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February 18, 2013

Nancy asks…

I need legal advice concerning the rights of a driver after being pull over for speeding?

If I am driving on the highway and get pulled over for speeding, what rights does the cop have from there?

Does he have the right to search the car? What happens if I refuse a search? What happens if the cop say he smells marijuana and asks to search? Can I say no?

Does he have the right to make me step out of the car?
At what point can I say that I have somewhere to be and would like to go on my way? Does the cop have the right to keep me there as long as he pleases?

Administrator answers:

You are required to follow all lawful instructions from the police officer which includes stepping out of the vehicle. You can refuse to consent to a search but doing so causes suspicion on you. The general thought process behind a consent to search is that if you have nothing to hide there is no reason to refuse to give consent to search. As long as the officer has physical possession of your driver’s license you are required to stay on the scene.

Being pulled over is an inconvenience but being polite and cooperative is your best choice, sometimes it is enough to get out of getting a ticket. I was pulled over a couple of months ago for an expired license plate, I had forgotten my wallet at home so I didn’t have my driver’s license with me. My insurance was expired and I had not transferred the registration to my name so I was screwed three ways form Sunday; however, I was polite and cooperative after he checked me for any warrants he let me go without a ticket.

I have a very clean record with only one ticket for speeding 10 years ago. I simply don’t give them any grief when the pull me over which is few and far between. My philosophy with the police is, don’t start none, won’t be none. It’s 98% effective.

Carol asks…

Can I still work a deal with the other party after I report a collision claim?

Today another guy back into my park car on the street and cause a good damage to the driver side door. He wanted to work out a deal in getting my car repair. Can I still work a deal with the other party after I report a collision claim? With a deal work out, I don’t want his insurance increase.

Administrator answers:

Here’s some sound advice: screw him and his rate increase. His damn rates won’t go up nearly as much as it will to repair your car PROPERLY. You are about to be screwed right out of any money, pal, so you better go ahead and report this to your insurance company. They will fix your car and collect the money from him.

Thomas asks…

Are there any government assistants programs for victims of car accidents?

My bother was is a SUV that flipped over on the freeway. After ward reality hit when the driver (his sister in law) was asked if she had insurance. No! And now he has an 8000.00 hospital bill and no way of paying it. I say sue the heck out of her but because of his family that’s the last resort. That and the registered owner of the car is his mother in law. What can he do? Who can he ask for assistants? Should he just follow my advice and sue. He won’t but it’s just too much to pay when all he was doing was sitting in the back sit. I hate his wife’s family so I want him to sue really bad but whatever. They should have at least offered to pay half but we are dealing with trashy ghetto people.

Administrator answers:

He can apply for charity care; hospitals have this program to help people with their medical bills. Doesnt hurt to try. Worse comes to worse, he pays $20 (or whatever) a month for a long time.

If he doesnt want to sue, thats his choice… He’s a grown man for petes sake.



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