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June 20, 2013

Thomas asks…

Is it possible for a teen to afford a Mustang?

I really love the (mustang 5.0 lx) 88-93. I wanted to know if its possible for a teen to afford insurance and other fee that would come with buying a Mustang 5.0. The cost of the car is not the problem but i keep seeing people say that insurance is crazy High. I have a good job, but i don’t want to be married to my car where i can’t afford to enjoy life. I like the style of this car any don’t think theirs any reason on waiting to buy one, because its i don’t want to be 30 just getting a 5.0 they will be gone or driven in to the ground !

-Whats considered high insurance ?
What are other cars you recommend for teen ? (No ricer) (No Honda) Prefer American made affordable for a teen to buy.

-Please no detail able why mustangs are not good for teens just recommend a car with similar style
I would like a car that pipes would sound GOOD on.

Administrator answers:

Insurance companies keep detailed statistics on all insurance claims filed against them. They have been doing this for a very very long time and are good at this. From these statistics they know that a young, inexperienced, teenage, male driver in a V8 powered muscle car is going to be high risk. They will price their policies accordingly.

The insurance companies know exactly which cars are fast, which cars are powerful, and which cars are sporty. Yes, use a little common sense and you will figure out that insurance will be expensive for you to drive this car. That is if you can even find an insurance company that would even write you a policy for you to drive this car. Even minimum liability insurance is going to be expensive for any car that you get that is fast, powerful, or sporty.

With that said, Yahoo Answers is just about the worst possible place to look for an insurance quote. At best all you will get is a wild guess. You may just as well pick a random number out of a hat.

Do this.

Get up and walk away from the computer.

Walk over to the telephone.

Near the telephone, most people keep a large book

Many times this book will have colored pages, usually yellow

Open the book to the colored pages section and look for the heading Insurance

Here you will find the telephone numbers to people in your area who actually sell insurance. Imagine that.

Pick up the telephone and dial one of these numbers.

A friendly person will answer. This person will be either an insurance agent or a person that works for them. Ask this person your question. This person may ask you a few questions to get some added details. Have the VIN number of the vehicle getting covered by this policy handy if possible. If you do not own the vehicle yet and do not have the VIN then the year, make, and exact model will work.

In no time, you will have a quote on the price. HINT: A quote will be far more accurate than any wild guess that you might get here.

Write down some of the details on a piece of paper. Phone number, name of the person you spoke with, price, deductibles, coverage, etc.

Next, repeat the process using one of the other telephone numbers you found in the telephone book in the colored pages section under the heading insurance.

After you have spoken to at least a few insurance agents, you can start to compare prices, coverage, and deductibles. Then pick the insurance agent that has the best deal for you, call them back, and then strike a deal.

One last piece of advice. You are far better off going through a local insurance agent where you know them and they know you. Let’s say a few months after you get your insurance you get broadsided by an uninsured motorist. Who would you rather be working with? A local person that you know and knows you. Or hear “Press 1 for English”, pause “Your call is important to us. Please wait for the next available agent…” a very very long wait, then finally get someone from a far away call center that barely speaks English. Sometimes the cheapest insurance is not the best insurance. Think about it for a bit before you make your final decision.

Chris asks…

Can I sue someone for extra damages for not contacting insurance?

My car was hit by a truck. The other driver and I have the same insurance company. Her big truck had a bumper scratch, the entire side of my car is ruined. The other driver wont return insurance‘s calls to leave a statement, so insurance says I have 2 options
1) Wait it out approximately 5 weeks until insurance is allowed to make a liability decision
2) Pay out of pocket for a rental (I only have $15/day coverage) and pay a $500 deductible on my own policy with the possibility of getting reimbursed, so that I can get my car fixed now and not drive with it damaged for over a month.
If the other driver continues not to return insurance call and I end up paying out of pocket for a rental and possibly not getting reimbursed on the deductible, can I take the other driver to civil court to cover the cost of the rental and for the deductible? Should I call her myself and let her know that is the course of action I will take if she doesnt call insurance and do the right thing? Its been 2 weeks of her avoiding insurance. I feel like I cant ask my insurance company for their advice since they represent both parties.

Administrator answers:

When I have had any questions like this, I’ve gotten good advice from my insurance agent. He wants to keep MY business so he gives me good advice .

Also, small claims court is now up to $5,000 and costs about $17 to file. Also, they don”t have to show up. But, if the person is a dead beat you won”t get the money anyway. I sued someone and won but then found out she had horrible credit and owed other people.

Call her and tell her your are going to drag her to court if she doesn”t get with the insurance company asap. It can”t hurt.. What she going to do call them to complain?LOL -Then they’d have her on the phone.

Also, call the insurance adjuster every day and say “Did you get a hold of her yet?” you may get more results since the sweeky wheel gets greased.

This is my 10 pt answer, hope it helps!

Mark asks…

When by daughter moves out and goes away to college do I still have to keep her insured on my car?

