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February 7, 2013

Helen asks…

What is Cheap Car rental in Aus for under 25 year old driver?

I am looking for some cheap car rental i live in sydney and am going to Queensland so i dont mind if it is in Queensland either.. What is the cheapest I can expect to pay? I dont know a thing about car rental either so some advice would be great!

Administrator answers:

Try Autoeurope, Easy Car, Thrifty or Alamo. They charge from $36 to $45 per day. Try to get unlimited kms. And don’t buy the CDW or other insurance options.

Robert asks…

Are there any government assistants programs for victims of car accidents?

My bother was is a SUV that flipped over on the freeway. After ward reality hit when the driver (his sister in law) was asked if she had insurance. No! And now he has an 8000.00 hospital bill and no way of paying it. I say sue the heck out of her but because of his family that’s the last resort. That and the registered owner of the car is his mother in law. What can he do? Who can he ask for assistants? Should he just follow my advice and sue. He won’t but it’s just too much to pay when all he was doing was sitting in the back sit. I hate his wife’s family so I want him to sue really bad but whatever. They should have at least offered to pay half but we are dealing with trashy ghetto people.

Administrator answers:

Isn’t it illegal in your state to be driving without insurance? Some states have a victim’s fund he may be able to seek some assistance from. May or may not fall into this category but worth looking at. Only other recourse is to sue, but if they are too cheap or negligent to carry car insurance, they probably don’t have anything to get judgement on so it would be a waste of time and effort to go that route.

Chris asks…

Good reliable affordable cheap insurance type of vehicle for a first time driver?

I need something to be able to drive around in the Winter in because I live in Massachusetts. I have 2 K saved up so far plus i am still saving for Insurance. I am 21 year old female who had a fear of driving and recently got my license. I am looking for suggestions on Great affordable reliable cars. I also need it to be a low mileage car so I won’t have to buy one again three years from now. Any advice? Thanks so much.

Administrator answers:

Consider an older, run of the mill sedan with a small engine. Or….Ask an insurance company.

Laura asks…

How can I avoid paying a speeding fine and not getting three points on my licence?

Please no sarcastic remarks like slow down, I have read them all. Just give me pure straight advice to try and get away with it.

Administrator answers:

There is a lot of assuming going on with many answers. Many states you can’t “take a class”.

If you were pulled over via camera, you could easily go with the excuse that you have your car up for sale and the “test driver” must have gone too fast. You’d have to go to court to argue your case.

I would guess that you got pulled over. Three points probably means you were speeding over 10, maybe over 20. This is what you can do: Go to court on the day of your arraignment (that is the first time you appear). The DA’s will bring everyone forward one by one and try to avoid a court case by making many plea agreements. If you can afford to bump your ticket down to a lesser-point offense, you could easily say to the individual, “I was speeding, but not by 20 miles an hour. It was 10 according to my spedometer. I had cruise control set.” Many times they will drop the charge down a bit just to avoid the added time they usually don’t have to see all these cases and burden the police officer with having to appear (taking him off the streets doing his job and putting him in court and still paying him).

If the fine is due by April 30th, you can go in there and say you’ve lost your job and are looking for one and don’t have any income or some other thing stating “I can’t pay this whole fine at this time” and they will spread out the payments. You can even appear before they are due to request more time… As long as you pay a few bucks here and there, they usually grant the time.

The worse thing about getting a ticket is getting screwed by your insurance company as, usually, you were speeding. Paying a speeding fine sucks, but paying an insurance company more for your mistake is complete BS. There is no context only the thought that “speed kills’ while driving too close is widely ignored and definitely causes many serious accidents.

If you were going 10 MPH over, you could purchase a used speedometer from eBay (if reasonable) or simply a cheap spedometer cable and bring the receipt to court and say your spedometer was broken. Usually you’ll wind up paying the fine, but the charge will be changed from “speeding” to “equipment inoperative”. Same cost, no points, no insurance screw-over. I think most court houses don’t care as the insurance company typically doesn’t lobby every local government in the area…only state & federal levels!

