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February 9, 2013

Richard asks…

Can I be the primary driver on my fathers insurance?

I live in Oshawa, Ontario and I’m wondering if there is a way to have my dad buy a car and have me as the primary driver under his insurance policy. If so would this be much cheaper than the typical 450/month quote I seem to be getting everywhere. I am 18 and have my full G.
In light of Devin’s answer. Does this mean I should buy my own insurance, liability only?
David* sorry.

Administrator answers:

Yes you can as long as you are the rated driver on the car. The problem is to get his rates you can’t be I mean it will be cheaper than what you would pay but your dad will be paying more. My advice is go buy a 4000 car and just keep liability only on it until you have 3 years of prior insurance so you can fall into a better rating tier,.

Yes go buy a cheap car and just get your own liability only insurance on the car until your like 21 then go buy a newer car.

Charles asks…

What happens if I hit someone without insurance?

I hit someone who didn’t have insurance the other day and chose not to get the police involved on the basis of being really close with one of the passengers. The person driving was not even licensed. They want me to fix their car since the accident was probably my fault my only issue is that the driver shouldn’t have been behind the wheel in the first place. Any advice?

Administrator answers:

The other party’s insurance status is irrelevant (except for in the state of Louisiana). If you are at fault for the accident, you are liable for the other party’s damages.
Many people think that having no insurance precludes someone from recovering for damages. They are wrong.

Call your insurance company today. It doesn’t matter that the police weren’t called – that won’t stop you from making a claim. If your insurance company determines this accident to be your fault, they will cover the damages to the other party’s vehicle.

Robert asks…

Can the city force you to get rid of your cars?

The city has been ragging on me about my two cars in my driveway. These are not daily drivers and are restoration project cars. One is a 78 trans am and the other is a 87 fire bird gta. Both are not the most pleasant looking but I have plans. Still, these are my cars, and something I want to fix someday. Money is tight, so I cant really rush on them like the city demanded.

The city tells me one second they fall into special interest and the next they say junked and they want them gone. I have five days to get rid of them or they are towing them at my cost.

What are my legal options and how is this fair for them to just tell me what I can and cannot have car wise? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

My neighbor is the one who has complained and complains about everything I do btw and there are other cars a few streets up just like mine and have been sitting for years. I think I have been selected out personally.
Why did I buy them? Well, at the time I did have money and time to fix them but well, life happens and plans don’t always work out the way you think.
Sadly my garage was converted and I cannot store them there.

The city told me to put them in the backyard but that is a city violation of its own.
Whomever left the thumbs down you have serious issues because all answers were awesome and different points of view I needed.

You have to much time on your hands, get a effin life!

Administrator answers:

Here in this town in Oklahoma, if you have a junk car sitting around in your yard, and it doesn’t have a tag on it, the city will give you a warning and tell you to get rid of it. If the car is sitting there, and you have a black tag on it(which is a tag you can buy even without insurance), then the city won’t do anything to you with that tag. The reason they do it here is for beautification of our small town. Too many places were starting to look pretty shabby, and having cars sitting around just made it look “junky”. That’s the city’s word. If I were you, I’d go down to city hall and ask about the city ordinance they have regarding old cars like that. It’s what we did. If they have an ordinance against it, then yes, the city can tow your cars away at your expense. They can here. Good luck

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