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March 23, 2013

Donna asks…

Involved in accident not at fault advice please?

My other half’s car was hit whilst parked overnight by a drunk driver. The police have luckily been involved and he had court yesterday (do not know the outcome) He has an old Alfa Romeo 1999 reg and they have written it off. The other parties insurance Company (at fault) are only offering a settlement of £1200. The cost of an equivalent car starts at £1600, where do we stand? They are also going to salvage the car.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.
It is an Alfa Romeo 156.

Administrator answers:

Sounds about the right limit to me if im honest. The car may have been valued at £1200 and so that is all you will get for it. Totally unfair i know seen as it is entirely that drunken idiot’s fault. I dont know if the other company put a set amout on and then your excess has to cover the rest? Im not entirely sure how it works.

I hate drunk drivers, wish they would get whats coming to them!

Lizzie asks…

How do you become a professional NASCAR driver?

i mean you do you start out at, i supose you have to win some amatuer races n evrything but how and where and when? i know theres a lot of you NASCAR fans id appreciate the help and does it cost money?

Administrator answers:

Great question! Most current drivers in the NASCAR circuit started during childhood, racing in go-karts. They then went to either open wheel racing, dirt tracks, late models, LEGENDS racing. The first NASCAR drivers got their break when they were running moonshine in the North Carolina mountains. Benny Parsons got his break when he was driving a taxi cab for his father.

At any rate, you would probably start out in an area that interests you the most. Whether it would be go-karts (International Karting Association, Open wheel racing(USAC Racing, Legends Racing, or Late Model Racing. Late Model Racing participants are often called “weekend warriors” beacuse they work regular jobs during the week and flock to local dirt or asphalt tracks on the weekend. You should be able to do an internet search for dirt/asphat tracks in your area.

And to answer your question about money… YES it is very expensive to race at any level. You have to consider the many factors involved: car(s), tires (for example, Hoosier tires run about a minimum of $100 per tire), travel expenses, racing fuel, a vehicle to pull your car to the track, a trailor to attach to said vehicle, safety equipment (for example, a fire suit runs around $200 and approved helmet about the same), entry fees for races – the list goes on and on and on. Not to mention the fact that the insurance on your equipment and YOURSELF would be astronomical. All costs considered, it makes you realize why NASCAR goes after big sponsors like Coca-Cola, Home Depot, Lowes, Dupont, etc. Because it costs millions and millions of dollars to keep a race team up and running. I know that Caterpillar spends in the 8-figure range to keep their race team running.

NASCAR team scouts often frequent local race tracks, looking for new talent. This is how many of NASCAR’s most familiar faces were discovered.

The best advice I can give you is to go to some local race tracks near you and go down in the pits and talk to some of the drivers.

Don’t get discouraged. You should read the biographies of some of NASCAR’s drivers to see how they got their start. I would highly recommend that you read Carl Edwards’ bio. (

I hope this answers some of your questions and best of luck with what you choose to persue.

Maria asks…

hit by drunk driver with no insurance. now my insurance company is filing subrogation on me?

i was hit by am uninsured drunk driver and my insurance and the chp agreed it was his fault. my company payed my deductible and payed off my car. im filing an uninsured motorist claim against my insurance company for medical bills and lost wages. now i get a letter from my insurance company that they are subrogating me for money they payed out on the car. how can they do this?
i have unisured motrorist coverage.

Administrator answers:

If you have the uninsured motorist coverage and they still sent this letter you need to call them and ask them to explain exactly what this means. I’ve never been in this situation before so I can’t give any better advice, but anytime I get something in the mail I immediately call and talk to someone. It could be a mix up or maybe there’s some stupid rule on your policy? Who knows. But good luck!

Susan asks…

Insurance policy for a newly licensed driver?

I recently got my license at the DMV. My parents won’t let me drive a car because of the cost of insurance. They told me that I have to wait for the price to go down. My question is, how much does insurance cost for a 17 year old male in California and if it’s true that I have to wait for the price to go down. Please explain car insurance in general.

