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June 27, 2013

Lizzie asks…

Car accident involving a stolen car and highway patrol, any advice?

My mother was in a terrible car accident Friday evening. The person who hit her was in a stolen car and was fleeing from the highway patrol after robbing a place near by. When they hit her on the passenger side of the car, it caused the car to roll over onto the roof, spin and then return to its wheels. My mother was thankfully not seriously injured, but her car is totaled.
A local attorney said since she only had liability insurance on her car, there isn’t anything anyone can do. She also can’t sue the highway patrol because they were within jurisdiction. Any advice?

Administrator answers:

She can sue the person that hit her, but it is not likely she will ever collect from a civil judgment due to the fact this person should be in prison for quite a while.

She can also contact the District Attorney and discuss her loss with him. It is possible the driver can be ordered to pay restitution.

Having full coverage insurance is the only way to protect yourself from this type of loss.

Helen asks…

UK: Converting standard car to kit car to reduce insurance?

I’m 19 and I drove a Jaguar S-type in the US. I’ve moved back to the UK and my insurance premiums are looking around £7000 (roughly 4x of what it was in the US).

What I’m thinking is what if I buy an s-type, and replace the engine with a small 1.6L engine (I don’t care about speed, just luxury) and change the car to a ‘kit car‘ status, will that lower my insurance to a more affordable rate? Thanks for any advice.

Administrator answers:

Your rate is based on your age and sex.. So the car should not matter thats how it is in new jersey.. Your premium shoul go down if you recieve no tickets and are a safe driver..

Jenny asks…

What can I do if I dont have insurance and the driver of my car wzs listed at fault.?

My husband had an accident in my car, I think that he is going to be listed at fault… But I dont have insurance… I know, I know… I wont give you a sob story of why even though there is a story, it was either a roof over my head or ins… But I need some advice on handling this situation. What are my options? Do I need a lawyer? And are there lawyers for people who can’t afford one? Please help me…

Administrator answers:

Well now you just lost the roof over your head by having no insurance. Get ready to pay for their car and whatever fines he may receive. Not cheap or saving any money by not having insurance. Oh, yes get a laywer so you can pay more money you say you don’t have.

Daniel asks…

will a car insurance company provide me with a rental car if i have state minimum payments?

was in an accident that wasnt my fault, some kid ran a stop sign and hit me and my cars back tire and axel were bent. i heard that an insurance company could provide me with a rental car. but i have a big question about it. will they provide me with a rental car if i only have state minimum payments every month? i live in pennsylvania & i need a car to get medical treatments for cancer often, i hope someone has any experience or advice for me

Administrator answers:

Once the other insurance company completes their investigation and confirms their driver is at fault, then they will work with you on a rental car.

However, they will only cover a reasonable daily rate and tax. They do not pay for any additional insurance on the rental, fuel surcharges etc.

Linda asks…

worst case scenario what penalty can i expect from court driving with no license and having nothing on the car?

2 years ago i unfortunately lost my full license through the new drivers act and now just recently i have been caught rather foolishy driving by the police with no license, tax, M.O.T. or insurance any legal advice please i’m in a pickle

Administrator answers:

You are going to get fined or points or banned or possibly all three.
You pays your money and takes your chance and you took the chance so be ready for the payback.
You won’t go to prison though so stop worrying.

David asks…

Are police officers satisfied with their career?

I am conducting a research on peace officers. I would like to thank police officers who are willing to help. If you are under thirty would you please consider yourself a young officer. If you are over thirty please consider yourself a mature officer. Also, you do not have to state the department you work for.I would like to ask the following questions: How long have you worked as a peace officer? Did you take this career because you qualified for it or because that is what you really wanted to do? What hazards do you face daily? Do you get bored when you are on duty? Do you wish you would have done something else instead of becoming a peace officer? If yes why? Are you looking forward to your retirement or can you wait? How old were you when you started working as a peace officer? What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a peace officer?
For those people who are ignorant (Unaware) on what is a Peace officer. Here is the definition for a Peace officer: A law enforcement officer, such as a sheriff, who is responsible for maintaining civil peace.

Administrator answers:

Do a ride along with your local police department.
I can answer some of your questions, however, i am not a police officer.
On the whole, police officers become qualified for their job because it is something that they want (or wanted to do).
Daily hazards depend on the size and location of the department. Rural departments face the major hazard of being alone. City/Urban departments face the obvious hazards of physical aggressiveness.
Getting bored does also depend on the size and location, but not as much. There is a lot of downtime, and a lot of paperwork involved – so if you dont mind sitting around waiting for something to happen, its no big deal! (being a lifeguard for 2 years, i can understand the whole ‘sitting around and waiting’ thing)
It has been my experience that police officers in larger departments (which deal with more serious criminals on a daily basis) tend to not like their job as much as rural/smaller departments. This is NOT saying in any way that there aren’t officers in large departments that love their jobs! Its just more common to find officers in large departments that are unhappy. I have been told, that officers sometimes do not like it, because ‘they have to deal with the scum of the earth every day’ <- which i think anyone can understand. Imagine having to punish your kids every minute of every day?
Advice that i have been given (as i am continuing down this career path), is to do LOTS of ride-alongs with departments. See what their job is really about, see what they really do! Their job doesnt consist of constantly pulling people over and handing out tickets.
For example, a traffic stop. The officer is driving, and spots a vehicle speeding – they activate their radar and lock in their speed (say 56 in a 45zone, for example). The officer gets behind the vehicle, radios to dispatch that they are conducting a traffic stop, and then the vehicle model and color, and their location. They then signal for the vehicle to pull over. Once they pull up and stop behind you, they have to make sure that everything is safe – have you pulled over far enough, etc… Usually, they then get out of their car, radio the license plate back to dispatch. After making contact, and recieving the documents that they will need they go back to their car and attempt to clear all your documents. First they go over the registration (plates), then they'll check your license and insurance. Once everything comes back all clear, they'll write you a ticket (most likely – 11 over is pretty quick).
After they fill out your ticket, and double check everything on there (including for example the code for speeding, fines, etc…) they will go back to to the vehicle and have the driver sign the ticket (just to acknowledge that they received it). At that point they hand back all the documents, and head back to their cruiser. Once they are there, they start to fill out notes – time of the stop, conditions during the stop, exact locations that they saw them breaking the law, and how they caught up to them, and pulled them over. Just about anything they want to put down (or can remember) goes down. That sheet, and your ticket then later gets submitted to the court.
Policies vary from department to department, that was just an example.
Now… Thats what they have to do, just to tell someone to slow down… They have to remember EVERY procedure, and have everything down. They need to know everything that relates to their job – if they mess up, people notice, and people complain. They cant just give a ticket and not fill out paperwork.
Go on a ride along, ask them questions! Watch and observe, its a great learning experience. For those who dont like the police… Just wait until you need them, then you'll be nice. And yeah… You'll need them :-)

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