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June 16, 2013

Helen asks…

Registering a car in the EU as a Canadian tourist?

Please give me advice on how this works. The plan is to by a car in the UK, register it to a friends grandparents who are locals, and drive around europe for the summer.

How do you apply for insurance as a canadian resident, with a canadian or international drivers license?

How do you register a car?

What countries will insurance cover you to visit?

Is it possible to scrap the car in a country down south-east, such as hungary, austria, croatia, and end the journey/insurance ect there?

what will the costs associated likely range between for 2 months (not including initial cost of the car)

I will not have a visa as Canadians only need a visa for Russia and Belarus. But i do have a friends address i can use
4 minutes ago

also, is there a way to go about paying for only short term insurance (rather than a year and later getting a refund). Pretty much 4 toursits would like to do a road trip, and dont want the constraints/costs of a rental car. Cars in the UK seem very cheap (ie we could get something reliable for under 1500).

Is there a certain insurance company that often deals with out of town policies ect?

Also, how does ownership and registration work? when you buy a car, does it come with everything except for insurance? for best answer pleaseplease list the steps to go about buying, registering and insuring a car to drive in the EU as a Canadian.

Administrator answers:

First, there are no insurance companies that offer deals especially to an unknown risk. Secondly auto insurance can only be purchased for a set fixed term usually six or twelve months. If you choose to keep the policy for a lesser period you must cancel the policy and suffer a10% short term charge. If for any reason the insurance company finds an irregularity the personal credit situation of the car owner (grandmother) could be affected.

The grandmother you speak of is being asked to guarantee the validity of the transaction involving foreign students. Any claim greater than the limits of the insurance would have to be covered by car/policy owner.

Ruth asks…

What do i do about this speeding ticket?

I am 17 yrs old and have had my license in NY since last february. I was pulled over today in a college. He lasered me at 57mph in a 30mph zone. He gave me a ticket which has a court date. Is it possible to go to court or deal with this ticket without telling my parents, what is the best way with dealing with this situation? Thanks!
How many points do you think i can get and what if i can find and hire an attorney on my own and pay without parents?

Administrator answers:

A lot depends on the class of license you currently hold. If it’s a class “DJ” license your privileges can be suspended for any three point violation. Speeding 21 to 30 mph over the limit is a 6 point violation … Your parents will find out about your suspended license!

If it’s a class “D” license (not graduated) then the violation gives you 6 of the 11 points you can get before your driving privileges are suspended.

If the car is registered to your parents and you are on their insurance … They will notice an increase in premium for their car insurance once the violation is properly reported to the company.

If you are convicted for 27 over … Your parents will probably find out. Time to “man up” and take responsibility for the situation. Inform your parents of the ticket and ask for their advice on how to handle it.

If my 17 year old tried to hide a speeding ticket from me … I’d assume that they were not responsible enough to drive and remove their license myself. They would also be “delisted” as a driver on my insurance. If they came to me with a full confession … I’d still be mad about the violation, but I’d have to give my teen credit for being honest about it.

Lizzie asks…

Advice to get out of a speeding ticket?

I was late for school this morning and I wasn’t watching my speed because I was distracted by a semi that was pissing me off. I always slow down in that area because it is the most common area that people get pulled over, but just not this morning. It was a pretty ugly ticket, too. And since I’m still on my probationary license, it was double the points. I’m not concerned about the points because I’m generally a safe driver. I’m concerned about the amount it costs. All the money I have right now goes towards helping out my mother and paying for things for myself. My mom has been too sick to work, so I’ve been helping with rent, food and gas–this is coming out of my college fund. I’m concerned I won’t have the money to pay the ticket. What can I do? I’m planning to go to my court date, but is there anything else? This is my first traffic ticket.

We also have Geico insurance. I was driving my mom’s boyfriend’s car, which isn’t on my mom’s insurance. Whose insurance will go up if at all?

Administrator answers:

Don’t speed in the first place

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