurance rates for new drivers, I know its high. i live in Connecticut and so far Ive been told AAA is the cheapest for new drivers.
Also would i pay more if i drive and SUV rather than a car
Any advice on how i can pay at least a reasonable amount monthly?

Administrator answers:

How old are you? If you’re under 25, you might pay around $300 a month, especially for an SUV. The more expensive the car, the more the insurance costs, if you have full coverage, (which means they would cover the cost of your car plus the other car if you were at fault in an accident). If your car is paid off, you can get liability coverage only, which only covers the cost of the other car if you are in an accident and at fault.
The best thing for you to do is call 3 to 5 car insurance companies in your area and tell them you want a quote. They will ask for the make, model and year of your car. They will want to know about your driving record, etc. Then they can tell you what they will charge per year. Some companies let you pay by the month, every six months, or once a year. If you can get on your parents’ policy to start with, you could pay your parents the difference between what they pay now and what they will have to pay when they add you. After you have been covered for a while and your driving record is good, your rates can go down. Good luck.

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