Good luck. I’ve learned to ALWAYS go to that first appearance because they’ll often allow you to plead down. Sometimes they will even remove a charge if you say “I’m guilty of speeding, but not the turn signal violation.” And you can even bring in proof of insurance that is faked in many states and they’ll fall for that. Luckily, I live in a state where proof of insurance isn’t needed and, oddly enough, insurance rates are cheaper.

Carol asks…

Can a UK Driver drive an insured personal Vehicle in Florida without special insurance?

Cousin came and wants to drive my car can he or do i have to get something else so he can

Administrator answers:

It is likely fine, but not having access to the wordings, coverages, and restrictions on your insurance policy, OR the class and any restrictions on your cousin’s licence, I can’t give a definitive answer. Call your insurance broker for advice on your policy.

By they way, Florida DOES recognize a UK licence as valid for the equivalent class, there is no such thing as an international driver licence, it is an IDP, a translation of a language into other languages, and only valid with the original licence. Since a UK licence is in English, an International Driver Permit is not necessary. It will, however, give another form of id.
I repeat, as far as insurance coverage, the best advice is from your broker. I know my policy covers properly licenced visitors.

Susan asks…

Insured driver drives uninsured vehicle and crashes into my car. Is her insurance responsible?

Basically a woman who has her own insurance drove her friends uninsured vehicle and crashed into two parked cars including mine. Will the drivers insurance par for the damages or will they get out of paying? I have my own insurance, but I don’t want my rates to go up because of this moron which is why I would rather have the drivers insurance pay for it. Any advice would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Almost are insurance policies are for the vehicle. If there is no insurance on the vehicle… Then you need to sue. You have a few options… A) don’t put in an insurance claim and wait until the lawsuit is finished, b) put in an insurance claim and sue for the deductible and the amount your insurance rates increased, or c) contact your insurance company.

In the last case, you ask them to cover the costs. However, let them know you wish to sue the other parties. Ask them if they wish to be a party to the action — some insurance companies will sue on your behalf and even provide a lawyer — depending upon the amount. If not, let them know that you intend to pay them back with any settlement after you’ve been paid for your expenses. Keep a copy of this for the judge. If you win the lawsuit, you can pay your insurance company back, and they should be happy not to raise your rates.

Small claims court is fine if the amount is under your state’s limit (usually $5000 to $10,000). If not, consider a lawyer, but remember that costs can get expensive. Name both the driver and the owner of the car in the lawsuit. Let them argue who is responsible to a judge.

Steven asks…

What is your experience with Allstate for car insurance?

i got a good quote from their site and i am thinking on switching from Progressive to Allstate. Any good/bad experiences with them?

Administrator answers:

I’ve never used them but my parents have had a bad run in with them.. They were in an accident which was in no way their fault. Allstate covered the responsible party of the accident. Allstate refuses to pay ALL claims, regardless of fault, unless you take them to court (or is the case at least with Allstate in AR). Upon further investigation, my parents learned this has happened with others they know. So even though the state trooper said it was the other drivers fault, and witnesses say it was the other drivers fault, my parents have to spend $$$ for a lawyer to take Allstate to court to collect what they should rightfully pay. And Allstate has tied it up for almost 2 years. They aren’t trying to get mega amounts of $$$ either, just to get reimbursement for the truck that was totaled and for my step-dad’s emergency room visit and the air-ambulance transfers.
So my advice is, don’t use them. If they treat people like this, I don’t think they are a good company to do business with.

Mandy asks…

How do I get trust from my parents?

I am in High School now and I would love to have a boyfriend. My parents have no reason why I can’t date till I am 16. It really bugs me and I just want advice of how to get them to let me date.

Administrator answers:

Hi Soccer Dance Chic,

OK, how can you convince your parents to let you date? By being mature in words and actions. If you’ve already done that, then there’s not too much else you can do.

Your brother could never get pregnant. That’s why he had less restrictions than you at your age.

