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April 15, 2013

Linda asks…

Can i be sued for rear-ending a car that was stopped on the freeway with no emergency lights?

i hit a car that was stopped on the freeway (the actual lane, not the emergency lane) at night, with no emergency / hazard lights. Am i at fault? Can he sue? also, now it appears he has no insurance… i need some advice. (califronia)

Administrator answers:

Yes. Unfortunately, we live in a society where we can be sued for anything, even if the case has no merit.

In general, though, in a rear end accident, the person in the back is considered at fault because he/she was unable to stop in time. Either he/she was not paying attention, or was following too close, etc.

I’m not a lawyer, however you may be able to show some fault on the part of the other driver. If so, the judge **may** divide the blame. Say the judgment is 40% the other driver and 60% you. Then you would only have to pay 60% of the total judgement.

Your insurance company should represent you in this case. That’s what you pay them for.

Susan asks…

Can you have two insurance policies on one car?

My Dad has a classis car, I would like to use this car for a weekend, but as i am only 19 I cannot have classic car insurance so I cant go on as a named driver.

Is there anyway I can insure this car for a weekend?
I dont have comprehensive cover and your only insured for any car if your over 25, this also applies to any driver it only covers drivers over the age of 25.

Administrator answers:

Serious misconception here. You can NOT drive any car (provided you don’t own it) third party only on your own insurance regardless of cover type. This may only apply if you have fully comp cover and only then if your policy specifically allows it. Don’t fall for the dangerously wrong advice given.

I’m afraid that, on the information given, you will not be able to acquire insurance for what you want. Sorry.

Chris asks…

Just got in a wreck that was the other driver’s fault, they have state farm, am I going to get screwed?

I’ve heard they are horrible, any experiences?

Administrator answers:

Why not just give them a chance? Going into a claim with a negative attitude will only make a stressful time even worse. They didn’t become the world’s largest insurance company by treating everybody like crap.

The best advice I can give you is to be reasonable in your expectations and pick the body shop of your choice and tell State Farm that is where you want the car fixed.

I respectfully disagree with Kizzy about all third party claims being tough. I always used them as an opportunity to show them how good our claim service was so that they would consider switching to our company. Therefore, I always tried to handle a third party claim in a painless manner.

Good Luck

Carol asks…

What car would be good for a teen?

I looking to get a new/used car. I have a little over $9000 to spend and I want it to be sporty looking, have 5 seats, possibly a convertible, good on gas and low insurance. Hopefully that dream car exists somewhere out there!

Administrator answers:

Forget “sporty” looking or a convertible for your first car – they are guaranteed cop magnets. Assuming this is your first car, buy something basic: 4 doors,5 seats.The most common you can find.Probably a 4 or 6 cylinder and probably Japanese or Korean.Look to spend about $4500-5000.Why? Because you’ll probably prang it at least once.A common car is easier and cheaper to maintain and insure.With the rest of the money I advise you do the following: 1. Do an advanced driving course. These are invaluable. Quite often these are taught by professional drivers ie: chauffeurs,race drivers,ex-bodyguards,etc. They WON’T teach you to drive like an SAS bodyguard,a Secret Service agent or Michael Schumacher, but they WILL teach you (among many other things) how to deal with all the knuckleheads out there who think they are. 2. Buy the service/workshop manual for your car and work on your car. Get you parents/siblings/friends to give you advice and/or a hand on the do’s and don’ts and LEARN.You could even enroll in a course at school and meet other people like you. There’s nothing cheaper or more fulfilling than doing this stuff yourself. With all this under your belt you do 3: Contact an insurance broker and shop around for the best deal available. 4. If you have any money left,save it and put it towards that sporty convertible,adding what ever money you can until you can afford to buy and run it. By then you’d have acquired the skills and experience to handle it and you’d appreciate it more.

Joseph asks…

How much does car insurance really cost?

Some companies like Dashers offer insurance for 18 dollars a month

is that good enough?

Administrator answers:

$18 a month sounds like a very cheap company with no coverage. Leave them alone. The cost of insurance depends on several factors :

The kind of coverage you are looking for ( some states require certain coverage, if you are financing your car, the lending institution requires certain coverage as well in case if the vehicle is totaled in a accident.)
Your age
Your driving record
The kind of car you drive
The area in which you live
How you are going to be using the car (for work or pleasure)
If you are going to be the only driver of the vehicle or is there gonna be multiuple drivers.

*remember, you get the coverage and service that you pay for !*

Some advice……….stay away from independent insurance agents. Go with the one company insurance companies like allstate, state farm, nationwide. FORGET GEICO, THEY ARE A JOKE ! ! !

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