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May 24, 2013

Laura asks…

How can a police officer issue a ticket to a driver that is NOT the registered owner of the vehicle?

My wife recently pulled up to a 4 way intersection where there was an officer directing traffic to the right. After witnessing the car in front of her go straight she stopped when it was her turn to ask the officer if she could indeed go straight which was against his motioning to turn right. Standing 4 ft from teh car, she ask 3 times without any response, “Officer can I go straight or make a left turn?”. After the third non-response my wife unfortunately was a little steamed and asked if the officer spoke English.

All of a sudden he was able to hear her. He motioned again and told her in a stern voice to turn right and simultaneously began to talk on his handheld mic. So, my wife then did as he requested and made the right and she went on her way.

3 days a later 2 tickets arrive in the mail for her. (1) for disregaridng and officers instruction (2) failure to use a turn signal. Remember, he DID NOT request that she pull over, nor did he tell her she was in violation of any traffic law. The tickets equate to 4 points and $175.00

So, the Car is registered in MY name, NOT HERS. How was it possible that the Officer issued a traffice violation to a person that is NOT the registered owner of the vehicle without every pulling the person over and requesting the license? Its obvious that the officer was having a bad day, and decided to abuse his authority. Even though asking him if he spoke english wasnt the best way to resolve the conflict, but its not a crime.

There are all kinds of issues that I am seeing with this. Any one with advice? or input?
— Adding Details based on Responses —

So, there are a couple of insightful responses here. Some seem a little defensive.

1) I understand that the the RO is NOT considered at fault in a traffic violation, but rather the driver (that’s obvious). I was trying to understand how the Officer (Who has never been in contact with my wife) was able to identify her and send a ticket without a license. Even if you take a co-insured how do you know it wasn’t an employee or relative? From some of the comments I would suspect that there are a couple ways to determine this through Insurance and other means. I was not aware of HOW an Officer typically would go about getting the details.

2) BTW – there was a bike race (not construction, not an armed robbery) that was forcing the traffice pattern. Going straight at the intersection was actually going away from the race as the car in front was allowed.

3) There are 2 sides to every story (understood).

4) If there is there is a traffic p
It got cut off:

4) If there is there is a traffic patter that forces drivers to make only one directional turn, just curious, why would a ticket for failure to use turn signal enforced? Personally think its excessive

5) I understand the frustration by an officer to be asked multiple times in a scenario like this, but isnt that part of the job? If a driver is not understanding the officers signal, shouldn’t they politely offer the explanation, instead of ignoring it?

BTW – I do appreciate the comments as it is very helpful to understand varying opinions

Administrator answers:

I’m with Neil. You would probably see a very different scenario if there was a video recording of the incident. It is not all all obvious the officer was abusing his authority.

The driver is responsible for their actions and the owner is also responsible for the actions of anyone they allow to drive their car. As your wife, though, she SHOULD be listed as one of the registered owners and as a primary under your insurance. Interesting that you are asking advice here when she is the one who got the ticket.

Betty asks…

I bumped into a parked car. Left a note with mobile number. What will happen now?

I’ve caused damage to a parked car while reversing. It was totally my fault so as the owner of the vehicle wasn’t around and no one else and I could not wait there as my baby daughter crying in the back seat. I left a note with my phone number for them to get in touch.
I am not sure what happens now as I am a new driver and never dealt with a similar situation before. I have comprehensive car insurance. Not sure how the whole insurance claim thing works. I took a couple of photos of the damage to the other car but forgot to get its number plate.
What will happen now? Do I need to report it to the police?
I need to give my insurance details to them when they contact me, right? Or will they need to get a quote from a garage or something first?
Could I claim to repair my own car from my insurance too?
Please give me some advice.

Administrator answers:

You did the right thing by accepting responsibility which seems to be a rare event nowadays. Hopefully the person you hit will also be reasonable.
Just give them the insurance info, that is what it is there for.
As far as your car damages, if you have collision then file a claim with your insurance company
Comprehensive insurance only covers damages that arise out of non collision events such as fire, hail, flood, etc.
Collision is when you damage your car
Liability is coverage for what you hit such as what happened in this instance.

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