When you were 7, would your parents have allowed you to play on the freeway just because you wanted to? No? Gee, why not?

How old should a young lady be to start dating? Well, 16 or 17 is typically a good age to start seriously dating and kissing… in my humble opinion. Eating lunch together with a BF and a few hugs at school (no making out) would be OK before that, because no one could really stop that anyway (unless you attend an all-girl’s school).

It’s up to both of your parents to decide the dating issue as long as you’re under 18. It doesn’t matter what you, your friends, or anyone on this board thinks. Your parents are 100% responsible for taking care of you, feeding you, housing you, protecting you, and they pay all of the bills. They get to decide all of the rules… Including when you can date.

Period. Case closed.

Be glad they’ll let you start dating at 16. As a sophomore, what’s that? Another year?

When you are 18, then you will be a legal adult. If you don’t like your parent’s rules, then you can get a job, move out, and pay all of the bills yourself (rent, taxes, food, clothing, car & car repairs, car insurance, gasoline, health insurance, dental, utilities, phone, cable, movies, dating, music, shampoo, make-up…).

But since you are focused on dating issues right now, let’s discuss those issues… Plus a few more.

Soccer Dance Chic, it’s certainly OK for you to ask questions about why things need to be a certain way. Your question about dating is completely healthy and normal, and so is your desire to date.

However, consider this: Do you think that kids at age 14 should be allowed to drive a car on the public roads with the rest of the adults? Just because they claim to be mature and want to drive? No, me either. Driving a car is very dangerous, and it requires responsibility and good judgment. The DMV gets to decide how old a person must be to get a driver’s license. Sorry!

Just like driving a car, dating is also an adult activity. It requires responsibility and good judgment. So, your parents get to decide when you can start dating. Sorry!

On a quiet evening, start talking to your Mom or Dad. They should be reasonably able to discuss boys and dating if you don’t start off by “butting heads”.

Since you wanted some advice, here are some examples of both good and bad methods of communicating with your parents…

“Hey… Bee, Cee, and Dee are already dating and kissing. I wanna date too!!”
“I’m mature enough to date!!!”
“Stop treating me like a baby!!!”
Then stamp your feet, storm off to your room, slam the door, and pout for several hours.

“Dad, can you tell me about how you and Mom first met? What did you do on your first date?”
“Maybe it’s good that I’m not dating yet. Dee was in tears last week about her BF… he’s acting like a creep. Mom, how can I spot a creep?”
“At what age were you allowed to date, Mom?”
“My plan is to save myself for marriage, and the other girls laughed at me. But won’t saving myself for marriage be a good way to weed out the jerks and losers, Mom?”
“A senior girl said I won’t be able to keep a guy interested without sex. I don’t believe her, because no decent guys will date her… only creeps ask her out. I only wanna date decent guys, Dad.”
“Hey Mom… when do you think I can go on my first date? You can meet whoever the guy is before we go out.”

Listen to your parent’s input. Don’t respond immediately to their comments… sit there for a few seconds and then say “Wow, that’s good… thanks!”

Your parents know that there are some guys out there (the smooth players) who will tell a nice girl that he loves her, just to see how far she will let him go with her body. Guys out there who are ready and willing to use you and your body for their own selfish pleasure… And then leave… Breaking your heart in the process, and possibly leaving you pregnant… Or with an STD (a nasty disease in your private parts). Your parents want to make sure that you are old enough and mature enough when dating to recognize these losers, and say “No”.

Your parents also know that you could meet a nice guy and you both really do think that you love each other, and after a few weeks or months you both might be tempted to take off your clothes together… And perhaps have sex. That would be a good way to mess up both of your young lives. Your parents want to make sure that you are old enough to resist this type of temptation… And the temptation can be very strong.

Your parents know that having sex when you are not married is simply wrong. They know that having sex too early will make you feel sad, cheap, and make it less special.

Take a quick look at a random selection of the questions from girls in this category… A significant number of problems here directly involve premarital sex… Coupled with immaturity, foolish expectations, and invalid assumptions.

