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March 6, 2013

Donna asks…

What to do for speeding violation? Go to court or pay fine?

I was involved in an accident a few months ago. I am a Maryland resident and the accident occurred in Maryland.
I was given a ticket by the officer that arrived on the scene for “FAILURE TO CONTROL SPEED ON HWY TO AVOID COLLISION”.
I was driving on the highway and the car in front of me cut me off, and I rear-ended that person. The person was taken to the hospital and was OK as far as I know. I was fine as well.
I have car insurance from a reputable insurance agency. The driver also has insurance.
I have court summons to be in court later this week. I do not have a lawyer.
I need advice from someone who is familiar with these types of situations. I do not need criticism from anyone – I realize what happened was unfortunate – I just need advice.
My question is – what should I do? Should I pay the fine on the ticket, or should I go to court? What suggestions do you have?

Administrator answers:

It’s highly doubtful that you can beat the ticket on your own. However, paying the ticket is equivalent to an admission of guilt, and that can have long term consequences to your insurance rate.

If you honestly believe that you had no fault in the accident, hire a lawyer to defend you, as doing it yourself would be a mistake.

Mary asks…

How much money should i receive from a car accident insurance settlement?

I was in a car wreck and the other driver was at 100 percent fault. I was turning left on a protected arrow and the other driver was not even looking at the light/road. He didn’t even try to avoid me due to his lack of attention and hit me at around 50 MPH. on my front corner of the passenger side. I stopped while starting to turn and only rotated my car 20 degrees when I realized he was not stopping otherwise I would have been T boned. The car was un-drivable. I road in the ambulance to the hospital in the passenger seat with my girlfriend(who was severely injured in the wreck). At the hospital I received 2 ex rays for my foot. received treatment for a 6×4″ 2nd degree burn on my arm. I was given a boot to wear due to a possibility of a break( i wore the boot and never went to a follow up. After the hospital I had my front tooth bonded on to a chip from the wreck. I went to the neurologist and got an MRI for a concussion(which was negative). I received chiropractic treatment for 2.5 months and then went to a doctor who sent me to get 2 MRIs on my back which revealed a herniated disk. I received therapy but not surgery to fix it.

While not acquiring wages lost I am a full time student and was unable to sit through classes due to my back pain. As a result my GPA was not to my satisfaction. My active lifestyle has gone away(proof being my gym membership swipes). I have gained 20 pounds due to this. I was without a car for a while due to my 21k car being totaled and was unable to receive a rent car due to my age.

I would like to know what is an except-able dollar amount I should settle for with the insurance company without getting a lawyer into the mix. I know an exact answer can not be given but please give me a range. I do NOT want an answer of I need more information so hire me as your lawyer and I will tell you(If I am to get a lawyer I will use my dads). Also what do you think I would receive minus lawyers fees if I got a great lawyer. Any other advice will be appreciated thank you.
The insurance company has already deemed the other party at fault. He ran a red light…. Thank you for your answer but you are highly misinformed.

Administrator answers:

Actually, arrow or not, if you’re turning left, YOU are at fault. You can ONLY make a left turn when it’s safe to do so. Regardless of the light.

Laura asks…

I was in a Fender Bender and need your advice?

First – I was rear ended and it was minor and called the police, will this appear in my driving history ? Do the Cops report this accident to MVC/DMV in NJ ? In NJ we have a point system for Drivers history.

Second – They wrote me a ticket as my car registration has expired, will this affect my car insurance claim ?

What do you’ll recommend.

Administrator answers:

You’re not suppose to drive a car with expired registration and it may be a problem if you file a claim and in case the insurance co. Is aware of this.

They can get your car impounded, so get it renewed at the earliest.

Good Luck

Mandy asks…

I was in a car accident Saturday, could I have some advice?

Basically some granny ploughed into the side of us, we were on a main road, then to top it off went into the back also! The driver of the other car is around 80, I think she should be retested. Can I claim for this? I have a witness and slight whiplash on the neck now. She’s admitted blame. The car might be a right off. I’m from the UK.
no they were thinking about making retesting law but nothing came of it..I just think that if your reflexes are poor you are a danger to others
I forgot to mention her was husband with her too..2 pairs of eyes and all excuse for her really..i don’t want to sue or anything but i think i’m entitled to neck is hurting

Administrator answers:

I was hit by a very elderly lady once, she didnt have a license or insurance. DESTROYED my car. Luckily i wasnt seriously hurt. I ended up having to turn it over onto my car insurance.
She denied to the fullest being at fault, even though she rear ended me at a stop light, so hard it shoved me out into the intersection.
My thoughts? Just because its an old woman doesnt mean she should get a break. If it had been a younger person nobody would be talking about going easy on them.

Helen asks…

need help with car accident with injury and insurance?

We live in PA and my mom was in her friends car and he was driving. He had a seizure and ran the truck off the road and my mom has serious injuries. Her friends insurance company said that she has to claim the medical expenses through her car insurance. I do not understand this. Why is this not cover under his car insurance? Also my mom only has liability insurance, So will they even cover her medical expenses? We are thinking of suing but who do we sue? We thought the insurance company but she can’t sue her own insurance company can she?

Administrator answers:

This is one of the (rare) occasions where I would suggest contacting an attorney for advice. If, for whatever reason, she isn’t covered under his insurance she may have to try and recoup from the driver. She also needs to contact her insurance company for guidance, it may be a delaying tactic from the other company. Good luck.

Sandra asks…

Is commercial auto insurance necessary for self-employed company car?

Auto insurance company claims I need a different policy even though I would still be the only driver for the vehicle. The cost would be 50%+ than the normal price.
I perform consulting services and need a car to drive to their offices. I do not sell our haul products, this is solely used for commuting purposes.

Administrator answers:

Well see this is how it works. Since you are the only person to drive the car, if you were to hurt anyone with out the insurance thy can sue then the company.
I having a company ( my company) truck to make house calls hav it just incase it happons.The person injured can sue the insurance company and you and your company to. Take my advice get it.

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