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May 25, 2013

Lizzie asks…

Is an audi a3 cheap to insure for a new driver?

I came across a forbes article that said that the audi a3 was the chepaest car to insure and this seemed a bit strange to me. Is it true? If not any advice on a good car for a new driver for under 10 grand? I really have a strong preference for vw.

Administrator answers:

No car is cheap to insure for a new driver. The only way to know for sure is to check with the insurance company. The age of the car also will make a big difference; in fact the cheapest insurance would be where the car is so old you don’t want the insurance to cover damage to the car, but only damage to people and other property. That type of insurance policy does not include collision coverage.

Sandy asks…

What should I include in my “medical bills” for my car accident?

I have been trying to find answers on the Internet and have been coming up empty. I was 10 weeks pregnant when I was hit on the freeway. The other driver is 100% at fault. I went to the ER and I had bleeding in my uterus from the accident. I was out on bed rest for four weeks until the blood was absorbed. I had a partial separation of my placenta and weren’t really sure if our little one would make it. After that I started physical therapy to start working on my back. At about 32 weeks started having preterm labor so we stopped physical therapy. I went full term and had my placenta sent to pathology which came back that there were two infections (causes unknown) and 30% of my placenta had a retro hemorrhage which was obviously from the auto accident.

Now that my daughter is out and we are both healthy we are ready to settle. We didn’t involve an attorney because we wanted to see how things went. My physical therapy and ER visits came to $5200 and I had my pregnancy continue through my normal health insurance. Should I count my pregnancy bills from the accident and on in my medical bills? I have heard that if I had concerns then yes. Everywhere I look online pregnant women are trying to make money just because they were pregnant.

Any suggestions or advice is great

Administrator answers:

No, your pregnancy bills are not related to the accident.

The car wreck did not make you pregnant.

The bills associated with the pregnancy are because you were pregnant and are not related to the wreck. Sorry, but you don’t get to inflate your claim with those.

You would submit the ER bills and PT bills. If the medical records support that the 4 weeks of bed rest was because of the wreck, then you can submit your lost wages as well. If you are not employed, then there are no lost wages.

The adjuster will need to have you sign a medical authorization. This will allow them to get copies of your medical records. Since you are claiming issues related to your pregnancy, the adjuster will need to order your records from the ob-gyn as well as from the ER and PT.

Richard asks…

I was the passenger in a car collision and need help?

I was involved in a car collision back in January 2013. I was the front passenger. My “friend” was driving his girlfriends vehicle. He does not have a driving license nor auto insurance. We collided with a truck at an intersection while traveling at about 60mph, we ended up with a totalled vehicle. I lost consciousness on impact. I bit my toungue pretty bad and was gushing blood from my mouth. I was taken to the nearest hospital in an ambulance. While at the hospital, I was given several xrays and medication. Luckily I recovered and was released from the hospital within a 2days. Now I’m stressing over my medical bills, which I just received in the estimated amount of $7,000. Prior to receiving the bill, my “friend” said he would take care of paying ALL dues. After I sent him a picture of the bill amount, he changed his response to “he would help me out AS MUCH as he could”. He asked me to give him a copy of the bill, but he is reluctant on providing me with any info. All the information I have, I had to get on my own. He told me he is talking to lawyers and his lawyer will “take care of us both”. To me it sounds kind of fishy. Should I provide him with any documents? What do I do to help myself out? I need help paying for my medical bills. I had to quit one of my two jobs due to chronic body aches. Any advice is greatly appreciated. At this moment I am waiting for the police report which I had to pay for, and my “friend” wants a copy of it when I get it. I am 21 yrs old and this is my first time involved in an accident.

Administrator answers:

1st off, Insurance “follows” the car. Does the friends girlfriend have insurance? If so, the GF policy may have medical payment coverage and/or PIP, which pays for medical bills due to an accident to the driver and/or passengers.

Since friend does not have insurance, do YOU have auto insurance? If so, then (IF), GF has no insurance, you may have medical payment coverage and/or PIP to cover for your medical bills.

After checking out if GF or if you have insurance on an auto policy, then call up the other trucks insurance listed on the police report to find out who was found to be at fault for this accident. IF, your friend was found at fault, then you will need to sue him for your medical bills. IF, the truck driver was found at fault, then you maybe owed for an injury settlement from the truck company that would REIMBURSE you for your medical bills plus pay “some” pain/suffering.

But,,,,,,,unless some auto insurance from the GF or if you have an auto policy that has medical payment and/or PIP, the hospital will expect payment from YOU, who they treated after the accident. They wont want to hear that “your” friend says he will help you or handle this, and if not paid, they will put this into collections, if not paid.

If I had to guess, your friend, even if he helps you, “may” come up with a $1,000, and that is it, leaving you with the bill and dealing with the hospital on how YOU intend to pay them back, which could be in monthly payments.

IF, your friend is found at fault for this accident, I guarantee you no lawyer will take his case, since if he cant pay for your medical bills, how is going to pay a lawyer? Get the picture?

Call GF insurance, your auto insurance, and then call the truckers insurance to see who is at fault for this accident asap.

Mark asks…

can you get car insurance without a license?

I want to buy a car, to learn in.
I live in Alberta.
Is it possible?
I am above 18
I only have learners

Administrator answers:

Not sure if the rules are different in Alberta, but in Louisiana you can’t. You you have to have the insurance in someone else’s (presumably your parents) name and be added as an additional driver. My advice would be to take a driver’s ed class first and learn in one of their cars, which lowers your insurance rates. After that use a friend or family member’s car to get your license. Then buy your car and get insurance on it.

Maria asks…

How big are engines on Mini Cooper/One? How much to run?

Including tax, average insurance.

Im nearly 20 and still learning but am close to passing my test so am thinking about buying a car. I love Mini’s and have recently learned that Mini Ones are a cheaper alternative to coopers, so want to purchase. However been told by afew people that they could be pricey to run. Upon passing my test I will be doing a pass plus course which may reduce the price of insurance. Any advice would be greatly apprieciated.
Thank you I am from the UK.

Administrator answers:

They’re not inherently expensive cars to run, but they’re bigger than things like Corsas, Kas, Twingos etc so running costs will be a bit higher.
As a new driver, a few mpg here and there will pale into insignificance compared to the several thousand you’ll probably have to pay for insurance.

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