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February 24, 2013

John asks…

Can insuring my car and letting someone else drive it affect me negatively?

I was just wondering if I register and insure my vehicle under my name then let a friend pay the insurance monthly and any tickets she gets will that affect my name in a negative way? OR is it in the fine print of the type of insurance I have from my agency? Especially, later, when I want to buy and register and insure a vehicle later that I myself will be driving? Thanks for the Information!!

Administrator answers:

You can have a serious problem on your hands.

It sounds like your friend has either several tickets or prior accidents? Insurance follows the car and in most cases if in an accident and you give permissive use to allow someone to drive your car, it is covered. But, it appears in your case, this friend will be driving this car on a regular basis and if so, then if in an accident, then your insurance company most likely will DENY any claim. Which means if your friend is at fault, then the other driver can go after you the (owner) plus your friend as the driver to recover their auto damages and if injured, for their injuries…………So in effect, even though you are or your friend is paying for insurance, you would be considered UNINSURED. This is also considered fraud, by doing this.

You will most likely have to add this person to your policy and if this person is a high risk, your premiums will be much higher. Suggest you talk to your agent or your insurance company for advice.

As for tickets, have no clue.

Good luck

Lizzie asks…

How much did you pay for your 2007 BMW 328 i ?

What city did you buy it from. List options. Satisfied? How are the run flat tires? I heard some people hate it. I am shopping for a new car. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

I’ve had mine a month so far. It’s amazing. I’ve owned nice cars before, but this really takes the cake. It is a wonderful drive, and if you ever get it on a twisty country road it comes alive!

I purchased it in East Tennessee and paid $1,500 under MRSP for it.

I got the 328i Sedan, with Automatic (205), Premium Package (ZPP), Electric Seats (459), BMW Assist (639), HID Headlights (522), Gray Leather seats, Heated seats (494), Titanium Metalic Silver (354).

With BMW unless you are super rich, you really have to be careful to pick the right options. Options are not cheap with BMW, so you better pick what you really really want, not just random stuff you don’t need.

For me I like silver, but would have settled for the non-metallic red exterior for a saving. Automatic is a must since my wife refuses to learn stick. Also I think sticks are pointless in this day and age when autos are so advanced. The sports mode is really fun. The premium package is a must, it really takes the car from a basic BMW to something with a lot more of a luxury feel. Sorry, but I am not going to pay that kind of money for a car and sit on faux leather seats.

The heated seats were just something I wanted, since it can get cold in this area in the winter.

The HID lights were a must for me too. These days halogen lights look so crap. HID gives you that lovely angel eyes look, that just puts the car in another class. They shine around the bends and self level for great night time driving.

I traded an 05 Acura TL to get my BMW, and I really thought that I would miss some of the technology. Weirdly, the BMW has way more. It’s just that Germans tend to hide their technology away a little more and sometimes make it a tad obscure. But it’s there, and it’s impressive.

Satisfied? Hell yeah! It is just a wonderful car to drive. It makes my old Acura look like a stale boring mundane car. This car truly has a soul, unlike many other cars in this price bracket. There’s a reason this car keeps winning award after award.

As far as the run flat tires go, I think that the people who whine about it are probably being a little anal. I have been consistently impressed with the ride, handling and grip of this car. It is the first time I have purchased a rear wheel drive car, and I was worried about driving in the rain. I’ve not yet managed to make my car slip or slide. A combination of an amazing chassis, traction control, good tires, and suspension, along with the almost perfect weight distribution from front to rear, keeps the car balanced and poised at all times.

My biggest concern was the high cost of replacing the tires. So I went to some online auto club and paid $27 for a year of tire insurance. If I run over a nail, they buy me a brand new tire.

In all honesty, there are probably better tires out there, but the concept of run flat is a really nice touch, and I personally like it. For normal drivers as opposed to car snobs, the run flat is a great idea.

If you are shopping for a new car, I really suggest you buy one of these cars. I’ve never had a car where the novelty and excitement of ownership has extended beyond the first week. I still drive the long way to work, and I’ve had the car a month!

I suggest you check out some links. The first is to price the car with options. Go to the official BMW web site and try and learn what options you truly want, and what you can really live without. Then price the car on KBB so that when you start to negotiate your deal you will know their invoice cost. Remember never to pay any arrogant dealer mark ups like ‘dealer prep.’

Next check out a good forum and see what people are saying. Remember that some comments are idiotic, but on the whole there is some good advice available on here.

The 2008 model is set to be 2-4% more expensive, but the only real difference is a different wheel design, and chrome tips on the exhaust (worth $50). Personally, I’d rather try to take advantage of the fact that dealers are looking to clear out their stock to make room for the ’08 models that will be on their way to the states in the next few weeks.

Good luck, and enjoy that new BMW. I doubt you will regret it.

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