My daughter will be going away to college (out-of-state) full-time and staying on-campus. She is currently insured full coverage on my automobile that she is the sole driver. Do I have to continue to keep her insured even though she will no longer be staying home and the car will be parked at home being she can’t drive her freshmen year in college? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Several of the answers already given have sound advice… And a few pieces of scary advice. I know something about this because of the company I work for, so here are a few important points:

1) If your daughter does not have insurance during the school year then she will most likely be considered “high risk” when she again gets insurance because of the period of no coverage. As a few people have already said, you should talk to the insurance company about what is the minimum coverage she can have (minimum from a cost perspective) during that period to avoid any ugly penalties when she starts driving again.

2) To see what the state required minimums for insurance are in any state, use this page ( and scroll down to the middle of the page and click on your state.

3) If no one at all will drive the car you might want to check with your state DMV and see if there might be savings in registration expense by changing the status of the car to “non-operable”. This link ( will let you get the contact number for any state DMV.

Lizzie asks…

what to do when your bored during summer?

Im 12 really bored and live in tucson, ive manly been texting , im going 2 camp in a few weeks but idk what 2 do untill then.

Administrator answers:

Act like a spy / secret agent for the day
Act like you just met your friend for the first time
Act profound
Ad lib
Add some strawberries to your ice cream
Adopt strange mannerisms
Alphabetize the food in your fridge
Announce your candidacy for President.
Annoy total strangers
Apply for a unicorn hunting license
Appreciate everything
Archive the Internet to 3.5″ floppy disks (low density of course)
Arrest yourself
Ask a question nobody can answer
Ask embarrassing questions
Ask for seconds
Ask people how to pronounce their name
Ask people if they want to see your “belly button treasure”
Ask people if they’ve seen your head
Ask stupid questions.
Ask the person in front of you to marry you.
Ask why
At the bottom of escalators yell “MY SHOELACE!”
Attract lightning
Award yourself a Nobel Peace Prize
Baby oil the floor
Backstroke your way to class
Bake the world’s biggest doughnut hole
Balance a pencil on your nose
Balance a pillow on your head
Balance your checkbook
Bark at people in the grocery store
Bark at your dog
Bark at your parents
Be a leaf and leave
Be a loan shark
Be a lone shark
Be a monk…for a day
Be a no-name
Be a non-being
Be a REALLY cautious driver
Be a side affect.
Be a smart blonde
Be a spy
Be a square root.
Be a superstar
Be amazing
Be blue
Be blunt
Be Buddha
Be cherubic.
Be cold
Be cute
Be envious
Be halfway
Be hot
Be immobile
Be in the wrong place at the right time.
Be jealous
Be lazy
Be legendary
Be lord of the flies
Be negative
Be nervous
Be neutral
Be one of those people that yell “SHH!” (Even though they ADD to the noise)
Be positive
Be really annoying to everybody
Be sharp
Be smart
Be somebody else
Be someone special
Be stupid for a day
Be thankful for clocks
Be unique, just like everyone else
Beam yourself up
Become a band nerd
Become a go-to kinda man
Become a hermit on your front lawn (works best if you live on a main road!)
Become a paparazzi for your friends, follow them around with a camera
Become a party animal

Become a tic-tac addict
Become an expert on something nobody cares about
Befriend flies
Behold the truth
Bite every other nail
Bite your pinkie
Blast hip-hop music through town
Blink a lot
Blow bubbles
Blow bubbles with bubble gum
Blow on a beer bottle
Blow on a blade of grass
Blow spit bubbles
Blow up a balloon until it pops
Boil ice cream
Boldly go where no man has gone before
Bother a sibling, profusely
Bounce a potato
Braid your dog’s hair
Break into a friend’s house and clean it
Break some rules
Bring a Furby to school
Bring dog treats to the park and meet 25 new dogs
Bronze your sister
Brush your teeth
Buff your cat
Build a house out of toothpicks
Build a house with ice cubes
Build a model of the Eiffel Tower out of Belgian waffles
Build a pyramid
Build a tree house in the middle of a field

Burp the Happy Birthday song
Bury your father’s car
Buy something from an infomercial
Call a wrong number and talk to whoever answers.
Call an insurance company and try to insure your stuffed animal.
Call toll free numbers and make friends with the operators
Call yourself an Indian giver
Calmly have a nervous breakdown
Can you out-shame these people?
Carpet your ceiling
Carry a briefcase with you and offer people phony legal advice
Carry a tune…drop it, see if it breaks
Carve your boyfriendgirlfriendcrushes’ initials in a marshmallow
Catch a cold
Catch a falling star
Challenge the neighbor kid to duel
Change your hand writing style
Change your mind
Change your name…daily
Chase your friend or family member around the sofa
Check out the weather forecast for other parts of the world.
Check under chairs for chewing gum
Check your email from a DOS command prompt
Chew ice
Chew on a lollipop stick
Chew on pen caps
Chew on your arm until someone notices.
Chew your lip
Churn some butter.
Claim you are late for a date with the white rabbit
Clean and polish your belly button
Clean your room (*gasp*)

