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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Advice

February 15, 2013

Paul asks…

Is it possible to negotiate a purchase deal or agreement for a vehicle that is leased, and behind in payments?

Not a good idea to return a newer vehicle in the current state. Is there a way to negotiate a payment agreement for a full purchase, Lease is one year behind in payments, see details. Advice is wonderful.

One year behind in payments
Needs expensive body repairs and new brakes.
Damaged caused by other drivers, but do not have current insurance to help with repair costs.

Administrator answers:

Some lease companies allow a third-party buyout, but don’t expect to get a bargain because of the car’s condition. The lease company only wants what it is still owed and doesn’t care about the car’s condition. Here’s an article about it:


Thomas asks…

My friend was in a fender bender recently?

Unfortunately he loss his job 2 months ago and his Car insurance was recently canceled. The other driver hit him while he was pulling out of a parking spot. The driver admitted it was his fault. He gave my friend all his insurance information. He also gave the other driver his contact information.
Can my friend claim this since he himself doesnt have car Insurance? Should he call that person’s insurance company or would they contact him? Any advice? Thank you.

Administrator answers:

If it was the other driver that was coming out of the parking space, then your friend will not be at fault for this. As long as he isn’t in Louisiana, then he is eligible for compensation from the other party’s insurance company.

Please tell your friend that even though times are tough, no one should be driving without insurance. People are playing with loaded weapons by driving uninsured. It could have easily been the other way around, and your friend could have gotten himself into worse financial (and legal) trouble for this collision if he were the at-fault party. Not preaching, just stating a real possibility.

Laura asks…

what are ways to help neck pain and back pain from whiplash?

i was in a car accident and have the symptoms of whiplash. i have an extremely painful neck stiffness and back pains. i would love to know how to help that go away.

Administrator answers:

I’m sorry about your recent injury. My brother recently had a similar injury, he was driving a bus (he’s a bus driver – public transportation) and was broad-sided by a truck. They have video of the crash and basically my brother looked like a Raggedy Andy upon impact. So, just think about what your body went through when it was hit. So, I will give the same advice to you that I gave my brother – don’t sign any release papers. The insurance company will try to pay the least they can. Be sure your needs are taken care of before anything is signed. If you’re in pain now, chances are you will need further care, so ensure you think about ongoing medical costs.

As far as your current pain. Try and alternate ice and heat – 15-20 minutes each. The ice will help to reduce inflammation and the heat will help to stop spasms in your neck. Also, Ibuprofen is a great anti-inflammatory. Try the liquid gels, the work fastest.

Definitely to continue to follow-up with your Doctor, don’t sign any insurance releases and get further testing if needed.

I hope you get relief soon.

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