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June 6, 2013

Carol asks…

Can I use my Ontario driver’s license to rent a car in Izmir, Turkey?

Hi I am from Toronto, ON Canada and will be traveling to Izmir Turkey.I was wondering whether or not I can use my Ontario license to rent a car.Thanks.

Administrator answers:

This is normally possible, from the big international car hire companies, providing you have an International Driving Permit. See this link for application information –

One further piece of advice: Make sure you have good life insurance.- driving in Turkey is fraught with danger.

Lisa asks…

what do i need to bring to a California DMV behind the wheel test?

i have my test tomorrow… im nervous.. does anyone have any pieces of helpful advice?

Administrator answers:

You, your instruction permit, a licensed driver over 25 to accompany you, a car that is street legal (pages 11 & 12 of the Driver Handbook lists what is need to comply), and proof of insurance on the test vehicle.

DON’T be nervous. The examiner will not try to trick you or ask you to do anything illegal. They only need you to demonstrate that you can safely operate the vehicle. Be confident, and you’ll do just fine. Good Luck on your test.

Donna asks…

Can anyone give me advice about buying my first car?

I am an experienced driver, but i’ve never owned a car before…
How affordable is leasing or financing….
ANY advice at all will help.

Administrator answers:

This first thing to do is choose a vehicle. Do you want a car? Minivan? Truck? SUV? Then get more specific, car.. Sports car or family car, economical car, flashy car, is mileage important? Price? Size? Seating? Options?
Once you have chosen your vehicle, it is important to have 3 possible choices, each similar in price, features, and reputation. To get a better price when you buy a car, you need to be a little flexible…like with colors and options. The more flexible you are the better deal you will get.
Next consult a blue book. Be carful here. Some books vary in value. The dealers use a specific blue book that is official, available at any major book store. Look up the vehicles value from this year and last year. Remember to take into account mileage, options and condition. Compare that price to the retail listing on-line or on the sticker price. This should give you an idea about the depreciation. This is important because you may want to trade this car in after a few years and it also gives you an idea about how much you should pay for that specific new car. If the blue book value is $15000 for last years exact model, and the dealer wants $20000 for a new model, you may want to reconsider.
Next contact the local dealers via e-mail or by phone. Tell them exactly what type of vehicle you are looking for and ask them for a price quote. Be sure you get specific information on the vehicle, such as the VUN number, the model, engine size, options…everything. You don’t want to be bait for car dealers. Give them a cell phone number and refuse giving in to visiting the dealer “just to talk”. Get an exact price on an a specific vehicle. Do not discuss financing. Discuss only the price. Take at least 3 quotes from 3 different vehicles from each dealer. This will have several of the same models with small variations. If you are willing to make the drive, contact dealer outside of town. You might be interested in a vehicle that is in high demand in your town, but in moderate or low demand in another. (Though you should know that most dealers prefer to only honor “warranty” related services to vehicles they have sold. They are notorious for inventing reasons why your vehicles problem is not covered in your warranty or they will take their sweet time fixing the vehicle. So keep this in mind when considering buying a vehicle outside of your city).
Next locate your financing. Apply with your dealer via fax or online. Apply at your bank and with an on-line lender. Get the best deal available to you, you deserve it.
Get all the details on the payments. Some dealers like to use 72 month financing to make payments seem lower. That is 6 years of payments to a car with warranty of 3 years (usually). Others like to add payment insurance to the payment or other add ons.
Choose the best deal. Contact the dealer via phone and re-confirm everything, the car, the price, the financing (if applicable). Set up a meeting date, and ask them to have all the paper work ready.
Show up with all your info, check stubs, licence, money, etc. If they begin to deviate at all or seem unprepareed you are best leaving ASAP.
Pay and leave happy.

Charles asks…

Where can an 18 year old rent a car in Maui?

I’m going to Maui next summer and need to rent a car, but can’t find a place that rents to under 21! If you know any places an 18 year old can rent, please let me know! Thanks so much!
We would prefer not to buy a car, as we are in Maui for 4 days then to Oahu for 8 days then back to Maui for the last 4 days, so it would be confusing…We can afford to pay extra $$ for a rental :)

Administrator answers:

Hey, welcome to Hawaii, ok? First, don’t be buying no car to get round for few days hea Hawaii, ok? That maybe worst piece of advice I eva see on this forum, ok? But, gonna be problem to find car on Maui with national chain, cause of you age, ok? So, what do you do? Here what I suggest, “Maui Kahului Rental Car”, now as 18 year old they not gonna rent you corvette, ok? But, they gonna get you a car to beat round island in, ok? Just yahoo they website, they advertise for 18 and up, yeah? Lotta locals use these guy cause they cheap, older car, maybe no ac and radio onna fritz, who care cause you got wheels, yeah? Gotta have proof of insurance onna car in US, and driver license, and credit card in you own name, ok? Peace and aloha to you!

Betty asks…

Are rover metro cars worth getting nowadays?

I’m a fan of the metro but because they’re getting old, is it worth getting, like are they prone to brake down and is it expensive to fix them? Would be nice if previous owners or some people who know abit about metros gave me some good advice on it.

Administrator answers:

I work for one of the biggest insurance companies in the UK.
Metros are probably one of THE cheapest cars to insure. If you’re a young driver this is the best thing to get (if you’re thinking about the cost side of it.)

Sharon asks…

Looking for a hispanic comedian that was on comedy cental within the past year in a half?

The comedian had a skit about getting into a car accident without insurance papers his advice was to take whatever papers you have fold them up and start ranting and raving at the other driver this is about all i.can remember if someone knows who i might be talking about please let mr know i thought he was awsome!!!

Administrator answers:

The only Hispanic comedian I know from comedy central is Gabriel Iglesias.

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