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June 15, 2013

Carol asks…

I caused a wreck while driving, how do I report it?

I was following a little too close on the highway and rear-ended someone when we all had to come screeching to a stop. His car doesn’t have much damage on it, so I don’t even know if he will report the accident to his insurance. I would be okay with taking care of my repairs without insurance stepping in.

If I report the accident to my insurance company, will they consider it an accident/claim if he doesn’t file a claim? Will they still let it go on my record, or will they just let it go if no claim is paid out?

Should I just give him a call and ask what he intends to do? Maybe offer to pay for an inspection to make sure there isn’t any major damage and have him sign a waiver of liability? Or is this unethical/illegal?

I understand that it’s illegal to fail to report accidents with over $1,000 worth of damage blah blah, I’ll overlook that if he will. Any tips? Thanks!
Also, we didn’t call the police to the scene. Does this factor into anything? I thought you didn’t have to call them unless someone was injured or drunk or if there is any question as to whose fault it is (a little research online tells me this isn’t true, you pretty much always have to call them). No one was injured or drinking and it was definitely my fault, which I will admit to if we involve the insurance companies.
So it sounds to me like there isn’t a downside to reporting it to the insurance company, since they’ll disregard it if no claim is filed?

Administrator answers:

You really ought to tell your insurance to cover your backside. You never know, he might end up claiming against you when he decides that he wants his car repaired. This is what you pay insurance for: so speak to them about it and they will give you some advice and deal with the situation.

That is correct – police does not have to be called unless somebody was injured, or if the accident was severe. When you tell your insurance the whole story, you may get a letter stating whose fault it is, or whether it will be 50/50 – again, give them a call! Did you not get any details of this other driver?

Also, your report will be logged – so if he does claim against you, they will have this all on file and ready to be dealt with.

Sandra asks…

Forgot to disclose 3 points to insurance company?


I took out my insurance July 2012, in November of that year I got 3 points for speeding (SP30). I stupidly forgot to inform my insurance and yesterday was involved in accident. The other driver as admitted liabilty as they pulled out in front of me.

My insurance company has put me in touch with a care hire company and care repair company and said these companies would recover the monies directly from the other drivers insurance.

I’m just worried about these 3 points I have. The car hire company have said I need to show both parts of my drivers license. I’m unsure as what to do for the best. Do I notify my insurance company about my points? or will this affect my current claim?

Any advice would be greatly received.
Just to add: All details I gave were correct at the time of taking out my insurance it was 5 months later that I got points on my license. I just forgot to call the insurance company and tell them

Administrator answers:

So you forgot to tell the insurer about a change to a material fact – this means that they can take one of 3 steps -
1. They could just deny the claim
2. They could demand the additional premium that would have been due for the additional points
3. They could ignore it.

As it seems they are not going to be paying out anything but it will all come from the other insurer they may not require your licence and so may not become aware. As soon as possible after this is all sorted you need to inform them of the points

CAR HIRE CO – will just need to see the licence to verify that you are licenced to drive their hire car and for no other reason.

Paul asks…

Ongoing civil suit from 2006, want to enlist in the Navy?

There is an ongoing civil suit from a car accident in 2006. The other people involved in the accident are trying to get money from my insurance and I am stuck between them both because I was the other driver.

Can I enlist in the Navy while there is an ongoing civil suit that I am involved in? Or do I have to wait until, someday, the civil suit is over with?

Thanks in advance for your answer!

Administrator answers:

Seek lawyers advice on this one you can go ahead and enlist but if it goes to court and your not there they will get a judgement against you and it will come back to bite you in the future

Lizzie asks…

How are cars insured in Australia?

Hello Australians,

I am English and will be traveling in Oz next year as a 19 year old. I’ll have a year or two no claims bonus, how much do you reckon it will cost. Also how are cars insured, is it the same as in America (the car is insured) or as in England (the driver is insured). Basically, does it make a huge difference if I get a 1.2 litre or a 2.2 litre car?

Thanks Australians

Administrator answers:

It really depends….

If you are renting the car (with a reputable company like Hertz, Thrifty, Avis or europcar) it is full comp insurance plus a hefty $3000 excess (Regardless who is at fault!!!).
Which means that you + passengers, the rental car, the driver + passengers and the driver/s car are covered.

If you are buying a car to travel in i recommend that you get full comprehensive insurance. I own a 2006 Nissan Tiida 1.8 ltr it costs me just over $1,500 and your No claim bonus wont carry overseas you will have to start all over again. Also full comprehensive insurance means that your car will be fixed. Plus the person that you hit.

A word of advice. Go with AAMI they had the best price for me.

P.S if you are traveling in QLD be very careful of them many of the cars there dont have rear brake lights that work! Nor know how to use indicator signals!

Sharon asks…

Do you think a 16 year old in a Porsche is a good idea?

It would be a ’99 Boxster…the kid is pretty responsible, gets good grades and doesn’t get in trouble at school or home. IDK if we should or not especially since its a convertible and a manual transmission. Any advice?
It’s a HE and the car costs about 11 grand. that’s kind of expensive but he says it’ll be the only car he drives through high school and college.

Administrator answers:

A first car should be as safe as possible, because they can be a good kid and a cautious driver, but not everyone else is. Plus that kind of power should be for a more experienced driver, because most accidents can be avoided, if you know how to handle the situation. I’m 22 and notice a huge difference in my driving abilities from then to now. That would be a college graduation gift, I think, after they have gained a great deal of driving experience. Kinda like car insurance dropping after you’re 25. 75% of deaths of people between the ages 16-24 are from car accidents. I do not think it would be a good idea. If it’s a good deal, buy it for yourself, and let them earn it with college grades. They can still drive it every once in a while.

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