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June 2, 2013

Chris asks…

Two drivers get in an accident they decide not to call the police and leave and work it out is it a hit n run?

One car is damaged one is not but the drivers calls the police a week or so later and thier mutual boss give the other driver the insurance info so that driver gets thier insurance dropped becaus the boss gave the info to the cops and claims peronal injury and the other has the car damage and no insurance and possible jail time and a law suit and has no job now and has children to support and advice on what that driver can do to get ot of it???That driver technically wasnt at fault and shouldnt the other driver get a ticket for leaving the scene?

Administrator answers:

Your run on sentence is really not making much sense here. But let me try to sort and answer. No, if two people are involved in an accident, decide not to report it and exchange information, neither of them can be charged with hit and run.

No one could get “Their insurance dropped because the boss gave the information to the cops.” The police don’t grant, or drop insurance policies.

It’s unclear in your question which driver was at fault, and which driver decided to file a police report after the fact. But since one driver has reported this to insurance, the other should now let his insurance company know what the situation is so they can be prepared when the claim comes in. If you’d like to clarify some of the information here, perhaps I can give you a better answer, since I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about with your ramble about the “other driver having no job and no insurance and damage…”

Laura asks…

I need advice from a lawyer or police officer?

My husband has been applying to become a police officer. He has taken and passed the state qualifying tests, has everything he needs AND has (or so we thought) a clean driving record. My husband grew up in NY and moved to MI in 2004. He just recieved a letter saying that his NY drivers license is suspended (although he doesn’t have one anymore, he has a MI license) because he didn’t return old license plates. We sold one car that had plates (took them off of course) and have had Michigan insurance and plates on the other car. We didn’t know we needed to send back the plates, they’ve just been sitting in the garage. He never used the plates without insurance. We found out he can’t go to the police academy unless he doesn’t have any suspensions within the past 5 years. Is there ANYTHING we can do to clear the suspension considering it’s not for driving violations but rather for old plates (we can prove insurance for one car, the other we don’t own anymore). Thanks for the help.

Administrator answers:

Contact the DMV in New York, and make arrangements to send the plates back. There may be a fee involved to remove the suspension. Try to call them directly so you will have a name. Hopefully you can clear this up within a couple of weeks. Good luck to your husband.

Lizzie asks…

I am looking to see what the approximate cost of a car accident settlement usually is and how long it takes?

I was rear ended last month. I was at a complete stop but the other car did not see me and hit me at approximately 35 mph. I am suffering tendenitis in the shoulder, pinched nerve and muscle tears in lower back. So far physical therapy hasn’t helped and I am now about to see a chiropractor. Any advice or insight for me?

Administrator answers:

Other than getting your car fixed ASAP, don’t be in a hurry to “accept final payment” until your medical issues are resolved.

You may end up needing an attorney, or legal advice.

At the very least, check with your Insurance agent. Since the other driver should be paying – if your agent is a professional, he should be looking out for your interests !!!

George asks…

I am terrible at driving, but need to pass before November. any advice?

I lack confidence behing the wheel. I either drive really well or really bad depending on the day. I need to pass my test as I have a job opportunity in October. Do you recommend crash courses?

Administrator answers:

A drivers education course can be invaluable and may get you a discount on your auto insurance.

They will take you through all the situations that you will have to navigate through in the driving test. Plus, you will have a trained, experienced teacher riding with you to help.

I took drivers ed in high school and actually liked it. The “skid pan” was the most fun. You intentionally spin the car out of control on a watery surface and try to regain control. I’m not saying you’ll have to do this, but for me it was helpful.

Other than this, try to practice on a rural country area with little traffic. This will build your confidence.

Mandy asks…

If my license is suspended, and i get into an accident, will my insurance cover it?

My license is suspended and I was wondering what would happen if i drove somewhere and got in an accident if my insurance would cover it or not. If its my fault? If its their fault? or is it my fault regardless because my license is suspended. Basically I want to know if theres any point in keeping my minimum coverage insurance while my license is suspended.

Administrator answers:

No, your insurance won’t cover you.

If it’s not your fault, you may be able to recover your losses through the other party’s insurance, you are not automatically at fault becuase your licence is supsended (though it won’t help your case).

It’s worth keeping your coverage though, as you will still be covered if it’s stolen, or if another (licenced) driver is driving your car.

Free advice fropm someone in the industry – DON’T drive a car while you’re supsended. Cop it on the chin, walk or catch a bus for 3 months. If you end up with ‘driving while suspended’ charges you’ll find your premiums will go up like a bitch.

I want to repeat for effect (seeing as there are some incorrect assertions below) that you are not ‘automatically’ at fault for an accident due to being suspended, but you will be charged if the police are involved.

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