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March 29, 2013

Steven asks…

How long does it take for points to be posted on a person’s driver’s license?

If I received my speeding ticket Monday, how long would it take for the points to be added to my driver‘s license?

Will it not be put on my driver‘s license until the fine has been posted?
When you say as soon as I have been convicted, does that mean after the court date or is it when the police officer hands me the ticket?

Administrator answers:

A conviction occurs when you admit guilt to the ticket/citation. Not before. When you are given a ticket/citation for speeding it is not an admission of guilt.

You sign the ticket for two purposes:

1) To acknowledge you understand the charge(s) against you and thus understand the nature of the ticket (not that you APPROVE or believe it is fair.. This is why we have traffic courts.)

2) As a part of this acknowledgement that you agree to appear in court for this allegation of speeding to plead guilty or not guilty — and thus contest the charges through our legal system. Upon receiving the ticket you are still ‘innocent’ until proven guilty (or you admit guilt).

From there — most simple speeding tickets you have the option to pay them by mail (or even over the phone) — Which by doing this you are entering a No contest , guilty plea to the allegation/charge against you — in this case Speeding.

It is at this point that you have entered your admission of guilty, without contest to the court.

From here, it isn’t instant — the processing time varies from court to court — but it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks in some cases for the court to process the admission of guilty through the docket and ultimately ‘dispose’ of the charge (which would be a guilty disposition.)

Guilty Disposition = Conviction

So – to answer your follow up — It is neither the court date, nor when the officer hands you the ticket — it is when you ADMIT guilt by paying the fine, and the additional processing time of the court system (they have a massive influx of traffic revenue (traffic citations) every day to handle.. Which creates a backlog in most cases.. But still you can consider it to be disposed of within a week or two from the time you pay by phone, or if mail ,.. After they receive the mailed ticket and money order/check etc.. — which would then be processed by the clerk of the District/Circuit court in their computer system/database and a judge would never lay eyes on the charge that ‘was’ in the docket.

So – NO, it will not be put on your license until the fine has been posted + the lag/delay of processing by the court/clerk.

Everything is electronic and further networked through via the internet now — so state agencies (even as slow as the Court to the DMV/BMV) — handle these matters much quicker than 20 years ago.

So after you pay the ticket (admit guilt) — and it is received.. It is processed within hours to days. Ten electronically sent to the Department/Bureau of Motor Vehicle in your area, which will then within hours to a day or two have it posted against your license.

They do NOT have to notify your specific insurance company of the ticket — it is not their responsibility to do so. They *can*, but they generally don’t. So your insurance premium generally has a much longer ‘lag’ time — Insurance companies generally run scheduled checks every so often (Generally Quarterly or Bi-annually (either every 3 months, or every 6 months). At that point they will increase your premium marginally (IE: a few dollars — if they are fair). Sometimes you don’t get a premium increase if your record is otherwise spotless.. But don’t count on it.

Insurance companies are greedy, and all about profit — they advertise as though they are all about ‘caring’ for their customers — but Insurance companies put money/profit WAY above customer care and what is ‘fair’ — it has always been this way… Whether it is health insurance or car insurance.

I digress — but insurance companies need some regulations in FAVOR of the customers — and I am generally opposed to ANY regulation, but they are out of hand.

My advice is to wait as long as possible to pay the ticket (buy pay it in time that it is received BEFORE the posted due date and certainly before the posted court date) — this will give you the longest time/delay before any possible premium increases occur.

Remember, as a rule of thumb — ANYTIME you are given a citation/ticket — or EVEN if you are arrested for a felony and taken to jail — you are not convicted and are INNOCENT until your plea has been made.

Hope that helps,

Donald asks…

How to convince parents to let me have auto insurance?

I’ve had my license for a little over three months now. However, I have no insurance, and therefore cannot drive (in California). Their reasoning is that I am an unsafe driver which I disagree with because I quite easily passed my driving test at the DMV and always think before I do anything when I drive. However, they seem firm on their decision… It’s a bit frustrating having my license for so long but still being unable to drive. I’m tired of having to always ask friends for a ride or my parents; I just want a taste of independence. Of course, I’m not trying to be too arrogant or stubborn, I’ve respected my parent’s decision, it’s just bugging me a bit now haha. I offered to do a six-month plan instead of a year plan since I’m heading off to college in Septemberish. I’m about to turn 18 in a couple weeks also. Does anyone have any advice?

