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April 23, 2013

Donald asks…

How can I legally transport a handgun?

I own a handgun in MI that I need to transport to FL where I live now. What is the best way to do this?
I wasn’t planning on driving, I would prefer to ship it if possible.

Administrator answers:

Transportation by Motor Vehicle: The General Rule
In most states, personally-owned firearms may be transported legally if they are unloaded, cased, and locked in the automobile trunk. As an additional precaution, firearms may be disassembled and separated from ammunition.

The exceptions to this rule deal mainly with interstate transportation of handguns. The myriad and conflicting legal requirements for firearm transportation through the states make caution the key for travelers.

If you travel with a trailer or camper that is hauled by an automobile, it is advisable to transport the firearms unloaded, cased and locked in the automobile trunk. If your vehicle is of the type in which driving and living spaces are not separated, the problem becomes one of access. If the firearm, including handguns, rifles or shotguns, is carried on or about the person, or placed in the camper where it is readily accessible to the driver or any passenger, state and local laws dealing with concealed carrying of firearms may come into play. It is suggested, therefore, that the firearm be transported unloaded, cased, and placed in a locked rear compartment of the camper or mobile home, inaccessible to the driver or passenger.

Once you reach your destination, the state or, in some areas, municipal law, will control the ownership, possession, and transportation of your firearms.

Note:Generally, when a mobile home is readily mobile, i.e., when one can simply start its engine or the engine of its towing vehicle and drive away—even if it is capable of being used as a home— a mobile home is considered a vehicle. If a mobile home is not mobile, i.e., it does not have an engine, or is not attached to a towing vehicle, and is on blocks, permanently connected to utilities, it

Indiana and Michigan— Both states require a carrying permit to transport a handgun in a vehicle. Nonresidents are ineligible for permits; however, both states recognize carrying permits from other states. Exempt from the Michigan permit requirements are hunters with valid Michigan hunting licenses, or individuals with proof of membership in an organization with handgun shooting range facilities in the state, provided the handguns are unloaded and in a container and locked in the trunk or storage area of the vehicle. Both Indiana and Michigan exempt transportation of unloaded handguns during a change of residence. In Michigan, the handgun must be in a container. In Indiana it must be in the trunk or storage area of the car.

Common sense and caution are important whenever you are traveling with firearms. Prudence in the way in which your firearms are packed and located in your vehicle are important factors in your compliance with the law.

It should also be remembered that you have constitutional protections both against unreasonable searches and seizures and against compelled self-incrimination. Although the authorities may search anywhere within your reach without a search warrant after a valid stop, they may not open and search closed luggage without probable cause to believe evidence of a crime will be found, particularly when it is in a locked storage area or trunk of a vehicle, unless you consent. You have a right not to consent. Furthermore, although you may be required to produce a driver’s license, vehicle registration, and, perhaps, proof of automobile insurance, you have a right to remain silent.

There is no substitute, however for scrupulous compliance with every requirement of the law in the state or locality through which you are traveling.

Caution: State firearms laws are subject to frequent change. The above summary is not to be considered as legal advice or restatement of law. To determine the applicability of these laws to specific situations which you may encounter, you are strongly urged to consult a local attorney

Daniel asks…

What to do when the other driver in a car accident lies & deny that they are liable.?

Basically -
My girlfriend had was in an accident, she was turning right at a cross roads with the green arrow filter light on when a driver jumped a red light & hit her. Initially the other party said it was her fault & admitted she was to blame. Now she has changed her mind & decided that she will lie – blaming my girlfriend.
Problem is that there are no recorded witnesses & the police did attend but made no offial record of it. Now the insurance companies are threatening to take her to court unless she accepts liability.

Can anyone offer any advice please?

Administrator answers:

Ur girlfriends word against.hers ? Sorry

Michael asks…

Should I be in the car while I let a potential buyer test drive my car?

I am an older lady who is selling my Buick Century. Of course, I fully expect a potential buyer to want to test driver my car. Should I be in the car at the time? I called my insurance company, and they said I would be responsible if they wrecked it, just as if it was me driving the car. I don’t want to seem over-bearing, but I don’t want my car to get stolen. It was also recommended that I keep the gas very low during the test drive. Any other tips and advice for me? Thank you

Administrator answers:

It is very dangerous to let any stranger drive your car. Everyone is nervous behind the wheel of a different car. Make sure you go to a place where there is lots of room to drive with no cars around. Which means you want to have a friend or 2 along for the ride. Buy them lunch for helping you.
Once the “buyer” is behind the wheel, there isn’t much you can do if they end up being “weird”..