Climb the walls
Clone yourself
Collect hotel keys
Complain about your nose hurting
Conceive a brand new language.
Confess to a crime that you didn’t commit.
Confess to a crime…that didn’t happen
Construct a shrine for the queen of the spud peoples
Construct tiny makeshift parachutes for hamsters
Convert various currencies to other various currencies here
Count all the stars in the sky
Count to a 100,000
Count your teeth with your tongue
Crack your knuckles
Crank up some music
Crawl around the room humming the music from Mission Impossible.
Create random equations
Cross your toes
Crush pop cans with croquet mallets
Cut out photos and paste them on Popsicle sticks and have a puppet show
Cut your fingernails/toenails
Dance around your living room naked
Dance ’til you drop
Dare to be stupid
Day dream
Debate politics wit
- Wax the ceiling
- Rearrange po

Paul asks…

Why can’t i fullfil my dreams and do what i want instead of hiding inside?

Theres so much i want to do in life, and time is just passing. Im still very young (14) but i just want to get out and live freely instead of being trapped in my town and state. I always tell my self i will but i never do, i just watch other people live there dreams and not live mine. We only live once and i want to make sure i do EVERYTHING. Any advice or opinions?

Administrator answers:

It’s very natural to feel the way that you do, I did at your age too. The problem is that you are not able to live on your own right now. You will need to be 17 or 18, have a job, a car with insurance not to mention a driver’s license, be able to pay rent, electric, gas, food, furniture, and a whole myriad of stuff that costs money. Most of the time you will be having to work to pay bills and won’t have enough money to do the fun stuff that you want to leave home to do in the first place. I’m not kidding!
So, just enjoy what time you have left in your parents care and home. Put all your effort into achieving good grades at school and having the best time you can there, you will become an adult soon enough, and wish you were back home with your family once again.

Susan asks…

How can I be compensated for hit and run?

Hello everyone. I would like to know if, and how I can be compensated for a hit and run accident that totaled my car. The incident occurred a month ago when some guy ran a red light and smashed into my car then kept going. I got their license plate number and the police was able to find the vehicle and the owner, however they did not get any of the owner’s information (insurance policy, statement, etc.) other than their address. I have the police report, and the person who hit me was given 4 summonses (1 for careless driving, 1 for traffic violation, 1 for leaving the scene of an accident, and 1 for failure to report an accident). My car sustained damages worth $3000-$4500. My car was an older, used car that was valued at $6500 by the IRS. I bought it for $2000 directly from the previous owner. I do not want to be compensated for just the $2000 because I will not find another car of equal value for this price. I have long commutes to work and I also have to commute to college. My life has been greatly encumbered by the lack of a car. I tried to get some lawyers involved but so far none will help me because they can’t sue for physical injuries as my insurance will not cover medical expenses (it’s liability only). All I really want is to be compensated for the value of my car. I have no idea what to do and I can’t believe that no one can help me out unless I sue for physical injuries. This person destroyed my car! That’s a little bit illegal and I think I have the right to be compensated for these damages. Thanks, any advice would be appreciated. Is there anything that I can do?

Administrator answers:

Where are you, any state i have ever lived or driven in required proof of insurance to drive and any police report includes that proof… Since this person was not cited for driving without insurance they must have provided that information to the police…..
Re-read the police report and/or call the department that wrote the accident report….

If this other driver was uninsured you need to look into your coverage; if you have liability you should also have uninsured motorist coverage, most insurance companies offer that as part of their basic liability coverage….
Are you sure you don’t have that coverage?
If you do have uninsured motorist coverage you would then be paid by your insurance company and then they would pursue the person who hit you…

How did you get a value from the IRS?
If no lawyer wants to touch this there must be more you are not telling us………

Michael asks…

Are intensive driving courses any good?

I am thinking of doing an intensive course, probably in Blackpool and really need your honest advice – are they any good?

Administrator answers:


(ANS) What is an Intensive driving course? What does it aim to teach you that an ordinary driver with a full UK license doesn’t already know? What is the advantage of such a course ask yourself this.

A) intensive driving course, is it aimed to teach you how to drive a car in a shorter space of time so you can just pass a conventional driving test sooner?

**I’m NOT convinced that “cramming” of driver training just to pass an examination makes for good quality drivers, drivers who really appreciate how to handle a wide variety of driving & road conditions or how to handle such different conditions.

**Learning to drive shouldn’t be crammed into a few days or 2 weeks say, solid learning should be done slowly, drip feed style, drivers should learn from direct experience & practical driving sessions i.e. Driving lessons over several months IMO.

B) OR is it an advanced driving course designed to improve your current driving skills & awareness of driving to a more refined or sophisticated level?

**If you do an advanced driving course & pass it, your insurance premiums will be reduced as insurance companies see you as a far lower risk of crash or accident.

**Advanced driver training courses YES! I honestly think they are good and although costly & time consuming worth the effort required.

Regards Ivan.

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