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June 25, 2013

Robert asks…

Are you afraid of being attacked by a saber tooth tiger?

This question was posed to me by a mentor who was giving me advice not to worry so much about what might happen. Which brings me to my topic, car insurance. I heard a report today that there were only 29,000 injuries in the US as a result of a car accident. So, figure if they conservitively, and I mean conservitivly settled for 1m a peice, that is 29b, now in most cases they settle for far less, probably averaging 50k a settlement, including repairs and medical. My question is what is the insurance industry doing with the other 321Billion they take in? Really think about it, for every instance of driving that you have what is the real percentage of accidents? It is statistically insignificant and should not warrant mandetory insurance for safe drivers. They should take those profits and make insurance rates equal to what they need for payouts, which is about $20 a month per driver. BTW, do you need saber tooth tiger insurance?

Administrator answers:

Oh yeah, because insurance companies don’t pay any salaries at all for the adjusting of claims, so every dollar paid out is a loss dollar and we just pocket the rest! Our buildings and other operational costs just take care of themselves!!!

50k each settled including property damage on average? I might be helping you prove your point, but that’s a very high estimate! The 29,000 injuries are just accidents that resulted in injury. What about claims where there was just property damage- there were probably twice or three times more of those. And what about comprehensive (fire, flood, vandalism, hitting a deer) losses and glass claims (those darn windshields that get cracked!) and single car accidents where collision was paid out? Are you getting the picture?

Insurance is a business too, they’re not a non-profit organization. Combine the stuff I just listed with the high cost of fraud, and your math is off a bit. Sorry

Lisa asks…

I was involved in a car accident and I need some advice?

First according to the law enforcement officer there are conflicting stories between me and the other driver.

This is what happened, I was making a left unto an alley way, the other car was several feet behind me and as soon as I made my turn she came up to make the same turn and totaled the drivers side of my 07 Hyundai Elantra, Her ford explorer has minor cosmetic damage. I’m not hurt but should I get a Lawyer as well. Her insurance is INFINITY MINE IS AIG.
Lady is claiming I was at fault., her insurance called me ONLY after I called their Claims Adjuster and when the Adjuster called she tried to pin the blame on me. All I did was tell her to go look at my car then at her clients car, her clients car has MINOR COSMETIC damage while mine is unsafe to drive. I did not give a statement to her insurance also her insurance has not gotten a statement from her.
At this point all I want is my car fixed – if anything that is whats keeping me up all night. I really don’t want a lawyer. I have the type of insurance required by the state and the Finance Company no more no less. So far I have been doing all the calling and hassling with mine and her insurance company.

Administrator answers:

Where is your insurance company in all of this. Assuming you have collision coverage turn the claim in AIG. Yes, you will have to pay your deductible up front when you pick up the car from the shop. However, AIG has an entire department (subrogation dept) that will seek reimbursement of your deductible from Infinity.

Assuming you are found to be not at-fault for the accident you will get at least 50% of your deductible back. This is much easier and much less stressful than dealing with Infinity yourself.

Injured or not there is no need for lawyer at this time. Lawyers don’t know jack about determining who is at-fault for an accident.

Good Luck.

Thomas asks…

Does anyone know any good cheap insurance companies to insure my car?

Administrator answers:

For me, the best was eSure … But there’s no reason to believe they’d be good for you too.

It would depend where you live, your driving record, and on loads of other factors.

Try putting your details into a comparison site like or to see which companies come up cheaper.

Then visit the cheapest-looking insurance companies’ websites directly to check what their policies offer and whether it’s everything you want – eg. How much is the excess if you have to claim / is theft of audio kit covered and what are the max claim limits / etc.

Apart from getting as cheap and small-engined (ideally diesel) a car as possible, here are a few other tips for bringing down your quote:

1. See if getting an experienced driver to go on your policy as a named driver (but not to ‘front’ the policy for you, with you as a named driver) will bring down your quote. Sometimes this works – no idea why.

2. Try to get a car with an alarm & immobiliser, and slap as many other security devices as you can on it, like an approved steering wheel bar or cover. If you can, keep it in a locked garage overnight.

3. If possible, declare a limited mileage, like 5,000 a year instead of the average 10,000 – but make sure you don’t exceed it!

4. If you passed your test less than 12 months ago, look into taking the ‘Pass Plus’. It’ll cost at least £100 but could cut your insurance premiums by as much as a third.

Finally, see if you can play a couple of the best insurers for you off against each other, taking one’s best offer to the other and finally offering to ‘buy right now’ from them for a further discount once one won’t go any lower.

Links to insurers, more insurance buying advice and cost-cutting tips at the link below.

Hope this helps – good luck!

Mark asks…

I got a traffic ticket for failing to yield. Should I fight it?

I was in a car accident a few weeks ago. I pulled up to a yield sign and i did. A car changed lanes in the intersection as i was pulling in the lane. I immediately stopped, so our cars just ended up scraping each other. No major damage at all. Cops come out and I get a ticket. But the insurance company sided with me. They said shouldn’t have changed lanes. So should I go to court and argued the ticket or should I just pay it. The cop didn’t even give her a ticket.

Administrator answers:

Thats a really good question! You can take your chances, the judge is not going to care really what you have to say. My advice if your going to fight it, when you go into front of the judge, quickly say all the major points. But really, he/she doesn’t care if this is your 1st ticket, or your a perfect driver for years, or your saying the officer was wrong. You do have a right for a trial, if you do want to fight it.
I would pay my fines and kiss the ticket good bye! (she if you can pay double, so it doesn’t go on your record and insurance. Good Luck!!!

Maria asks…

Can I get sued for being at fault in a car accident?

So this happened in Jan 2012 and I am now finally getting a phone call from my brother about how he has to pay out 125k for 4 people who were injured. So here is the story, I was driving and I saw that my light turned green and I ended up turning. But the other driver tboned me and she was going really fast like 45 in a 25 zone because she didnt slow down she was even going faster. I did a 360 and my car was totaled. There were 4 other people in my car. The other driver said, “I am fine! I just have a little bump on my knee!” It was weird that she was being really really nice. So the people in my backseat were high and drunk. One of the guy that was injured really bad in my car was buying us alcohol because we were all only 18-19 at the time. It came down to it being my fault i guess because they said I ran a red light, The people in my backseat. My husband and I saw that the light was green! My car did have insurance but it only covered 30k. Everyone said they were fine but then there was just one guy that was injured really bad and he was in my car. There were other witnesses as well. Oh did I mention the people in my backseat weren’t even wearing their seatbelt? I told my insurance that I didnt see it but my husband saw it. They were all on top of each other in the backseat.

SO a year and a few months from now I am getting sued! Yes the car had insurance but i was not the owner my brother was. We are both broke and what should we do? We do not have 125k. I am a college student who doesnt even have any savings! So what do i do? Any advice?
If they were to sue me what would happen and what should I do?
My husband and I did not file a claim because we weren’t injured as bad. how did it even add up to 125k? Is that even possible for them to sue me for that much? If you guys need more info just feel free to ask but I need serious people who have practiced the law to help me.

Administrator answers:

You asked how could this happen! Very simply….. If the car had coverage of a minimum amount of say $25000 and the claim is for $150,000 there will be a remaining amount of $125,000 left for the car owner and you, the driver, to pay.

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