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May 28, 2013

John asks…

A friend of mine let his insurance lapse and was stopped at in traffic a van rear ended his car causing to hit?

car the car in front the van (ran from accident )hit and run ,could not get license number his car was totaled hardly no damage to the car in front no to pay for vehicle still financed .
police was called gave van details and person driving details and what happend.

Administrator answers:

If no one ever catches the driver of the van, and they probably won’t, no one will pay for the damage to your car.

That’s why the finance company REQUIRES you to carry insurance on THEIR car. It’s not optional. Unfortunately, these bad decisions are going to be very expensive for you this time. Just treat it like an expensive life lesson and don’t let it happen again, can’t change the past, right? Here’s one bit of advice, no matter what you’re thinking about doing, don’t stop paying on that car note just because the car’s gone.

The guy above me got almost everything right. Here are the two things they’re talking about that you don’t have to worry about.

You don’t have to worry about legal recourse from the car you were pushed into. You have no liability for their damages or injuries, the at fault party left the scene. It doesn’t mean you can just sue whoever else was involved. However, if the other person does decide to come after you and you had insurance they would handle the nasty conversations telling them that it’s not your problem.

You also don’t have to worry about your friend’s injuries for the same reason you don’t have to worry about that car you were pushed into. It’s not your fault. You’re a victim just like they are.

You do however have to worry about all of the legal recourse for operating a vehicle without insurance. License suspension is certainly a possibility.

David asks…

First ride on the back of a motorcycle. What should I consider? How should I prepare myself?

There is this guy who likes to take me for a ride on his motorcycle. I’d like to ride on the back seat of a bike for a long time and I think I should take this chance. I trust this guy, he is riding for more than ten years now and he already gave me some advices.

Nonetheless I’d like to ask for your advice.
What should I keep in mind when riding?
How should I prepare? That guy has already got a helmet for me and he said I could borrow some gear off his sisters or friends. What clothing, shoes etc. is the best for protection?

Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

You -do- have health insurance, right? I mean, just in case.

When I carry a passenger I give them a little ‘briefing’. It’s not hard to ride on the back of a bike, I mean it doesn’t require any special skills. You really just to just sit tight and hold on. But there are a few pointers.

1. You know you steer a bicycle or motorcycle by leaning, right? So let -him- steer. You sit upright, don’t shift your weight around, especially in a turn. Keep your torso lined up with a bike, lean with the bike in a turn like ‘dead weight’. Hopefully he won’t try to ‘impress’ you by leaning really low in a turn. That can be a little scary until you get used to it.

2. You have to hold on! The best thing is to put your arms around his waist. I used to tell pretty girls to sit as close to me as possible to ‘consolidate the center of gravity’, but that’s baloney. 8^) The thing is, the driver anticipates braking, rapid acceleration, turning, etc. But the passenger doesn’t. A motorcycle can accelerate very quickly, so it’s good to be holding on. Not necessarily very tightly.

3. Keep your feet on the footpegs even at stops. If he takes off unexpectedly and your feet are on the ground you can wrench an ankle pretty bad. Put your feet down only when you’re getting off.

It would be nice to have a leather body suit or proper motorcycle jacket and pants and gloves and proper boots to protect you in a spill, but if he’s a halfway decent rider the chance of a spill is not that great for one ride. Jeans would be fine, and hard shoes–i.e. Leather, lace-up or velcro, something that wouldn’t come off easily in a slide. Moccasins or pumps or Crocs will come off as soon as you hit the ground! Also gloves would be nice. When you fall off a bike, you instinctively put out your hands to stop yourself, so it would be good to have a layer of leather on the palms. Clothes are not just for abrasion resistance but also to stay warm if it’s chilly.

Also, you can’t really have a conversation in a bike the way you can in car. Some biker couples who ride together a lot develop a ‘code’ of shoulder taps and gestures, like two taps on the left shoulder means “I have to go to the bathroom.” You don’t need to work out anything too elaborate for one ride, but you should be able to tap him on the shoulder when you want him to pull over, and when he does that you can tell him what you need. Besides bathroom breaks, I find when I ride long distances that sometimes I’m just overwhelmed with a strong need for coffee. 8^) And then, of course, a little while later, a bathroom break.

Ken asks…

What to do after having a car collision ? Advice please?

Ok before I ask, I would like to point out I am a 19 year old new driver with little to no experience of the road. Therefore I am asking due to curiosity. I do not need to be patronised nor receive abusive and hostile comments from arrogant and condescending individuals who think they can address people like filth on the Internet. Thanks.

