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March 15, 2013

Paul asks…

Would a Porsche 924 be good as first car?

Would a Porsche 924 be a good first car for an 18 year old (as I can get one cheap, less than 1400 quid), and how much would insurance cost providing he got his licence after his 18th birthday?

Administrator answers:

The Porsche 924 is a great car that you can pick up very cheaply. With regards to repair costs, for this model the parts etc are not hugely expensive as there are lots of places where you can get refurbished parts. As these cars are now old you can get good insurance deals but for anything that is classed as a sports car or with a Porsche badge on it you will have to insure it in your name and put your son as a named driver (i just insured a n old Mini for my 17 year old son ant it cost me 1200 Pounds for a year). If you do decide to buy it for him there are great contacts and advice etc in the Porsche Club of Great Britan.
The down side of buying your son this type of car is that if it is his first car he will crash it (as we all did with our first cars) and quite rightly as people say it will make him want to go faster if he is in a sporty type of car.

Sandy asks…

What is a good RWD car for a young driver?

Okay I am currently 18 and my insurance is up for renewal. I currently have a 1.2l Clio and is falling to pieces so I will be scrapping it. My parents around giving me £5000 towards a new car. I want a car that I can use to go to and from school but on my weekends I can use to do drifting, does anyone know of any good RWD cars for a young driver. Further to this I was considering getting a Suzuki Swift and modifying it a little but I am not sure whether this will be a good idea. Can someone just give me some advice or suggestion please, manythanks.

Administrator answers:

Try looking at either the BMW 316 or 318 !!!

Jenny asks…

What are the possible ways of saving money?

I am working in Genpact and I am earning a salary less than 10,000. I can save 2000 per month. Can you pls suggest me the best possible and profitable ways of saving my money. Are insurance policies good? Can anyone pls advice me some of the profitable insurance policies? And what are backgroung checks need to be done while taking an insurance policy, Thanks in advance……….

Administrator answers:

You have to start thinking S-M-A-R-T. What kind of cutbacks can you make? For example: I drink bottled water. Now at $1 a bottle on something that covers over 65% of our planet is not smart. So I bought one of those water filters that screw into your faucet. I have bottles that I refil over and over again. I take them to work. Do you have a lot of small appliances around that house that are always on? I cut my electronic bill almost in half by unplugging all the clock radios and night lights. I also bought some of those florescent bulbs that look a lot like a regular bulb. These things use 80% less electricity than regular bulbs. You would be surprised, but these small things add up. I know I was spending money on the water filter and energy efficient bulbs but these things will pay for themselves in a month providing they pertain to you. If you really need the money right away start cutting back on your food costs. Romain noodles cost a dime and they taste just as good as campbells chicken noodle that costs $130 a can. Ok no chicken in romain noodles, but you are probably just missing about 4 tiny pieces of chicken. Put a brick inside your toilet ‘chamber’. You will use a little lesser water each time you flush..Before you know it you will be ahead. Wanna be creative? Find yourself leaving lights on? Buy a motion sensor switch, the lights will turn on when you enter the room and will turn off (by a set amount of time) when you leave the room. I have one, they cost $15 at HomeDepot. Need new windshield wipers for your car? Who says you have to buy 2? You only need the new one on the drivers side, leave the old wiper on the passenger side. So remember you have to start thinking S-M-A-R-T! Yours truly seahorsehawrey.

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