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June 19, 2013

Charles asks…

What is going to happen with everything?

I was cited in the mail as having an unsafe lane change on the highway a month ago. I was traveling about 90km on the freeway when I switch into the far right hand SLOW lane. A sec. later I heard screeching of brakes &saw in my mirror a car hitting the ditch and flipping. Witnesses, who stopped, saw the whole thing & gave their details to the cops. I waited for the cops further down & they just took my license & reg. of the rental car.*(There was no contact between the cars). I think the other car was either not paying attention to me or was going to fast but cop said it was difficult to say. I did turn my signal on and made the proper check before. Either way I have an attorney of the other party trying to contact me. Now in my case what is next? I did contact my Insurance Company to explain the scenario but they have not heard anything yet. I live in Canada and the incident happened in the US.I really am stressed about this as I have never been in this type of situation.

Administrator answers:

Sadly, the evidence is stacked against you, especially if you mentioned the “Slow Lane” in your statement. On a Freeway (Motorway in the UK), there are no “fast” nor “slow” lanes as defined in Law. All lanes have the same speed limit. As you have mentioned the “slow lane” it can almost be proven, just from those words alone that you were reckless as you “assumed” that the other vehicle will be moving slowly compared to the speed you were travelling. However, it appears that the other vehicle was moving much faster and you hadn’t checked long enough to get a good assessment of the speed of the other vehicle. Therefore, you had pulled in front of the other vehicle thus forcing the driver to have to break harshly and lose control, to avoid hitting you. I am not sure of the relationship between the US and Canada but if it’s a civil sue and not a criminal charge that you are being hounded for, you might get away with ignoring it but it would be best to seek legal advice in Canada. You must remember that if you do decide to ignore it, you may have a problem returning to the US in the future. Alternatively, send a statement, denying that you were the cause of the accident to the insurer of the hire car and let them deal with it but do not have any direct contact with the other party and / or the other party’s representatives. Leave that to the hire car insurer and their legal bodies.

Mark asks…

Any advice for someone looking for a car?

I am a beginner driver and I’m looking to buy a used car somewhere around $6,000. I’d prefer something like a pony car, preferably a Camaro, but does anyone have any suggestions about what I should be looking for in terms of how well it runs and style?

Administrator answers:

I agree with those who have already suggested to have any car you’re thinking of buying checked by a third party mechanic, etc.

Also, I would recommend asking the dealership if they have a Carfax report on the vehicle. If they don’t, you could get one yourself by going to This report will give information on that particular automobile, such as any crash reports that exist due to it being wrecked, reliability ratings for the vehicle and operating cost estimates. You will need the VIN (vehicle identification number) for the car if you’re getting the report on your own.

You don’t mention your age or gender. But, if you’re under 25 and single I wouldn’t recommend a sports car such as a Camaro. Mainly because insurance rates are higher for younger people, males moreso than females. Insurance rates are even higher for younger people driving sports cars. There are lots of non-sports cars that are still “decent” though. Maybe something like a Maxima or Camry.

Susan asks…

Got hit by uninsured driver, and had the accident 1 day after due date of payment?

Ok this is what happened, we were parked at the mall parking and my husband was at the back to get my daughters stroller when suddenly this car came and hit/smashed my husband. The other party doesn’t have drivers license and uninsured. Their insurance told us they can’t pay us because the driver wasn’t cover. And the accident happened 1 day after my due date to pay my insurance. I don’t know if I’m still covered I believed there’s a10-15 days that u still covered. By the way I live here in Nevada and I have AAA insurance. Honest answer or advice pls

Administrator answers:

You are going to probably need a lawyer.

Lizzie asks…

Do we need to carry car insurance for our 2nd car if we have full insurance on our first?

Someone once told me that we do not have to carry insurance for our 2nd car if we have full coverage on our first car. All of our cars are fully paid off and we are not worried about the cost of damage to them if an accident should occur. We just want to know if we would be covered and to make sure we are not overly paying for insurance for a 2nd vehicle if we really do not need it. Our insurance agent said two things, which did not make sense. It just seems like he wants to have us covered for a rain drop falling on our head and more $ in his pocket.

Thanks for your advice! We appreciate it! :)

Administrator answers:

Whoever told you that was a total idiot! EVERY vehicle needs to have at least public liability coverage on it.

Other coverage such as collision or comprehensive is up to you.

I would highly recommend Uninsured Motorist as well as Underinsured Motorist coverage as well. They’re mandatory in a few states but it’s cheap and will protect you against hit-and-run drivers as well as any fool without insurance — such as the moron that told you that you don’t need insurance on your 2nd vehicle.

Carol asks…

What should I say to my claims representative to get her to pay me for the work missed?

I was rear ended, so I’m out of a car and I missed work from the 16th(the day I was hit) through the 28th (the day an estimate was given) I only missed 8 days at my second job delivering pizzas ($4/hr 3hrs/day + $20 avg/day in tips=$32/day=$256) Any advice on wording before I call??

Administrator answers:

If you were rear ended then wouldnt it be other other drivers insurance your talking to? Tell them you need money for time of loss work due to the accident along with pain and suffering. Did you go to the hospital? If you did then you will have a good winning case.

Chris asks…

is it safe to drive a rental car in cozumel w/out a tourgroup or guide?

I was thinking about either going on a guided atv or jeep tour on cozumel. Then I thought it might be more fun and cheaper for my fiancee and i to rent one and see the island by ourselves. Is this safe to do during the day?

Administrator answers:

Yes, this is a common thing for tourists to do on the island. Here are a few words of advice:

Driving in downtown San Miguel can be a bit hairy. Many of the roads are one-way so watch for signs and be careful not to turn the wrong way. Avenidas (going north/south parallel to the ocean) often have the right-of-way while calles (going east/west perpendicular to the ocean) tend to have stop signs at each corner, but there are exceptions. Taxi drivers can be aggressive, and scooters or motorcycle drivers may try to sneak through when you don’t expect it. Pedestrians may also try to cross unexpectedly. It is wise to drive defensively in town, once you get outside of town it isn’t as stressful.

Watch out for topes (speed bumps). They are marked with signs, but can sneak up on you if you aren’t watching for them. These are some serious bumps, so you really need to slow way down to go over them.

Cozumel police aren’t immune to corruption, so don’t give them any reason to stop you. Wear your seat belts, obey the traffic laws and ESPECIALLY do not drive while intoxicated. It is not unknown for a checkpoint to be set up on the main east/west road across the island (what becomes Juarez in town), so even if your driving is ok they may catch you for seat belts or alcohol.

When you rent your vehicle be sure to note all dents, scratches, dings or other pre-existing damage on the vehicle inspection so that they won’t try to blame you for something you didn’t do when you return the vehicle.

Driving off-road (for example, north of Mescalito’s on the east side) invalidates your insurance. Stick to the paved roads.

In a nutshell, be reasonably cautious about driving and everything should be fine. Have fun.

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