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March 12, 2013

Chris asks…

How can I get a replacement vehicle title from the DMV?

I recently moved home, and cannot find my vehicle title. Is there any way I can get a replacement title from the DMV? I have my VIN number and insurance and need to sell my car as soon as possible. Please give advice.

Administrator answers:

You should be able to take your Registration and Drivers License to the local DMV office and apply for a new one. In Florida where I live they have a “fast title” program for an additional fee they print it out on the spot for you.

Having no idea what state the vehicle is titled in I don’t know what to tell you. You should be able to go to your states DMV website and look up the procedure online.

Goo Luck!

Nancy asks…

Would it be better to purchase a new 2009 Toyota Corolla or a used 2009 Toyota Camry?

The dealership wants to much for a new Camry but said we could get a used 2009 Camry with around 9000 miles on it. Which would be the better deal. Any advice, anything would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Both cars are nice – but make sure you’re getting similar option packages. A basic corolla has way less stuff than a basic 4cyl camry. Therefore you must compare a corolla LE with a camry CE and a corolla XLE with a camry LE and probably a corolla SRX with a camry XLE (and even that isnt a fair comparison).

I would note there is a size difference also. Depending on if you’re a single person, or a couple, or a family. I would use that to determine camry/corolla. Obviously the camry is slightly larger and has more trunk space. So if building a family in the next 5 years is something you are considering, probably smart to buy the camry.

That being said, the corolla gets about 5mpg better highway/city milage. If you’re on a tight budget and you worry that gas prices are going to increase, I would stick with the more efficient vehicle.

Currently I have 2 friends that own 2009 Corolla CE/LE and both are very happy with their purcheses. Since both are toyota’s I would almost guarantee they have top notch reliability and will drive for 15+ years. My 1996 camry has 270,000miles on it and I still use it as my daily driver.

9000 miles is nothing in the grad scheme of things. The car is practically new.

If I was in your spot, I would probably not get a CE camry. However, if an LE camry or XLE camry was the same price as a new corolla, I think I’d be foolish not to get the bigger “better” car. Plus new cars tend to have higher insurance.

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