Administrator answers:

If you are going to wait for the price to go down, you will be 80 before they let you drive. Because you are licensed, you need to be rated on their policy now. Here is the down side if you are not: 1) they let you drive and have a accident. First, you now get rated for your age and inexperience AND you now have an accident -Double blow to the rates. 2) second scenario~ you never get rated on their policy, then you turn 20 (for example) and want to purchase your own car and insurance. You will have not be RATED for the 3-4 years you have been licensed, and will get the “no prior insurance” rate. Which can be as high as a person with a DWI. My advice is to get a job and pay the difference to your parents for the cost of your part of the insurance. It will be cheaper than going on your own policy right away, prove your responsibility. And because you would be paying it on your own, you would probably be a safer driver due to not wanting that rate it increase because of a ticket, or worse, an accident. If you have other questions about car insurance 101, contact me.

Joseph asks…

If you drive with no license or insurance are you automatically at fault?

A friend of my got into a car accident, his car was totaled and at the time he had a suspended licenese and no car insurance. Although the police report shows that he was not at fault the insurance company of the other party is now persuing him for $14,000 in damages. Unfortunatly he is having economic hardships and cannot make the payment they are requesting. They are clearly making threats to suspend his license if he doesnt pay $250 a month. Because he had no insurance or license is he automatically at fault? Is there anything he can do? Does anyone have any info on a good lawyer? Any Information would be helpful.

Thank you :-)

Administrator answers:

“If you drive with no license or insurance are you automatically at fault?”

NO !!!!! Despite what so many people mistakenly believe, including some “answerer’s” here, having no license or insurance DOES NOT automatically make one at fault.

Having no license or no insurance has nothing to do with “fault” (liability)
Also…..A police report DOES NOT show who was at fault because cops don’t and cannot determine fault. Only insurance companies determine fault. If your friend had insurance his insurance would have represented and protected him. Since there is only one insurance company involved, it is no surprise to me that they found their insured to not be at fault

Bottom line; The other insurance company DID NOT find your friend at fault simply BECAUSE your friend had no license or insurance. They found your friend at fault, either because your friend was at fault or because they know your friend has nobody to protect him.

Give your friend some good advice. Tell him to get a drivers license and some insurance or tell him to stay the h**l off of our roads. Ask him how that saving on insurance premiums worked out for him? Did he come out ahead of the game? A lawyer for your friend is not the solution to his problem. That will only cost him money and will do him no good. Paying off the $14,000. Is the solution.

Carol asks…

Cheapest car insurance for a 18 year old female?

I have recently passed my driving test and all my quotes are coming up as £9,000 all the way to £30,000 which i dont think is normal. I know that insurance for teenagers is high but what is a average price I should be looking for and what websites will I find a decent quote? I have a 2002 vauxhall corsa 3 doors.

I have tried all comparing websites which have given me the prices above and all ‘black box’ companies will not give me a quote as they are ‘not available’ to. Any help will be appreciated :)

Administrator answers:

The average is around £4800 at 18 years old.
The fact that you are female now makes no difference as insurers are prevented by law from discriminating by sex and thus a male in your exact circumstances would get charged the same as you.

There is no one magic insurer that will be best for everyone in your circumstances and in fact what is the cheapest today could be the most expensive tomorrow. Car insurance works like that.
This OFTEN GETS THUMBS DOWNS THOUGH NO IDEA WHY AS ITS THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Anyway to the TD trolls, I could not care less. There is only one way of finding the best deal and it is a tried and tested method from a well known TV and radio guest who has an independent money saving expert website. The site sells nothing just gives advice – Get quotes from at least 4 different comparison sites – none deal with all of the possible 200 ish insurers so do this to cover them
Get quotes from Aviva and Direct Line too as they are on none of the comparison sites
Do not believe what they say when they reckon the best deals are on the net – its just wrong.
Now use the best 2 or 3 quotes to get on the phone and haggle. SEE THE LINK BELOW FOR LOADS MORE DETAILS AS THAT IS THE BASICS also gives some information about the ones with “Telematics” or “Black Boxes” to monitor and maybe lower the cost

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