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May 14, 2013

Carol asks…

How to convince my dad to buy me a car?

I’m 15, but will be 16 in three months. I asked for a car, and my mom said “talk to your dad”. Well, he’s a little hesitant about buying me a car. He knows I’m a good driver (he makes me drive him everywhere), and am very responsible. One of the biggest things with him is spending money. He hates spending money, but how do I show him this would be a good investment? I’ve already picked out the car I want (not asking for a new car, only a used one) it’s a 2003 Lincoln LS Sedan, for $2300, which I think is pretty reasonable. Any advice on getting him to say yes?
Thanks so much!
I don’t mean get me a car right now, I mean for my 16th birthday.

Administrator answers:

You don’t. A car is not an investment it is an expense. The only way that something is an investment is if you are able to make money on reselling it, which is true of a house, but not a car.

If you want a car you need to get a job and save your own money to buy one. You also have to figure out the total expenses of the car, buying it is only the beginning.

You have to pay registration fees to the town or city you live in, license plate fees, insurance coverage, which can be a thousand dollars a year or more for an inexperienced driver under the age of twenty-one. You also have to have money to pay for gas and any repairs the car may need, yearly inspections, oil changes and many other things.

I am not trying to scare you, but you are headed for adulthood soon, and need to realize that everything costs money and generally more money than you even realize until you start adding up everything that is included.

Your Dad is being very smart about not spending unnecessary money, that is the only way to survive in a difficult economy.

Good luck and thanks for being a responsible driver, the rest of the people on the road appreciate it.

Steven asks…

Got collided with a truck on a freeway and now the insurance company is asking me to make a claim.?

So lets say I got into an accident with a freight truck on a freeway 3 weeks ago due to something being on the road, and the truck swirved into my lane, and right after the accident, the truck driver and I verbally agreed that it was no ones fault, and then the truck driver left before the cops came. And there was no information exchanged. My car was a rental car and I had insurance only for me. The police came and wrote a report but only for my car. The truck has already left the scene for 25 minutes before the cops showed up. And I told my rental company what had happened, and they said since I have insurance for my rental, I am good. But now I am getting a notice from a third party that handles claims for the rental company and saying that I must contact my personal car insurance and make a claim just in case the truck company files a claim and want to charge me for the damage. My question is, since the truck driver left the scene before the cops showed up, is it still my responsibility for the truck? And it wasn’t either of our fault. And the company that works for the rental company is asking me to file a report to my personal car insurance just in case the truck company comes back and ask for payments. Do I have to contact my personal car insurance even though the truck driver left the scene of the accident before the cops came? I don’t want to make a claim with my insurance unless I have to. Any advice would be great, thank you

Administrator answers:

The truck swerved into your lane but you say it was “no ones fault” HE HIT YOU IT IS HIS FAULT.
The truck driver leaving the scene actually has nothing to do with the who has to pay. He will get a ticket for that.
Once you tell an ins co “it was no ones fault”, “it wasn’t either of our fault” or “we are 50/50 to blame” they consider you totally to blame and your ins will do the same. So NEVER admit any of the blame & always say it was the other mans fault.
But anyway you need to tell your ins co about what happened just in case the truck company comes back and ask for payments. That way they will know what is happening & will defend you.
You do NOT have to make a claim only inform them as to what happened.

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