Administrator answers:

IT SUCKS but i dont read anywhere in youre qu ? JOB ??? Get a job buy youre own ins. ?????????college sepish ? You will need a job here or there with or with out a car ?? But you must have ins too drive in cali the first tic will be 1.500 bucks too the court !!! As the vech may be impounded the next is 2k as youre driving priv. Will be revoked till 21 !!!! If you get youre own ins youre folks will like it as they would likley free up the stink eye on driving thier cars they know if you f-up its the house as well the car is totaled hope you dont kill some one or dui ??? Get the job get legial ??????

Richard asks…

im 6ft 8 and need a first car with lots of room, any ideas?

My problem is I’m 6ft 8 and i need a big enough car to fit in and be comfortable, but also wont be ridiculous on insurance. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Hi Zak,
I am in the USA so your cars are a little different from ours.
But I once sold a Ford Focus to couple that had their first experience with a Focus in the UK. They drove/rented one for 30 days while on their honeymoon.
When they came back home they they bought one here.
He was 6’10″, and wife was 5’2″

Of course that was several years ago and your models may have changed a bit, but the Focus is surprisingly roomy inside.

Edit for additional details.
The OLDER focus’ will have a height adjustment for the driver seat. It will be a little crank up/down lever located at the front/right of the seat. Look for it. Many sales people don’t know about it, and you should crank the seat down if you have a long torso to give you more headroom. Some have a telescoping steering wheel too. If you adjust the seat-back further, you may want to pull the telescoping steering wheel closer to you so that your arms aren’t always stretched out.

This couple have also bought a Ford Escape (here in the USA) so if you have a similar model in the UK, you might try it.

I also sold a Focus to a couple (both over 6′ tall) that originally came in to test drive an SUV (Ford Explorer). They were not happy with the ‘fit’ in the Explorer. They said that (because of their height ) that the inside rear view mirror sat right in the way of their eye-line, blocking vision. I suggested the Focus, and they were both surprised, confused (that I was showing them such a smaller, lower priced vehicle), and delighted.

The best advice that I can give you is to go spend a day or so at a large used car lot, and try sitting in several models. Remember that initially the outside looks might be deceiving the interior spaciousness so don’t dismiss those vehicles.

After you narrow down to a few models that you fit in, then take them out for a leisurely test drive to see if you can live with it.

Maria asks…

Got in a car accident yesterday, What to expect?

Yesterday I was turning at an intersection and someone ran their red light and t boned my car. Myself and 2 of my children were in the car. With the exception of seat belt injuries my children were not hurt. I personally have a minor concussion, whiplash, and some tailbone pain. The car was worth less than I owe on it and I did not have Gap insurance. So am I responsible for buying myself another car even though they were at fault? The police and a witness confirmed the accident was not my fault and my report from the police shows that and that the other driver was at fault. After getting out the hospital last night I called my insurance and they told me I needed to call the other person’s insurance. What should I expect? I have never been in any accidents and I am clueless to how this works. Any advice or insight? If it matter I live in South Carolina.

Administrator answers:

Generally speaking, your car has to be deemed not_repairable and a total loss before gap protection would even be considered. Your insurance company is the one that contacts the other insurance company after the accident report is filed. If it is deemed a “total” then you are responsible for any difference on the balance owed.The other guy has no responsibility for your balance, but a good insurance company and the lender might be able to help you find a “replacement of collateral” vehicle to continue your present loan on.

Laura asks…

I need all the help and advice I can get. What do I do?

So my brother took my moms car and they come back and the drivers side mirror is shattered and gone. It looks like someone took a bat to it. There is a little scratch on the door. When I asked what happened they said someone hit it in the Walmart parking lot. They did nothing about it. What should I do because I definately do not believe them. How would I try to get a video of the parking lot if it really did happen there? They are definately doing drugs and I can’t turn them in because they will take my little sisters under 18 and possibly my mon for letting them stay here. I need all the answers advice you are willing to give. Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Buy a new mirror and either put it on yourself (not too hard to do basic tools required) or have someone do it, and tell your mom to not let your brother drive her car again.

Even if you can get video of the parking lot how will you know what exact times they were there, do you feel like watching hours of video for possibly nothing, and if you do see them do something will you be able to tell what and or who it was that broke off the mirror? I bet they parked at the end of the lot where it would be impossible to make anything out clearly, if he used it in a drug transaction.

You will need proof and some kind of police subpoena to get Wal-Marts video.

The mirror is not worth an insurance claim really because if you have a 500 dollar deductible, the mirror isn’t going to be that much. What does your sister have to do in this mess? Your brother took the car, or was she there too?

Your best option is fix the car, and don’t let anyone else even family drive the car, because it sounds like they are up to no good.

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