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April 5, 2013

Mary asks…

What can I do about Farmers Insurance stalling my claim against their insured driver?

A hit & run accident happened to my car, through a witness and the police I tracked down the owner of the vehicle at fault. I made a claim against his insurance on 5/23. I was contacted by a claims representative the same day and he took a recorded statement and said he would be in touch. Didn’t here back. A few days go by with no contact so I called and left a message for him, no response.Called later and talked to him, he said he requested a police report and couldn’t contact their insured yet for a statement. A few days go by, I call, now their insured is supposedly in jail! He tells me there is a 10 day period for them to get the statement. I call today because he said the tenth day would be last Saturday. Now there is 17 day period for them to get a written statement! My car hasn’t been drivable since 5/16/07 and I haven’t even had an estimate yet. I don’t have full coverage so I can’t get my insurance to pay it, is there anything I can do? Apparently he can’t do math.

Administrator answers:

Generally insurance companies have 30 days to respond to your claim. Make sure to note all calls of who you talked to, what they said and when you talked to them. Farmers Insurance is notorious for stalling claims, low-balling and denying claims. Stay on top of them. If after 30 days they haven’t responded to your claim contact your state insurance commissioner, they can force Farmers Insurance to respond. Generally the Insurance Commissioner can be your friend. You may contact them now to see if they have any advice for you or information on their web site.

Good luck my friend

David asks…

How do I claim for a bicycle/car accident where I was not at fault?

I had an accident on my push bike yesterday where I was hit by a car. The car driver was at fault. My bike is damaged and my leg is injured. Who do I claim off? Do I go to my car insurance company, my home insurance company? A “no win no fee” solicitor?? Any advice on this would be great.

The police were involved and there were statements taken at the scene. The driver was at fault not me

Administrator answers:

You should go to a solictor, they will sort it out for you and claim off the drivers insurance, as his insurance will cover you if he liable.

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