Joseph asks…

How should I go about fixing this dent/ going through insurance?

I was backing out of my drive way the other day and ran into a friends car
My car (98′ Volvo S70) – Drivers side passenger door is dented. Its not a very deep dent at all but the area is big. The only paint chipped was less than a dime size so not a big deal. Also little to no scratches so not a problem.
Friends Car (98′ Low end Lexus) – No dent but bumper and part of body a little above bumper heavily scratched and good deal of paint loss.

My friends Dad wants to get their car fixed. I want to get my dent fixed as well. Should I go through insurance with a $500 deductible? I’m also a 21 year old guy who has had speeding tickets and went through insurance to get a previous car fixed about 4 years ago. If I don’t go through insurance does my dnet sound like I could fix it myself with a dent puller (suction cup method) or would I still have to bring it in somehwhere?
Well I paid for my speeding tickets myself. Also I know I won’t get dropped because my insurance agent is my uncle. I’m just curious if it would be worth it w/ my deductible and with my rates that could go up.

Administrator answers:

Since you already have speeding tickets, and you file 2 claims on your insurance for them to pay, look to have your policy canceled. Insurance companies do not want you to file claims against them that they have to pay. If you think this wrong, call your insurance company tomorrow and get the advice you need. You would do better having the friend`s car fixed out of pocket now and wait to have your`s fixed when you can fix it out of pocket. You can also have the friend`s car repaired using your insurance, but like I wrote, call the insurance company first so that you do not risk have your policy cancelled. Some dealers do have dent doctors that do remarkable work.

Yes, your premiums will go up usually 10%-25% when you file a claim. As for the speeding tickets you paid for yourself, that is how it is usually done. The insurance companies are notified by the DMV when you have been issued a ticket. That is why your premiums go up when you have received a speeding citation. You are a high risk driver due to speeding citations. As for your uncle being an insurance agent, if he doesn`t own the insurance company, the insurance company can cancel your policy without him having anything to say about it. Best to talk to him since you also have an accident that was filed 4 years ago. Accidents stay on your record for 5 years. This is public knowledge meaning anyone with an interest can get the information..

Linda asks…

My teen just got his drivers licence I can not afford to put him on my policy, will my insurance find out?

He will NOT drive my auto, he is only 16 and I cannot afford it! What are my option can I sign a waiver(exclusion form) with my
insurance company when they find out or will they find out. My
name is the only one on the declaration, is that mean he’s not a liabilty to the insurance and they wont raise my rates. Please give me some advice.

Administrator answers:

In most states, the insurance company must, by law, pay for any damage any member of your household causes, driving your insured car, whether they are listed on your policy or not. That is why they insist on you listing your son on your policy. Your insurance will go up because of your Son whether he drives or not since the insurance must pay. There is no way around not listing him. If you don’t list him and they find out (and they will find out) they will cancel you in a heartbeat

Mandy asks…

I am the legal owner of a car how do I get it back?

I am the legal owner of a car I bought from new. I have let my sister use the vehicle for a few months as she needed a car, and so put the V5 in her name , as she is the only driver and person on he insurance and the vehicle is kept at her house. I have asked for the car back, but she has refused stating she has the V5 and so owns the car now. How do I go about retrieving my car back?

Administrator answers:

I say good luck, because if you try and do what airboy said and apply for a new V5 (using the V62), they will write to the your sister to confirm this.

You need advice from the police also I hope you have proof that you are the owner.

John asks…

Why are some car insurance companies so bad?

QBE are making it very difficult to claim despite the Police, tow truck driver and even the other drivers insurance company saying it was the other drivers fault ! I would reccommend insuring with a good company instead. One that has a Facebook page or Twitter Address; one that doesn’t make it so hard to contact. Very suspicious, if you ask me. They do not want to pay even though it’s the other drivers insurance will be paying

Administrator answers:

Do not buy policies on-line, do not buy policies over the phone, do not think for one minute a Facebook page or Twitter account makes a company easier to contact.
I may not live in your country, but I am a retired licenced insurance broker, vehicle registrations agent, and driver licence issuer.
When you buy insurance, buy from a licence broker. You get face-to-face advice, and you have a contact person, and office staff to get information from.

I am sorry you are having a problem, but there should be a government authority you can contact. In Manitoba we have a Superintendent of Insurance, there should be a similar office you can call, that regulates and licences insurance providers in your territory.

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