Ok so if I were to have a collision, however minor or major, what would be the best thing to do. Would I be best to stay at the scene or move over to the side of the road to avoid causing congestion. What would be the safest thing to do. obviously i am aware i would need to inform my insurance, take the other drivers insurance details and ring for roadside assistance, and medical if required? Hopefully I won’t be in a crash or collision but I am aware these things happen and it isn’t always your fault. Thank you

Administrator answers:

Get to safe place as soon as convenient, If you’ve got a triangle put it out to warn other traffic, and be aware of other vehicles. You need to exchange details of:
Owner if different;
Vehicle details
Insurance details.
If there is injury the police must be informed, and this also if you believe the other driver was driving carelessly/dangerously. In that case best to call them to the scene.
If you can’t do all this or want to get away because the other driver is aggressive then you MUST report it ASAP to the police, best if you get report in first.
If possible Take a photo, and see actual ID of the other party. Note how many passengers who will all be whiplashed
Then report the whole thing to your insurers and let them deal with it
NEVER offer to pay, or admit anything, and be careful what you say at the scene. Even a simple question like “Are you hurt?” can be twisted into an admission.

Nancy asks…

how do i get a driver’s permit without raising insurance?

So heres the deal, i’m 18 but my father doesn’t want me to get a permit because he thinks his insurance will go up. i s there a way for me to get my permit without raising the insurance?

Any advice will help, thanks!
what if i don’t get insurance, i just want a permit, so i could get a license, i dont necessarily need to drive, i just want the license

Administrator answers:

I dont know where you live but in Louisiana you dont need insurance until you have your license. The insurance falls back on the responible party that you are driving with. Ie you can drive with your grandmother in her car but her insurance will be responsible if you get in an accident.

Donald asks…

Does driving without a license affect your criminal record?

Once, i went to go and pick up someone and it was night time, but since it was night time i forgot to turn on my headlights. When i headed home, a hidden police car saw me without my lights on so he pulled me over. Help really appreciated.
I am in Utah, salt lake city

Administrator answers:

What kind of help are you soliciting in this forum? Driving record or criminal record? Is driving without a license a crime in Utah? Why don’t you to a police station and ask for a copy of your criminal record and see what is in it? You identified where you live but failed to identify your age? Are you a minor? Did you have no license at all or not with you? What happened in court when you appeared on this matter? You know all of this. All we know is that you are an irresponsible person who not only was cited for driving without a license but the facts of the charge, driving at night without headlights being turn on, a rather dangereous and incompetent driver. Driving without a license also means that you also did not have proper auto insurance. I also wonder as to how you managed to get your hands on the keys of the car. Stolen? You have dug quite a deep hole for being perhaps fourteen years old? And now, you ask for some sort of help? No one knows about your criminal record. It is private. For legal advice, please contact a lawyer. And Salt Lake City is a proper name and MUST be capitalized. Must.

Steven asks…

Traveling to Costa Rica in 1 week and scared to death of driving there and crime?

Have read the driving there is very dangerous and there is a lot of muggings and stuff so now I am getting scared to go. Any thoughts?

Administrator answers:

There’s nothing to be scared of, it’s not that bad.

It’s hard to give you advice without knowing where you are going and what are you going there for. I’d have different advice for different parts of the country, city vs country.

First, driving is dangerous in CR. There are car jackings, but very very rare, it’s mostly petty theft and breakins if they see something of value in the car. It dangerous not so much for the crime but the other drivers. They drive a lot more recklessly than you are probably used to. I drive in NYC, so I don’t have problems there but if you aren’t from a big US city, you may be over your head.

Why do you need a car? Where are you planning on going? If you’re staying in the city, a car is not needed, I’d even discourage it. Parking is a pain and cars get broken into all the time. Gas is expensive (~$5 gal late last year) and full insurance is mandatory and not cheap. And taxis are everywhere and dirt cheap. (Less than $3 from one side of town to the other.)

If you’re going outside the city to one or two places, it’s easy to take a shuttle bus service like Interbus to get you there. It’s relatively cheap and very safe. They large used late model air conditioned vans. I would only get a car if you want to drive around CR and visit many different places. But I would discourage that kind of trip for a first-timer. Once you know the lay of the land a little, it can be done. First trip, pick one or two places and spend your vacation there. There are tons of activities, all hotels have brochures and can even book them for you.