Your parents realize that unless a young girl and her Romeo already know each other pretty well, the typical proclamations of “commitment” made in the darkness when a they are first alone together are generally worthless. Will you be wary of those proclamations? Commitments need to last more than one evening and be proclaimed publicly, in front of family and friends… Not in the darkness or in the heat of passion (although any proclamation made by a player is automatically invalid regardless of where or when it is made).

Soccer Dance Chic… Crushes/love/kissing/sex are wonderful intimate expressions that can all be compared to fire.

Both intimacy and fire can be dangerous if used improperly. Your parents are old enough to use fire safely (such as an outdoor BBQ gas grill), and they are also old enough to handle intimacy properly.

Just like you are not allowed to play with fire… You and some Romeo should not be seriously dating or intimately kissing too young… Because that type of intimacy naturally leads to sex.

When used improperly, fire can cause serious damage. Intimacy, when used improperly, can also cause serious damage… Such as heartache, pregnancy, and STD’s.

Your parents don’t want you to get burned, Soccer Dance Chic.

Always call the Fire Department (your parents) for assistance if a problem with fire (intimacy) develops… No matter how small the problem might appear to be. Small problems can quickly become large problems if they are not handled properly.

Your parents want you to date nice guys who will treat you with dignity and respect while you are having innocent fun together during your youth. Honorable guys who would not ask you to do anything inappropriate.

Long term, your parents want you to find a special guy who will be honorable and be very good to you as you grow into a decent young woman. A guy who will be proud to take you home to meet his parents and his family. A guy that you would be pleased to take home to be introduced to your parents and family. A guy who will ask for your hand in marriage. A guy who is honorable and is willing to stand together with you in a wedding ceremony before both of your families in church.

Soccer Dance Chic, you don’t want a guy who is not honorable and just wants your body… For a while… And then he would be gone. That is much more likely to happen if a girl starts dating too early.

And, you do not need to rush things. Enjoy your youth. Don’t worry if your friends are all “hooking up”… You don’t need to do any of that nonsense. Your friends have probably already experienced severe heartache and shed bucketloads of tears… problems that you have avoided thus far.

Your parents know that you will be really happy when your are older, and you look back over your life… Happy that you made the right decisions about these issues when you were young… Because you were mature enough to make the right decisions.

That’s the big picture your parents are probably looking at here, Soccer Dance Chic.

Can you see the dating issue a little bit from your parent’s perspective now? If so, then you’re ready to discuss dating issues with one or both of them in a logical and rational manner… not to get them to let you start dating immediately, but to confirm that you understand their concerns are valid.

If both of your parents genuinely see that you’re mature and have an excellent set of values (they won’t really know what your feelings and values are unless you all have an honest discussion), then they might ease up a bit on the dating restrictions.

Now, go and give your parents a big hug. Thank them for caring enough about you to set limits.

Take care and God bless,
- Charlie


Nancy asks…

if i wanted to start a chauffer business from scratch how would i do it?

i have a low budget, need to maximise profit and want to start a chauffer/personal driver business with me being the driver. i dont want to be a taxi driver though.
what type of insurance do i need? and how much would business insurance cost?
would it really matter what car i drove?
what should i charge? for example what would be a good rate for 8 hours?

Administrator answers:

Are you in the UK? If so, contact your local Business Link who have lots of free information and advice to help you start up.

You’ll need public liability insurance as part of your business insurance. The rates start around £20 per month. Most insurance companies are quite good at talking through with you the type of cover you’ll need. We’ve used AXA for some time and they’re very helpful and reasonably priced.

It matters a lot what kind of car you drive. If a client is paying for a chauffeur driven vehicle, they expect something with a bit of style and class. Otherwise, they might as well use the local minicab company.

Make some calls to others in the same line of business, posing as a potential customer, to find out what they’re charging. Don’t try to undercut them – you only cut your own profits. Think about what you offer that makes you different from them and why your customers should use you instead.

Good luck!

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