Costa Rica has seen an increase in crime in the past few years due to the world economy tanking, mostly petty stuff but it can get violent. Unemployment is high and inflation is ridiculous. Here are some basic safety tips:

-Use common sense and trust your instincts, just like you would anywhere aroad, CR is no different
-Stay in a group (if possible), don’t wonder off alone (NEVER WALK AROUND AT NIGHT)
-Leave valuables at home (no need to bring any jewelry, fancy watch, flashy cell phone, etc)
-Don’t flash the cash in public (don’t attract unwanted attention to yourselves)
-Tourists are required by law to carry a photocopy of their passport (bio page with name & picture and also the page with the immigration entry stamp; leave the real passport in the hotel room safe-most have one; in the past, tourists were required to carry their actual passports on them at all times, but it was changed after a lot of passports were being stolen to be sold on the black market, so a they now accept a photocopy; the probability that the police or any authority will ask you for your papers is low, but you’ll be sorry if you don’t have it on you if they do.
-DON’T EXCHANGE MONEY AT THE AIRPORT IN CR. The exchange rate is horrible. They will rip you off for 15% of your money. Hotels will exchange too but their rates aren’t good either. It’s best to exchange at a bank.
You can find the current rate (official bank rate) here:
Look right in the center of the page… The Compra (Buy) rate is the rate to buy Colones. Currently, it’s at ¢548 per dollar. The higher rate is how many colones per dollar it will cost you to exchange back to dollars.)
-It’s relatively safe to walk around town during the day, be careful of pickpockets and watch out for scam artists on the streets who will try to separate you from your $.
-Do not walk around the streets drunk-it’s an invitation to get robbed and possibly hurt
-In case you are getting robbed, give up your stuff easily, do not resist. You can replace money or a watch (if you’re wearing a inch-thick gold chain and you get robbed, I have no sympathy for you). They only want your money, they won’t hurt you if you comply. Don’t try to be a hero.
-Try to blend in and not stand out and put a target on your back.

It’s really not bad AT ALL, if you use your head and take certain safety precautions (like not counting money in the street).


If you have specific questions, email me at:

Michael asks…

I have got UK driving licence recently and started driving. What should i do if i get involved in car crash?

Please tell me the practical things which needs to be done immediately.

Administrator answers:

Name of the other driver, their address, contact number, their insurance company, vehicle details. If possible contact details of a witness (if there was one) Some people even suggest taking photos of the damage to the car, that way poeple can’t claim for damage that you didn’t cause.
Once you’re all ok and got the details etc. Call the insurance company, or even call them first and ask their advice on the matter.

Oh and if anyone is injured I think the police have to be called – Not sure on that though

Mandy asks…

Any help i want to get my learners permit ?

I live in ny , and i want to know the steps to get the learner permit. What do i need to bring with me to the dmv? Is the written test hard? And also tips to make it headache free? Everyone seems to make the dmv a place like hell lol. Thanks :) Im 16 btw.

Administrator answers:

Hi Staceyy,

I’m a driving instructor in Cali. Let me say I don’t know N.Y. Well, but I’m assuming you don’t live in NYC which as far as I know it’s worthless having a car. I love to drive because I have a small classic sports car with a 5 speed. But I take BART (a subway system that is clean and efficient) also because sometimes it’s faster and less frustrating and less dangerous then driving.

Anyways, Here’s the answer your questions:

What do i need to bring with me to the dmv?
First don’t do a walk in. Make an appointment. In the time before the appointment, call the DMV or go online and make sure you have everything you need and it is up to date. If you need a learners permit, obviously bring that. Bring your I.D. The insurance & registration to the car you will be driving which usually means your parents who will drive you there.

Is the written test hard?
The best advice I can give you for the written test is, besides reading the handbook, think to yourself what is the most common sense answer. Read the next question on the test which may have the answer to the one that stumped you.

And also tips to make it headache free?
This is why I strongly recommend an appointment. The reason the DMV seems so bad is because 95% of people who walk in aren’t prepared, are pissed off they have to be there because (for example) not registering their car on time the cost soars due to penalties or a cop cited them. Then they have to wait 2 or 3 hours, are told or forgot an important document and also the DMV here only takes cash or checks. Not credit cards. I’m not sure about debit cards. Most people simply do not have the funds available to them right then and there, so, they have to make another appointment and frustrate them more.

The very best advice I give to all my teen students is almost everyone wants to drive asap, don’t try to just pass the DMV test. This is a 3000+ pound vehicle. Not a bicycle. Please, Learn to become a good driver. Not figure out how to pass the DMV test. You will pass the DMV test if you are a good driver.

Stacey, The best way to not regret having an accident, is never have one in the first place. Think about it. Strive to become a good driver Stacey. Don’t try to just pass the test. Damaging your vehicle, another vehicle or injuring another person will injury your confidence and the confidence of others. Prove them wrong and be a good driver.

Don’t just think about your safety. Think of all the cars around you. Soccer moms like your mom, guys in their taxis or trucks, people bringing their pet to the vet, people who are late to work or who just spent 12 hours at a job they hate to make it home to spend an hour with their families.

The DMV test is 20 minutes long. You must learn to merge properly, stay in the speed limit, make a full stop at red lights and stop signs. *But* in the real world and not on the test, you must be able to do U, 2 and 3 point turns. You must be able to park on hills, up and down hills. You must be able to parallel park. You should go to an empty parking lot and drive, backwards, for several minutes. I strongly recommend you do all this and have a good command of the vehicle.

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